Paranormal Study News, July 2019

The passing of two icons.

July of 2019 was marked by the passing of two icons in the world of paranormal research, Marcello Bacci and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Marcello Bacci

Marcello Bacci conducting a Direct Radio Voice ITC session

The first is likely a name unknown to you unless you are a student of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). A gentleman named Marcello Bacci worked for over forty years in Grosseto, Italy. He was a master of what is known as DRV, direct radio voice. In this technique, Bacci would turn a tube radio to an inter-frequency – a static frequency in-between radio station signals – and monitor the audio. Voices from beyond emerged from the static and they resulted in two-way conversations between the living and those who had died. Bacci invited in the public regularly and the bereaved were able to talk to their dead loved ones. His set-up had been examined numerous times by scholars and the determination was always the same, they couldn’t say where the communication was coming from, they only knew it wasn’t being faked. Marcello Bacci passed at 92 years of age.

A documentary about the late Marcello Bacci

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

If you are familiar with paranormal studies, then you have likely encountered the work of Rosemary Ellen Guiley. She was the paranormal world’s most prolific scribe. She authored 49 books (including several encyclopedias), countless articles, ran Visionary Living Publishing and was an editor for FATE Magazine. Rosemary was also a regular guest on radio shows, podcasts, television shows and documentaries. She made a huge impact on the paranormal field. She also helped foment the interest of Paranormal Study’s founder as he began reading her work when he was twelve years old. She will be missed by all who knew her; she was a frequent speaker at conferences, so she touched thousands of people directly. Rosemary Ellen Guiley passed at 69 years old.
A Coast to Coast episode featuring Rosemary Ellen Guiley speaking on black mirror gazing

Paranormal Study Reference Articles

As has been the norm of late, there was significant news about UFOs this month. TTSA has announced that they have several pieces of metamaterials that may be of alien origin. AATIP is no longer run by a single office. A congressman writes to the Secretary of the Navy about UAPs. The list goes on. We have all this covered for you in our UFO Articles section this month.

“Based on pilot accounts, encounters with these UAPs often involved complex flight patterns and advanced maneuvering, which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics, and thermodynamics. If the accounts are true, the unidentified crafts could pose a serious security risk to our military personnel and our defense apparatus. They could also represent a tremendous opportunity for advancement in science and technology that can contribute to the public good.”

– Congressman Mark Walker

Read more, always.

In addition to UFO news, we went through a lot of sources for you this month to provide you with what may be the most varied collection of monthly reference articles to date. We included articles and videos on topics like Carl Jung’s NDE, the consciousness of plants, pterosaur sightings, the case of Anneliese Michel, the haunting power of infrasound, spectrophilia, energy healing ad much, much more.

Afterlife Articles

Dreamcatchers (Michael Prescott): Michael Prescott gives more details about the end of life dreams and vision (ELDV) studies being conducted at Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in Buffalo, NY. As a hospice, numerous people die at this location. Dr. Kerr began logging patient dreams and experiences and began to note a trend. The study results are summed up in this article.

Near-Death Experiences May Stem from the Brain Blending Waking and Dreaming States, Study Suggests (Live Science): A recent study has correlated Near Death Experiences with an intrusion of REM states based upon a random questionnaire. The findings have not yet been published in a journal and scientists such as Dr. Parnia (see 02/19 monthly reference articles) have found the study problematic.

What Carl Jung Learned from his Near Death Experience (Sync Movie): A fantastic recounting of Carl Jung’s NDE while in a hospital. Jung recounted his NDE and here you can read exactly what he experienced when he transitioned in and out of the near death experience.

OBE first hand experiences

Consciousness Articles

An excellent look at the methodologies of quintuple protocols for medium readings which resulted in information that could not be known at the time

There is a conception of the relation between mind and body which is in certain respect the converse of the epiphenomenalistic and might therefor by termed Hypophenomenalism (Gr. hypo = under + phainomai = to appear). It is, in brief, that the living body is a hypophenomenon of the soul or mind or of some constituent of it – an effect or product or dependent of it, instead of the converse of this as epiphenomenalism occurs.

Conceptions of this type have appeared several times in the history of thought, but they have been presented as parts or corollaries of certain cosmological speculations rather than as conclusions suggested by the results of observations.

– Dr. C.J. Ducasse, “A Critical Examination of the Belief in Life After Death”

A Seed of Doubt: Are plants Conscious? (Irish Examiner): In exploring the world of plant chemical reactions that are released under certain stimuli, the idea of plants being conscious has been discussed by academics, philosophers and lay persons. This article gives a brief history of plant consciousness and offers the perspective of a gardener who regularly speaks to his plants.

What if Consciousness Comes First? (Psychology Today): The hard problem of consciousness as outlined by Chalmers has been responsible for a shift in the way consciousness is viewed. This article attempts to use that hard problem to build a new understanding of consciousness: “While physical properties cannot explain consciousness, consciousness is needed to explain physical properties.”

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Cryptid Articles

Bigfoot sighting in Kentucky? Couple recounts bizarre tale at Mammoth Cave (Courier Journal): Two campers were approached by two men with guns claiming their tent had been destroyed by a sasquatch. They continued on and then shot at a large dark figure in the forest. This article adds historical reports on Bigfoot in the same area for context.

