Where Are the Courses?


Paranormal Study is all about delivering top-notch courses to our students, on a per-class or via a subscription basis. But, if you click around on some of the course links on the site, nothing will happen.


Because we are in beta right now. We’ve been working on the architecture for the site slowly and methodically. All the parts are in play right now, but we are still getting the courses loaded. We have an optimistic lauch date of January 31, 2018 but that may be pushed back a little bit (we hope not)! There are great lecturers on board already and more in the works. We could not be more excited about launching this site, but we will take the time necessary for it to be as close to perfect as possible from the get-go on mobile, tablet and computer platforms.

So it will take a little time before we launch courses. But fret not, it’s coming soon.

You can always sign up for updates to keep you up-to-date on the launch itself and the courses/teachers as they are announced.

In the mean time, we are running a special promotional t-shirt to help raise funds to secure the next round of lecturers and to keep the great content flowing after launch. It is a slick, limited edition logo shirt that will only be around for a very short while. We are also currently offering bracelets and stickers as well. The proceeds from the merchandise for sale will help us to meet our goal of offering a new course on the site every two weeks after our initial launch.

If you are interested in checking out our merchandise, including the limited edition shirt, click on the SHOP button in the menu. If you would like to sign up for periodic email updates on our launch, promotions, courses, teachers and other such things, click here to subscribe.

Thanks for stcking with Paranormal Study as you explore the unknown.

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