The Taking Of Betty: An Alien Abduction Case

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Ashburnham, Massachusetts

It really should go without saying, but alleged cases of alien abductions are weird. Whomever these extraterrestrials are, why abducting a person, they indiscriminate of age, sex, religion or societal status. Everyone from captains of industry and high-ranking military personnel to average workaday citizens, it is impossible to predict who will be abducted.  

Even housewives have experienced this mysterious and controversial phenomena as was the case with Betty Andreasson-Luca.

Betty’s long and bizarre history of alien abduction began in early childhood. Those who have been abducted are called experiencers and multiple abductions throughout an experiencer’s life is common. It may be that experiencers are chosen and not randomly abducted. Betty certainly appeared to be chosen and her story is so strange, it is considered unique in a very strange field! Ultimately, her abductions may have been responsible for her devout Christian faith. 

Yet, despite all of her encounters throughout her life, it was her final abduction that really caught the attention of investigators.

It was a cold winter’s night in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, in January, 1967 when Betty’s abduction occurred. Betty was in the kitchen of her home cleaning up after dinner. While her parents and children were in the family room, Betty was standing at the sink washing dishes which was the normal way of things in her home.

Suddenly, and without warning, the lights throughout the house began to flicker wildly. From the other room, Betty could hear her children begin to cry and scream as if something was happening. As she walked into the family room, the lights went out and the house was bathed in an eerie red light. Her father ran to the window to see if he could find where the light was coming from, what he saw terrified him. Five figures that vaguely resembled humans appeared and walked towards the house. Betty’s father quickly locked the windows, but that wasn’t enough.

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The family sat closely in the family room and watched as the figures passed through the walls and stood in front of them. They were placed in a trance-like state as the beings telepathically reassured the family that no harm would come to them. Betty was then removed from the house and taken aboard the alien craft. 

The figures disappeared, as did the red light, the craft, and unfortunately, Betty.

Betty found herself laying on a hard metal table as the alien beings went about a series of medical examinations. When they were complete, they led her to a large door with one of the beings guarding it. When she was stopped by her escorts in front of the door, the guard declared, “Behold, the glory of the one.” When the door opened, Betty was blinded by an all-encompassing, warm light that surrounded a singular being sitting upon a throne. This light passed through her body, filling her with a sense of peace and well-being. Betty believed she was in the presence of a divine being of infinite light.

When she returned home, she found her family no longer in a trance-state, but rather talking as if nothing happened. She further discovered that four hours had passed while she was gone. Lost time is a phenomenon commonly reported by people who have a close encounter. Betty told her family everything that had transpired in the alien craft and all in attendance agreed the bizarre episode should remain a secret. As far as Betty and her family were concerned, the abduction never happened.

Eight years passed before Betty decided to tell her story. She felt the family secret should no longer be kept in the dark. One day, she discovered an ad in a paper placed by famed UFO investigator, J. Allen Hynek. Hynek, was soliciting alleged alien abductees to take part in a study. Betty applied and after a few days she received word, she had been rejected. According to Hynek, and his people, her experience was just too weird. From an investigation standpoint, Hynek’s response was strange when you consider just how weird this field of inquiry really is.

Two years would go by before investigators would take another look at Betty and her story. To start the investigation, Betty, was subjected to hours of regression hypnotherapy. She was regressed all the way back to early childhood and they discovered two interesting details. One, Betty had been abducted several times throughout her life with no memory of the episodes. And two, she was chosen by the alien race that took her. The therapist attempted to get her to talk about the divine being she witnessed. Unfortunately, Betty refused to talk about what her and the divine being spoke about. Betty would forever keep its words near and dear to her heart.

Religious ecstasy and spiritual awakenings are often reported among experiencers of alien abduction. Abductees, like Betty, come away believing they encountered a god-like being. Psychologically, we humans tend to filter incomprehensible experiences through our belief systems, no matter how bizarre. One person’s divine being could very well be another person’s advanced species from another world.

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