Dowsing Rods Added to the Store

Do You Even Dowse?

We have added a custom-crafted choice of copper dowsing rods to our store. The rods are all constructed with the handle passing through a solid copper tube. The purpose of this tube is to isolate the rod from the palm while allowing them to spin freely as shown in this video.

Each set of rods ships with basic instruction on how the rods function. They have been used for hundreds of years to locate underground water and mineral deposits. They have also been used for spirit communication: they can signal “yes,” “no,” and point to people and directions. Dowsing rods are acceptionally easy to use and we recommend not letting anyone else use your set of rods as copper is often seen as a conductor of spiritual energy.

These rods are currently available in a compact 7″ size, a 10″ and 12″. If you need a custom size, let us know and we will craft one for you.

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