We’re Still At It!

Launching Soon – We Promise!

We were really, really hoping to launch at the end of February but that isn’t going to happen. There have been a couple hiccups with the school software and we are still very early in beta mode.

So we are still plugging away. There are several hundred hours put into this site so far and it is progressing, just slower than we had hoped. The good news is that the nuts and bolts are all in place, it just requires a few turns of a wrench here and there to make sure that its ready for you upon launching.

That being said, I am excited about the speakers that are lining up. I think you will be excited as well.

Keep an eye on our site, social media, or subscribe for updates to find out who will be lecturing for Paranormal Study.

In other news, we are fully stocked with our first edition shirts right now and we have shipped them out to several states and the UK as well – our first international order! Now that is exciting for us. We have been getting photos of people opening their t-shirt packages and proudly wearing their t-shirts. It fills us with pride to see so many people supporting Paranormal Study well before we even launch course content.

Thank you for your continued support.

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