New Course: EVP’s From A Historical Perspective

EVP’s From Their Discovery to the Modern Age.

There is a new lecture on EVP that is ready for you to view at our school that you do not want to miss. Tim Woolworth has created a lecture Electronic Voice Phenomenon that is bound to inform and enlighten. This course, EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon; Voices From the Other Side – A Historical Perspective, is a course that all paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiasts need to view.

In this lecture, Tim lays out a linear history of EVP that ends with modern-day techniques and current ideas upon how it is formulated. This course, and others, are available from the Paranormal Study School.


  • What an EVP consists of
  • The history of electronic voice phenomenon
  • What the earliest EVP’s sounded like
  • Techniques historically used to record electronic voice phenomenon
  • Famous practitioners and what they have added to the discussion of EVP
  • Modern electronic voice phenomenon recording techniques
  • Various ideas upon EVP formulation


There are no requirements for this class other than an open mind.

There are no tests nor quizzes for this lecture.


For several decades, paranormal investigators have relied heavily upon one method to communicate with the other side: EVP, also known as electronic voice phenomenon.

This video lecture will walk you through the history of electronic voice phenomenon from its first accidental discovery through to the modern-day over eight distinct modules. You will learn how recording techniques have changed over the years.  You will learn how EVP once went from an obscure methodology to one practiced by tens of thousands around the world.

In this lecture, Tim provides EVP’s from some of the biggest names ever to record them. He also provides some of his own EVP’s to help you understand the classification system. Finally, this lecture series finishes with various theories that explore how EVP is created.

After this lecture, you will be exceptionally well versed in the history of EVP and be up-to-date on both theory and techniques. This lecture will make you a better investigator of the paranormal.


Everyone. Paranormal researchers and lay persons practice EVP. Whether you are on a ghost hunt or you are attempting to contact a loved one at home, this course on electric voice phenomenon will be of great use to you.

Paranormal researchers, ghost hunters and mediums will find this course to be of exceptional interest. Furthermore, this series of lectures explores electronic voice phenomenon and its influence on paranormal work. As a result, this course will further educate those who practice electronic voice phenomenon. S


About Tim Woolworth 63 Articles
Tim has been educating in the paranormal field since 2010 when he launched the site He is the founder of Paranormal Study (2018), a Co-Founder of the renewed Metascience Foundation(2020), a renowned conference lecturer and author of several articles and book sections. When he isn't enmeshed in the paranormal, he enjoys a career as a professional brewer and spending time with family and his pets.

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