Demons in Seattle: The Washington State Poltergeist Case

We were sent this case study written by the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (SEP) by its author for publication on this site. The Washington State Poltergeist: The ‘Demons in Seattle’ Case is the official case write-up from the SEP and is copyrighted June 2018.

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At Paranormal Study, we endeavor to bring you resources which are well thought out and arrive at novel conclusions that are authored in books, articles or research papers.

Demons in Seattle Case File

The Bothell Home in Seattle, Washington gained international attention when reports of a multi-year haunting became public a few short years ago. The house was featured on a famous ghost hunting television show, had temporary live-in paranormal investigators, and was also investigated by a group of parapsychologists from the UK. The document attached to this article is the write-up of that parapsychologist research group called The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (abbreviated as SEP) founded by Stephen Mera. The SEP investigated this case in 2016 for multiple days on two separate occasions with the two investigations being four months apart from one another.

The SEP was contacted in the summer of 2015 by the client, Keith Linder, with reports of paranormal phenomena that Mr. Linder and his partner, Tina, had experienced since moving into their house in 2012. Email evidence is presented that purportedly demonstrates that the clients had been in contact with several people about the haunting since moving into the home. The SEP interviewed the client about the reported phenomena and determined that there as a good chance the place might be an active location.

The client noted the first disturbance was audible phenomena that was witnessed during the first night he and his partner stayed at the location. The sound of a child coughing from upstairs was clearly heard. The only people in the property at the time was the client and his partner and there were no children at either of the neighbouring homes. No explanation could be found.

Further disturbances allegedly consist of apportations, asportations, object manipulation, incendiary conditions, audible phenomena, physical interaction, apparitions, electrical disturbances, physical manifestations and interactions.

Several of these reported phenomena were witnessed by the SEP during their time investigating the Bothell Home. The clients also provided a detailed timeline of events by month from the initial activity up to the time when the SEP was contacted about the haunting. This case file contains this timeline in graphical form.

Most of the reported activity from the Bothell Home included objects being smashed, toppled, rearranged, thrown, disappearing (or appearing), or in the case of a Bible, burned. The client provided the SEP with ample photographic evidence of such disturbances.

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The SEP notes that with the majority of purported cases of poltergeist activity, as this case appeared to be, there is a person present to witness (or hear) the events. The witness may be the locus for the events through macro-psychokinesis – the person is the one responsible, the agent, for the event through psychic forces they cannot control. This led the to term RSPK (Recurring Spontaneous Psychokinesis) as being the favorable explanation for poltergeist-like hauntings in parapsychological circles. The SEP noted that several of the events that the client reported occurred while no one was home. This means that neither Mr. Linder nor his partner Tina were the agents exerting PK and causing the events to occur. The case file provides ample photos of the SEP examining damage to the home that was caused by the entity prior to SEP conducting their case study.

Next, there is a history of the poltergeist phenomenon from literature and prior case files. The case file then moves into theories on Starving The Phenomenon (STP) and Vexation protocols. Amongst photos of biblical and indigenous american symbols written on the walls by the entity, the SEP examines the symbology and from both historical and physical angles.

The SEP includes the findings of a ghost hunting group that was at the location prior to their investigation. The SEP includes details of their psychological profiling of the Mr. Linder.

Finally, the SEP includes what happened on their investigation of the location. This can be found starting on page 38 of the case file PDF. This includes their equipment, procedures and anomalous events that occurred during their investigation while both present on the property and when the home was empty.

This is a great read. It provides a cornerstone reference for how to write a thorough case file, including interviews, profiling, examination, investigation and tracking of events. As to the veracity of the claims that this case file arrives at, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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