Nick Redfern Looks Beyond the ET Hypothesis

UFO coming out of the Arctic water, USS Trepang, SSN 674, March 1971

Respected fortean researcher Nick Redfern has published a new article over at Mysterious Universe that you should read if you are at all interested in ufology or the Extraterrestrial hypothesis.

The Extraterrestrial hypothesis is founded upon the belief that unidentified flying objects are being piloted by physical beings not of this earth. In this article, Nick goes beyond the ET hypothesis and questions whether they are actually extraterrestrial. Nick leans upon the work of Mac Tonnes who before his untimely demise, was instrumental in formulating a theory about a Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis.

The Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis is a theory where ET’s are actually terrestrial, meaning “of this earth.” In Tonnes theory, those that we consider ET’s once lived and thrived upon this earth tens of thousands of years ago. According to Redfern, Tonnes went further in postulating that the society of these beings was decimated by one or more factors including “(A) the appearance of a “debilitating genetic syndrome” that ravaged their society; and (B) the rising infestation of a violent species that threatened to eclipse – in number – their own society. “

Ultimately, “the Cryptoterrestrials followed what was perceived as the only viable option: they quietly retreated into the shadows, into the darkened corners of our world, below the oceans, into the deeper caverns that pepper the planet. And, in their own uniquely silent and detached way, set about a new course of action. That course of action – given that they were in some fashion genetically related to the Human Race – was to eventually resurface; to move among us in stealth; to pass themselves off as entities from far-off worlds (as part of a concerted effort to protect and hide their real point of origin); and to use and exploit us – medically – in an attempt to try and inject their waning species with a considerable amount of new blood: ours.”

This is a unique, albeit bleak view of the ET hypothesis and the role humanity has in the ET question. Redfern does the ufology community a service by bringing the work of Tonnes to a broader audience. The Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis adds a new dimension to the classic view of ET’s using humans as lab specimens that are abducted for genetic research and hybridization programs.

In short, we don’t know the reason behind UFOs. We do not know who is piloting them. We don’t know why they are gracing our night skies. We do not know the reason behind abductions or cattle mutilations. We cannot say for certain if these UFOs are even being physically piloted. These are reasons we can never settle upon an answer to the ET hypothesis unless they make themselves known to our species.

And until that day, the Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis remains as valid as any other.

If you want to read more on the Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis, you can get Mac Tonnes book here.

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