Much more than a website

Paranormal Study is much more than this website. Although we put up an article or two and a library book or three on the site monthly, we put a lot more information out there and it might not be reaching you.

Our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter are chock full of information, videos and articles that never make it to this website.  The world is full of information about various paranormal studies and we try to bring as much to you as we can via social media. Each month we try to select the best articles monthly for our monthly news roundup.

Paranormal Study also has an active email list where subscribers get a heads up on things first. Our subscribers also receive discount codes for products and courses, and receive exclusive book and journal downloads that have not been put on our library shelves. 

We highly recommend that you follow our social media platforms and subscribe to our email list to ensure you learn more, always. You will get the most out of your Paranormal Study experience this way and ultimately become a more educated paranormalist.

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An Educational Journey Begins

We are loading up our first beta course in the Paranormal Study school. It has been a long-time coming, but it is finally happening. Our first beta course is on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and tracing its evolution from its inadvertent discovery through to current practices.

While this course is up and being tested by a couple lucky people who bought t-shirts during our pre-launch, it is not live for the public yet. We are waiting on more courses from colleagues to arrive and then we will go live for you. There are a lot of great educators lined up and courses being created at this very moment.

So, this is a benchmark for us. The school software works, we couldn’t ask for more.

Since we are here to educate, we will have a more expansive blog section for you as well. We will have decided to bring you noteworthy paranormal articles, findings and updates in order to further your progress in this field. We are also considering podcasts with our lecturers in order to round out the educational experience of their courses.

We also have a couple of big ideas in store…but baby steps first. That first baby step was the beta course and soon, baby steps will become a marathon.

Do You Even Dowse?

We have added a custom-crafted choice of copper dowsing rods to our store. The rods are all constructed with the handle passing through a solid copper tube. The purpose of this tube is to isolate the rod from the palm while allowing them to spin freely as shown in this video.

Each set of rods ships with basic instruction on how the rods function. They have been used for hundreds of years to locate underground water and mineral deposits. They have also been used for spirit communication: they can signal “yes,” “no,” and point to people and directions. Dowsing rods are acceptionally easy to use and we recommend not letting anyone else use your set of rods as copper is often seen as a conductor of spiritual energy.

These rods are currently available in a compact 7″ size, a 10″ and 12″. If you need a custom size, let us know and we will craft one for you.

We’re Still At It!

Launching Soon – We Promise!

We were really, really hoping to launch at the end of February but that isn’t going to happen. There have been a couple hiccups with the school software and we are still very early in beta mode.

So we are still plugging away. There are several hundred hours put into this site so far and it is progressing, just slower than we had hoped. The good news is that the nuts and bolts are all in place, it just requires a few turns of a wrench here and there to make sure that its ready for you upon launching.

That being said, I am excited about the speakers that are lining up. I think you will be excited as well.

Keep an eye on our site, social media, or subscribe for updates to find out who will be lecturing for Paranormal Study.

In other news, we are fully stocked with our first edition shirts right now and we have shipped them out to several states and the UK as well – our first international order! Now that is exciting for us. We have been getting photos of people opening their t-shirt packages and proudly wearing their t-shirts. It fills us with pride to see so many people supporting Paranormal Study well before we even launch course content.

Thank you for your continued support.

A Message From Paranormal Study

I had the idea for Paranormal Study at the beginning of 2017 and I had no idea how I would make it happen. I routinely work over 52 hours a week at my day job and I lacked the capital to make the site a reality so I bought a domain and put it on the back burner.

Yet the idea kept gnawing at me. Every time I would speak at a conference people who could not attend due to location kept asking me how they could see one of my lectures. I realized that there was a real need to be filled. Many of you may know me from social media, or conference presentations, radio interviews, TV, or via my other site, ITC Voices. I have educated people in this field since 2010 and Paranormal Study is the most logical way I can continue educating the field but on larger scale.

I drafted many options until I narrowed down how I wanted the site to look and field.

Then I began real work. I cashed in a 401k and began buying necessary software. I proceeded to get a business license and business bank account. I bought website domains, hosting and SSL encryption. I had a graphic designer for various logos. I began drafting web pages and emails. Finally, I began approaching other lecturers with the idea.

And then much, much more – all the while still holding down my regular work schedule.

It was with great apprehension that I announced Paranormal Study to the world a month or so ago. When I made that announcement, it became real for the paranormal community. My work on this project became real for me.

I launched a line of T-Shirts to raise awareness and a few in the paranormal community bought them right away for which I am extremely grateful as I have spent thousands out-of-pocket on this project so far. I received valuable input from people regarding future merchandise. There are now people wearing shirts out there from Paranormal Study and that is so awesome.

Lecturers who were approached have begun to commit to adding their content to the school part of the site.

This project is moving at a rapid clip now and soon, we are hoping by the end of February, the school portion of the site will be up and running for everyone to use.

After all this, I’m still nervous. Very nervous. A project like this has never been undertaken in the field so there is no way to measure interest and whether the project will be a success or a very costly failure.

If you’re reading this, thank you. Seriously.

There is a lot in store for Paranormal Study, and it will become the go-to place for paranormal education over time. We are in our infancy and with your support, 2018 will be a great year and by this time next year, we are targeting to have over 30 courses online.