Paranormal Study News September, 2018

Paranormal Study Reference Articles: September brought us a lot of news. Typically paranormal stories and news articles hit a yearly high in September and October, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be ...Read More

Paranormal Study News August, 2018

Paranormal Study Reference Articles: We missed July 2018 in our news roundup and we're sorry for that. There was a lot going on and not enough manpower to create the monthly news roundup. The next couple months are very, very busy for us as well due to the heightened interest in the paranormal t...Read More

Psychologists Re-Examine Parapsychology As A Discipline

Psi Research is Statistically Significant The American Psychological Association, the APA, is the premier group for American psychologists. The APA publishes their journal, American Psychologist, which is topical, peer-reviewed and well-cited (Journal Impact Factor of 6.7).   In Volume ...Read More

Paranormal Study News June, 2018

Paranormal Study Reference Articles: June 2018 was an active month in paranormal news. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on Consciousness, NDE's, Lucid Dreaming, Mediumship, Occ...Read More

New Course: EVP’s From A Historical Perspective

EVP Sound Wave
EVP's From Their Discovery to the Modern Age. There is a new lecture on EVP that is ready for you to view at our school that you do not want to miss. Tim Woolworth has created a lecture Electronic Voice Phenomenon that is bound to inform and enlighten. This course, EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon;...Read More

America’s Spiritual Renaissance 170th Anniversary

Fox Sisters
The Fox Sisters The Fox Sisters lived in Hydesville, New York, a small hamlet of glacial hills north of the Finger Lakes and south of Lake Ontario. Hydesville is now part of the Town of Arcadia. This nondescript town gave birth to the spiritualist renaissance in the United States and ultimately cre...Read More

Empaths Vs. Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive Person or Empathic? Note: In today's paranormal culture, many persons proclaim to be empaths. It is a buzzword that I'm sure you've heard being bandied about. This article came across my feed the other day and I found it fascinating because I have certainly heard of empaths and I k...Read More