We ran through our first course beta phase with a few people both in the paranormal field and outside the paranormal field. We got some very valuable feedback, but we need more to make Paranormal Study the best education tool in the field.

So, we will be launching the course we had in beta very, very soon at a steeply discounted price. We cut the normal course price in half so we can get as many people to take the course as possible in the hopes that we will get more valuable feedback and testimonials from both you and your peers.

The first course is from Tim Woolworth and it is on Electronic Voice Phenomenon. In this course, Tim gives you insight on the history of EVP from the very first EVP’s ever recorded to modern-day techniques. He examines several EVP luminaries and what they brought to the field of EVP over the course of eight lecture modules. You be able to hear, and download, some of the rarest EVP’s ever recorded. Finally, he leaves you with current ideas on how EVP is formulated.

We think this course is a great course to lead off Paranormal Study. Once we get your feedback, other lecturers will organize their courses in the way that works best for everyone. We can’t wait to share with you the lecturers who we will be working with!

So keep a close eye on this site and our social media pages as that is how you will find out first about our preliminary course launch and save money on the course for a very, very limited time. Whenever you purchase a standard course, you will have lifetime access to the content – even if you buy it at a discounted price or by utilizing a coupon.

As a quick reminder, those who buy our t-shirts will be given a 50% coupon that is usable on any course, even this first course at its temporarily reduced price!

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