An Educational Journey Begins

We are loading up our first beta course in the Paranormal Study school. It has been a long-time coming, but it is finally happening. Our first beta course is on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and tracing its evolution from its inadvertent discovery through to current practices.

While this course is up and being tested by a couple lucky people who bought t-shirts during our pre-launch, it is not live for the public yet. We are waiting on more courses from colleagues to arrive and then we will go live for you. There are a lot of great educators lined up and courses being created at this very moment.

So, this is a benchmark for us. The school software works, we couldn’t ask for more.

Since we are here to educate, we will have a more expansive blog section for you as well. We will have decided to bring you noteworthy paranormal articles, findings and updates in order to further your progress in this field. We are also considering podcasts with our lecturers in order to round out the educational experience of their courses.

We also have a couple of big ideas in store…but baby steps first. That first baby step was the beta course and soon, baby steps will become a marathon.

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