Limited Logo. Limited Run. Strictly Limited Shirt.

We are very excited to announce that Paranormal Study is poised to launch in short order. Getting to the point of launch was an arduous task. Hundreds of hours have gone into the upcoming launch. In addition to hours, the start-up costs have been considerable to make sure that every facet of Paranormal Study is working at full capacity upon launch: courses, websites, lecturers, marketing, merchandise, programming, credit card processing, legal documents, software, etc.

Despite the long-hours and bank account draining costs, we are almost ready. We are fine tuning some things on the back-end to make sure your experience as a student is as easy as possible.

But we are not there yet. There are a couple of lecturers we want to bring in before our launch and to do this, we need to raise some funds.

Hence this T-Shirt!

To offset the costs of this launch, we have had a shirt designed that is strictly a limited edition run with an exclusive limited run logo. We are doing one promotional run of this shirt before the site launches, and then an open run for the first thirty days after the site launches. That’s it. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. These shirts are for those who elected to support Paranormal Study in its fledgling state. When these shirts run out, then we will be switching over to our main logo on shirts.

When you buy one of these shirts, you are helping to make sure that Paranormal Study has the business funds to continue bringing in lecturers after the initial launch. We will be bringing in world-class lecturers on topics, but that takes world-class money and the only way we will reach this goal is through t-shirt sales and course purchases and subscriptions. We did not want to do a Kickstarter, Patreon or GoFundMe. We are creating this site without donations, we are self-funding and that is why this tee is important to us.

We will also be running a limited course promotion when the site launches (more details to follow). As an added bonus, when you buy one of these shirts (available in mens & women’s sizes) you will receive a promotional coupon for 25% off any course of your choice. Heck, we may even throw in a sticker or two with your package! Currently, men’s shirts are available in Black and White; women’s shirts are available in Black, White, and Pink. We may look at doing some tank-tops for women as well.

These shirts are all screen printed by hand on Gildan heavy cotton t-shirts by a local printer who handles a lot of paranormal business. All of our merchandise carries a 10 day satisfaction guarantee.

When you wear this shirt around town or on an investigation, you will raise some eyebrows and likely get a few questions. Wear your knowledge proudly!

If this design interests you, make sure you buy it to ensure that Paranormal Study will have the funds to continue our mission to educate people about the paranormal.

Click here to check out this shirt and other merchandise that offered by Paranormal Study.

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