The EVP Circle Technique: Try It On Your Next Investigation!

If you are familiar with paranormal investigation, you are undoubtedly familiar with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). It is a cornerstone technique for investigators out in the field at a location or practicing at home trying to contact someone on the other side of the veil. It has been a tried and true technique for over sixty years now, but some of the classic techniques of obtaining EVP have been lost along the way.

One of those techniques is called the EVP Circle Technique.

This article presumes that you know the basics of EVP as a practice. If you are unfamiliar with EVP, or if you really want to expand your knowledge by digging deep into the topic of EVP, including it’s history, examples, and theories about formulation, then you may want to view our EVP lecture before going any further.

EVP Questions

The Circle Technique is a way of honing your EVP questions and responses. To conduct a Circle Technique session, you will need three or more participants as a circle is necessary for the technique to work.

If you have partaken in a paranormal investigation before, you know that questions are often asked randomly by random investigators. While this may have an advantage in that a responding consciousness may answer a specific question, it often yields responses that are seemingly unique. You will most likely get an EVP that does not directly respond the question that was asked directly before the EVP capture.

An EVP capture is great in and of itself. But if the capture is a seemingly random response, it really does not help with research purposes. We may also want to consider that with dozens of questions being asked, that random response may be an answer to a question that was asked minutes prior. Without the answer being directly tied to the question, there is no way to judiciously correlate the two without applying it anachronistically.

A key part of the Circle Technique is the process of questioning. For a circle to be successful, usually a single question is asked at a time. The reason behind this is it gives the a group focus towards the question. When all investigators are focused on a single question, then there is the chance that a direct answer to the question being asked may result.

The Circle Technique

Once you have your group of three or more investigators, and a question that you would like to be asked, it is time to actually perform the EVP Circle Technique.

It is often easiest if the participants can sit around a table. If not, then the participants can sit or stand in a circle on an open section of floor. Either way, the recorder(s) should be placed in the middle of the circle.

Everyone participating in the circle will need to hold hands thereby making a complete circle. Forming a circle hearkens back to the earliest days of religious celebrations. From ancient tribal dances around a fire, to pagan circle dancing around a wicker man, to Muslims circling the Black Stone in Mecca, there has always been power in circles. When humans form a circle, we are all equal to one another as we form something bigger than us alone. We hope that by forming a circle in this experiment, that we create something bigger than ourselves to elicit responses from the other side.

Once you are in a circle, the designated first person will ask a question. When enough time has elapsed, that person will gently squeeze with their left hand the right hand of the person next to them. That person will then ask the exact same question. This repeats until everyone in the circle has asked the exact same question. Everyone should be focused on this question for the entirety of the circle.

When you are asking questions, you need to make sure that there is enough time before squeezing the hand of the person next to you. This can be done by allotting a time of at least ten seconds. Many EVP’s have been ruined by people not allowing enough time in between questions and thereby talking over an answer making the EVP unusable.

After the circle round is complete, you need to immediately review the responses. It is useful to have an external speaker for this so everyone in the room can listen to the recorder play back at the same time at a reasonable volume. It is also useful to have a backup recorder recording all night long in case there is a possible response to playback. For this reason, everyone should be silent when the recorder is being played back and any possible responses should be marked down by time with a pen and paper for review only after the initial playback.

You may find through several experiments that one or two persons in your group might be more able to obtain responses that the rest of the group.

Hopefully once you begin practicing designed techniques like the EVP Circle Technique during your investigations, you will start to receive more responses that have a direct answer. When direct answers are received it will greatly advance your research into a location or aspects of the other side.

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3 Comments on The EVP Circle Technique: Try It On Your Next Investigation!

  1. This sounds like a great technique. Have you heard of the missing number? Same sort of concept but you say numbers in sequence like 1, 2, 3, and so on and after everyone in the circle says a number you then skip a number allowing spirit to fill in the missing number and then you continue. It has worked several times for me, may be a good warm up exercise. Thanks.

    • I’ve not tried that specific technique. Thanks.

      On a couple of occasions, when everyone states their names before beginning a session, there have been anomalous names present like they are joining in.

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