About Us

About Us

The Paranormal Study Approach

We envision allowing paranormal enthusiasts from the world over to have access to information that will help them grow in their studies. We know that that only way to grow this field responsibly is to have an educated public. Until now, education have been relegated to a few avenues: articles & books, websites, conferences and television. To learn directly from someone well-respected in their chosen aspect of the field, you would have to find a way to go to a conference where they were speaking.

Not everyone can make it to a conference, especially if you live on the other side of the world. Articles and books are great resources if you can trust the author; there is a lot of crazy that has been published over the years. Television is misleading at best and websites are like books and articles, you can never know the veracity of the claims being stated.

We recognized that change needed to happen for the betterment of theย field.

Exploring the Unknown

The method to change the way the field is educated took some time to fully realize. We intuited that it would be best to bring you the means of obtaining an education from experienced persons in their paranormal sub-genre. We are actively engaging with lecturers, authors and personalities that have proven themselves as worthy educators over the years.

You can now explore the unknown freely, at your own leisure, one class at a time, on your time, for life. We also felt that offering an affordable subscription for access to our entire course catalog would also make obtaining a quality paranormal education much more cost-effective for those who want to learn. We were advised by business associates against offering subscriptions at the price we are offering them because it severely cuts into the budget of this project which is minimal to start with – but Paranormal Study is not about profit; Paranormal Study exists to offer an education and we believe education should always be affordable.

What We Are Not

There has been a glut of people in the field offering sub-par courses for high dollar amounts. Some of these individual course providers offer a “certificate” or a “degree” in the paranormal. We do not offer these. There are no certified educational bodies that can offer you a PhD in Demonology or Paranormal Education despite what some individual course providers claim.

We offer knowledge transfer, nothing more. We provide world-class conference quality lectures at an affordable rate and you learn at your pace. It’s that simple.

Who is Behind Paranormal Study?

Right now we are small, real small, as in one-person small. There is a lot to handle with the websites, obtaining talent, courses, marketing, accounting, software, programming…and it goes on.

We are hoping this will change as Paranormal Study grows. We hope that we will be able to afford a small staff to make sure that more content gets out released for our students in a quicker fashion. But until then, we are doing our best to make Paranormal Study the best resource on the internet for obtaining a quality paranormal education.

Tim Woolworth –ย Founderย 

Tim WoolworthTim founded Paranormal Study in 2018 after thinking about starting this venture over the course of two years. He has been known in the paranormal field as a public figure since 2010 when he launched the site ITC Voices. Over the years, Timย has been featured on the television series CNY Spirits, he used a ghost box for a nationwide audience on NBC’s 1st Look, and has been heard on dozens of radio programs including a local NPR affiliate. Tim is also an active lecturer who speaks at several conferences a year about various topics. Although often called an “expert,” he shies away from that description by saying “There are no experts in this field, but there are those with more experience.”

Outside of the paranormal, Tim loves to write, brew beer, cook, hike and pass the free hours away with his partner of twelve years, Catherine, and their cats.

Tim can always be reached via Learn@ParanormalStudy.com.

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