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Explore the Unknown Bracelet

We have chosen the phrase “Explore the Unknown” to describe what Paranormal Study is all about. Our paranormal world is a great unknown, and through our courses, you can explore several facets of it to make the unknown more known to you.

These bracelets are a constant reminder that you want to know more. We have handed out a few hundred of these at conferences and we have received emails thanking us – not for the free bracelet, but for the message it imparts. When you wear this black and crimson bracelet on your wrist, you will be reminded everytime you look down that you are a paranormal enthusiast. Your bracelet will also tell everyone who sees you the same thing – it is a great conversation starter!

These bracelets are very inexpensive, and each purchase helps to bring in top-tier lecturers for Paranormal Study.

Also, there are only a couple hundred of these bracelets left. When they are gone, they are gone for good and a new one will be designed. So get your collectors bracelet today!


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