We are slowly adding more products to our clothing lines. We use a local print shop meaning that we have to order our products in bulk. Each run of clothes is hand checked for quality to ensure that that you get the most value for your shirt. We would rather use a local business that works with us rather than a third party print-on-demand shop online where we cannot verify the quality of the product before you receive your shipment. We support our local businesses just as we hope that you will support paranormal education by buying some Paranormal Study merchandise every once in a while to help keep Paranormal Study online.

Slash Logo T-Shirt

Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, Psychics…

Our original Slash Logo T-Shirt. This is the first t-shirt that we started with and it is our all-time best seller. We have Paranormal Study enthusiasts in several different countries wearing this shirt proudly. The front is emblazoned with our logo using the traditional Paranormal Study fonts but styled in a unique way with slashes running though it. The back side of the shirt has a list of paranormal topics. We’ve found that wearing this shirt out in public raises some eyebrows and often starts conversations.

We currently offer the Paranormal Study Slash Logo shirt in both men’s and women’s cuts. The slash logo is printed upon a heavy cotton shirt that softens as you wash it. The men’s shirt is available in both black and white; the women’s shirts are available in black, white and pink colors.

Out Of This World!

Paranormal Study Logo & Tagline On The Craft

UFOs are a topic we love to explore on this site so we created a UFO shirt featuring a person being abducted from a forest via a beam.

The ring of the flying saucer has our site name, Paranormal Study, and the rim of the beam has our tag line “Explore the Unknown.” These shirts are available in ten different colors, in men, women and youth sizes. Our UFO Abduction shirts are 100% cotton and are very comfortable.

Are you Psychic?

Master ESP With Zener Cards!

Featuring a groovy font, this shirt is a callback to the 60’s and 70’s when people used Zener Cards to test ESP abilities.

Our resident psychics say that you will want this shirt. It is a super-soft try-blend and the black color has been weathered to give it a vintage look to go with the font. These shirts are unisex, and fit both men and women equally well.

We hope, scratch that, we know you’ll order one of our Zener Card Psychic shirts and we can be certain you’ll find it very comfortable.

Original Logo Face Masks

Face Masks Now Available!

In a time when face masks have become a necessity for most social situations, Paranormal Study is proud to offer a high-quality breathable face mask.

Our masks are made to be breathable, washable and of course, reusable. This is a high density, three-layer mask with two polyester and one non-woven black cloth liner.

The masks are shipped to you factory-sealed. They are designed to be tight-fitting and we ship them with free rubber grommets to adjust the strap tension to your preference.