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Much more than a website

Paranormal Study is much more than this website. Although we put up an article or two and a library book or three on the site monthly, we put a lot more information out there and it might not be reaching you.

Our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are chock full of information, videos and articles that never make it to this website.  The world is full of information about various paranormal studies and we try to bring as much to you as we can via social media. Each month we try to select the best articles monthly for our monthly news roundup.

Paranormal Study also has an active email list where subscribers get a heads up on things first. Our subscribers also receive discount codes for products and courses, and receive exclusive book and journal downloads that have not been put on our library shelves. 

We highly recommend that you follow our social media platforms and subscribe to our email list to ensure you learn more, always. You will get the most out of your Paranormal Study experience this way and ultimately become a more educated paranormalist.

Here are the various Paranormal Study links that will help you to explore the unknown:

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