ESP Testing Screen


Zener ESP Experiment Screen:

  • Large surface, 10″ x 16″
  • Provides privacy for shuffling and writing
  • Glossy finish
  • Full graphic of Zener symbols
  • Experiment protocols and more provided

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A Must-Have For ESP Experimentation

If you have purchased a Zener ESP deck from Paranormal Study, then this ESP screen is highly recommend.

Measuring in at a large 10″ x 16″ (25.4cm X 40.64cm), this glossy screen is designed to separate you from your subject while conducting Zener card ESP tests. You subject will be faced with a beautiful graphic of the five Zener card shapes and the Paranormal Study logo while you shuffle your cards, write down calls on a scoresheet, and tally results out of the subject’s view.

Your side of the screen provides a bounty of information at your fingertips. We include basic information about setting up an experiment, ESP science, statistical charts, several different protocols for testing, a sample scoresheet and more. This handy screen serves as a comprehensive guide to conducting most ESP experiments.

You will not find a screen like this for ESP testing anywhere else as it was custom designed by Paranormal Study staff.

Note: We are using a manufacturer located in the United States for all Zener-related products on our site. The state where these are being produced has been hit very hard with supply chain issues. Because of this, there may be delays of up several months to receive your deck, screen, or score pads; we perpetually have these on order but they may not be in stock when you place your order online.

  • Zener Cards with Screen


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