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In our growing effort to make Paranormal Study a place for you to become better educated in all things paranormal, we thought we would share our latest email update that has gone solely to our email subscribers. This email update has a lot of important information about our site including what is on the horizon. Our email updates have not been made public until now, and after this one, they will only be sent to our subscriber list.

With this in mind, here is our latest email update verbatim:

First, the usual disclaimer:

A while ago we asked our email followers whether they would like to receive a brief update when we put new materials on the site. Quite a few people emailed us saying “yes.”

So, if you are new to our email list, you will get occasional emails when we post new articles, news round-ups, add new lectures or expand the library. In rare instances where we have major announcements, such as in this email update, we send you an email as well.

This is not like the other email updates you’ve been receiving. This update is important to us. So for the first time, an email update will be made public. This update isn’t focused upon new library content, news round-ups, or new articles added to the site. Instead, this email contains some important information about our Paranormal Study site. It also gives you a glimpse into where we are going and the steps we’re taking to get there.

We hope you read this one all the way through. Your next update will be business as usual, we promise.

Presenting Our New Site!

After being online for just about a year (our beta site was made public 03/18 and found its stride in 06/18), there were some major inefficiencies with our website. Reference material was hard to find. The pages loaded rather slow and when considering that 70%+ of our users visit our site via mobile or tablet devices, the mobile usability of the site was less than optimal.

We knew something needed to change. Our relatively new site needed help.

Our frequent contributor to Paranormal Study and head social media wrangler Jeremy had a solution. We discussed how we wanted the site to feel and look. Jeremy has an amazing site in the works on the topic of Instrumental Transcommunication and he had a theme he thought may suffice for Paranormal Study.

Boy was he right.

We are proud of the way the new site looks. It’s slick, easily accessible and the most recent content is right there on the homepage so you don’t have to go digging for content. The fat has been trimmed and the site is much leaner. It loads quicker and the mobile access is on par with current web standards.

If you haven’t seen our new site, check it out.

You Are Here To Learn.

In an effort to make you a more well-rounded paranormalist, we try to educate. We offer you content that is free of charge. No paywalls on our site. No mandatory sign-ups. Instead, we have a free library that grows every two weeks or so. We put up a monthly news round-up that summarizes and links to important articles related to the paranormal field. We have so many resources right at your fingertips, all you have to do is read and learn.

But we were lacking an important part of every site: constant updates. We relied solely upon original content written by the Paranormal Study staff for the site (staff is really a misnomer, after all, there are just two of us). This was a disservice for those who want to learn because we were not offering enough content to keep people coming to the site.

So with the new design, we are incorporating a new concept. We are going to strive to upload 1-3 articles a week on the site that should keep you abreast of the paranormal field. These are articles written by other writers. They cover new concepts, in-depth looks at paranormal topics, or are examinations of topics that might not be familiar to you. When we post these articles, we post them with a brief summary telling you what you’ll find in the article and if you are interested, a link to the article so you can dive right into that part of the paranormal pool.

We will also continue to write new articles for the site as well.

Are you interested in seeing what the new articles on Paranormal Study look like? Visit our Articles category or check out the newly designed home page to see the last few additions. 

A Call For Action.

With that in mind, we are actively looking for new writers who want to contribute content to Paranormal Study. Hopefully, we can find like-minded individuals who are willing to write new articles, share articles they’ve already written, or simply summarize existing articles in order to educate the public.

Believe it or not, this isn’t an easy task to accomplish because we can’t pay people to do this. Our site hemorrhages money every month, but we keep it going because we believe in educating people and someday it may hopefully pay for itself through lecture downloads and merchandise sales. The site currently costs almost $150 a month to keep going; this is a result of the school software, the cost of this mailing list, monthly hosting, domain costs and security encryption. This doesn’t include ad campaigns to expose new people to our content.

While we continue to lose money every month, we simply cannot pay anyone to help with our site’s mission. 

Nobody likes to work for free. We know that there are people out there who share in our vision for a better educated public and paranormal field. Hopefully someone reading this email update is one of those persons.

If you are that person, or know somebody who might be, please email us. We can provide you a platform to share your paranormal knowledge. Our occasional updates like this go out to hundreds of email inboxes. We post new content on our social media feeds (as of today, we are almost at 18,000 likes on Facebook alone thanks to Jeremy’s hard work) and you will have a broad audience that is growing every single week. 

If you think you can help contribute to our overall mission, please email us via

Someday in the bright future, when this site covers its own costs, we will then be able to pay our contributors – and we are certainly going to make sure that those who have been with us since the beginning will get taken care of first.

Scrying Table with Crystal Ball and Skull

Finally – A Look Into The Future of Paranormal Study.

This update is a long one, much longer than normal and if you’ve made it this far, thank you!

We are going to be expanding some areas of the site that have been ignored until now. Since we decided to redo the entire site, we may as well change up a few more things.

We will be incorporating more videos on paranormal topics that you need to see. Between Jeremy and myself, we have so many videos that will educate you on all things paranormal. For a lot of people, videos are a lot easier to digest than articles and books. We hope that by incorporating this avenue more into our site, we will provide a more valuable service to those who want to learn.

In the distant future, we are actively exploring live-streaming discussions for those who want to participate. Interviews with influential paranormalists are on the horizon as well; these interviews may be transcribed into written articles or made into a semi-regular podcast, time will tell.

We are working hard towards getting new lectures for you to view (rumor has it that a lecture on ITC will be uploaded sometime in the next month). Our lecture on the history of EVP has been very well received by those who have viewed it. In all likelihood, you haven’t seen it yet because we know how few people have looked at it. It is a world class paranormal conference-quality lecture that will teach you new things.

Our lectures are a great way to learn and they also help to offset the monthly cost of this site. There are quite a few lecturers who have committed to delivering new lectures for the site, but the finished talks have yet to materialize. They will soon though. As this site grows in prestige, the additional lectures content will grow with it. After all, our site and our mission is still less than a year old!

That’s A Wrap!

There are a lot of moving parts to Paranormal Study. We are trying to make the site a better experience for everyone, but we are limited on the resources of time and money to put into this site.

If you have an idea on what you’d like to see, or changes that need to be made for you to have a better experience, please let us know. 

And if you haven’t done so, buy a t-shirt and support paranormal education! We have new designs in the works and will have 2-3 more shirt options online by the end of the year. We still have a couple white t-shirts being blown out. If you are interested in a white shirt, simply choose your size and then color option; if white is still available, it can be yours at a substantially reduced price. When the white shirts are gone, they’re gone for good. Black and pink shirts can still be back-ordered if we do not have your size currently in stock.

Because you’ve gotten to the end of this newsletter, here is a little something extra. Today is February 16th, 2019. We are giving you a coupon you might want to use to help support our mission. This coupon expires at 11:55pm, February 28th, 2019. Take 25% off our already low EVP Lecture price. You have lifetime access to the lecture so you can view it as many times as you want. When you sign up, use code THANKYOU and 25% will be taken off immediately. 

Since this is the first mailing list update that will be made public, we are going to include a little mailing list sign up button for those of you who have not been getting access to our regular updates: 

We’re happy to help.

We are only an email away. Any questions, requests or concerns can be sent to our email address:


Tim Woolworth

Founder, Paranormal Study

About Tim Woolworth 63 Articles
Tim has been educating in the paranormal field since 2010 when he launched the site He is the founder of Paranormal Study (2018), a Co-Founder of the renewed Metascience Foundation(2020), a renowned conference lecturer and author of several articles and book sections. When he isn't enmeshed in the paranormal, he enjoys a career as a professional brewer and spending time with family and his pets.

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