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I had the idea for Paranormal Study at the beginning of 2017 and I had no idea how I would make it happen. I routinely work over 52 hours a week at my day job and I lacked the capital to make the site a reality so I bought a domain and put it on the back burner.

Yet the idea kept gnawing at me. Every time I would speak at a conference people who could not attend due to location kept asking me how they could see one of my lectures. I realized that there was a real need to be filled. Many of you may know me from social media, or conference presentations, radio interviews, TV, or via my other site, ITC Voices. I have educated people in this field since 2010 and Paranormal Study is the most logical way I can continue educating the field but on larger scale.

I drafted many options until I narrowed down how I wanted the site to look and field.

Then I began real work. I cashed in a 401k and began buying necessary software. I proceeded to get a business license and business bank account. I bought website domains, hosting and SSL encryption. I had a graphic designer for various logos. I began drafting web pages and emails. Finally, I began approaching other lecturers with the idea.

And then much, much more – all the while still holding down my regular work schedule.

It was with great apprehension that I announced Paranormal Study to the world a month or so ago. When I made that announcement, it became real for the paranormal community. My work on this project became real for me.

I launched a line of T-Shirts to raise awareness and a few in the paranormal community bought them right away for which I am extremely grateful as I have spent thousands out-of-pocket on this project so far. I received valuable input from people regarding future merchandise. There are now people wearing shirts out there from Paranormal Study and that is so awesome.

Lecturers who were approached have begun to commit to adding their content to the school part of the site.

This project is moving at a rapid clip now and soon, we are hoping by the end of February, the school portion of the site will be up and running for everyone to use.

After all this, I’m still nervous. Very nervous. A project like this has never been undertaken in the field so there is no way to measure interest and whether the project will be a success or a very costly failure.

If you’re reading this, thank you. Seriously.

There is a lot in store for Paranormal Study, and it will become the go-to place for paranormal education over time. We are in our infancy and with your support, 2018 will be a great year and by this time next year, we are targeting to have over 30 courses online.


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