Lake Ness Monster (Facebook Video): A video from the South Haven pier on the shores of Lake Michigan appear to show a large serpent-like creature getting uncontrollably caught up on the pier in very choppy lake conditions.

The Grass Lake Horror (Supernatural Magazine): A recounting of the events in Grass Lake, Illinois. It started with glowing orange balls of light and then the events took a weird turn. There were large scratches and three-toed footprints on private property. Poltergeist-like phenomenon began to occur in both homes and vehicles. The Grass Lake events are not often mentioned in tales of high strangeness making this a great primer on the topic.

‘Pterosaur’ Reported in Wheaton, Illinois (Singular Fortean): Another large winged creature has been reported in the NE Illinois region. This region has had several reports of winged creatures over the last three years. This time, it was possibly a Pterosaur.

Demonology Articles

Everyday Encounters with Supernatural Forces in Early Modern Britain (The British Academy): A review of how 16th and 17th century Britons viewed how demons and the devil may influence the body.

The exorcism of Anneliese Michel is one of the most documented exorcisms as she died as a result of the care from her Catholic exorcists

‘Her eyes were completely black’: Va. Family Fends Off Naked Woman Who Claimed to be the Devil (Wavy): In an odd news story, a woman broke into a family home and claimed to be the devil. Her eyes were completely black and she almost superhuman endurance.

Haunting Articles

The Shadow People – Aliens? Ghosts? Or Entities from Another Dimension? (UFO Insight): A good write-up on the shadow person phenomenon. This article explores the potential originations of shadow persons. The article also contains several videos to fill in your knowledge base.

Who Ya Gonna Call? The Problem with British Ghosthunting (Jerome 23): In this brilliant article, the author surmises the current state of ghost hunting from both a technical and social point of view. The article examines the draw of ghost hunting and what that entails today versus what ghost hunting was from a historical perspective.

The Stone Tape Theory for hauntings is examined in this video

Haunt Your House with Infrasound (Engineer Jobs): This article covers infrasound, sound waves that exist below the threshold of human hearing. When infrasound is generated, it can cause hallucinations that are reported in hauntings due to resonance within the human body.

Why are Ghost Narratives so Popular? VAPUS (Sharon A. Hill): The author explains the conclusions of her two-part paper published in the Australian Journal of Parapsychology. The author and her co-authors examine the impact ghosts have on society via a broad spectrum. They have also created an acronym that sums up the qualities that ghosts have as a social phenomenon: VAPUS.

Fed Up with Mortal Men, Women are Having Sex with Ghosts (Vice): Two first person accounts about sexual intercourse with spirits are featured in this article. The writer then interviews a TV ghost hunter and a parapsychologist to understand a bit more about spectrophilia.

ITC Articles

A video presentation from Dr. Callum Cooper discussing various ITC methodologies for the dead to communicate with the living.

Magick Articles

Who Really Gives a Crap about the LBRP, Anyway? (Patheos): The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram has been used in to purify self, space and intent for well over a century. This article traces the history of the LBRP and helps to inform the reader why the LBRP is practiced to this day.

That which proceeds from a man’s soul shall shape his soul; that which proceeds from his speech shall shape his speech, and deeds that proceed from his body shall shape his body.

– Yukio Mishima

The Psychonaut Field Manual by Arch-Traitor Bluefluke (Paranormal Study): A cartoon primer on all things magick. The Psychonaut Field Manual covers most forms of magick and magickal thinking while outlining a path of magickal study.

Less Bitching & More Witching (Patheos): A witch reminds others who practice the craft that they always have the free will and the tools to change their outer reality.

Gates Says Steve Jobs Cast ‘Spells’ to Keep Apple from Dying (Bloomberg): In an on-air interview, Bill Gates states that Steve Jobs would mesmerize people by casting spells to ensure that the Apple brand would succeed.

Other Articles

Doctors Find Differences in Brains of U.S. Diplomats who Alleged Mystery Attacks in Cuba (NBC News): A rare example of where conspiracy theory turns into conspiracy fact. Twenty-six American diplomats in Havana were subjected to acute localizations of unknown pressure, vibration or ear-piercing sound that caused vision aberrations. Measurements of the white matter in the brain of these diplomats show that there is a marked difference between their white matter versus the amount of white matter in the control group.

Henry Ford Owned Thomas Edison’s Last Breath (Ford Authority): In an interesting piece of history, Thomas Edison, upon his death bed, was surrounded by his family. His son used some test tubes nearby to capture Edison’s last breath. One of these tubes was gifted to his longtime friend, Henry Ford.

Scientists Attempting to Open Portal to a Parallel Universe (The Independent): Oak Ridge National Laboratory has built specialized equipment in the hopes of detecting a mirror world. Based upon prior research where neutron to proton decay times did not match, physicists have developed a test where if particles are detected, then it may open new studies to help understand why certain phenomena are observed under lab conditions.

Scientists Just Teleported an Object into Space for the First Time (Time): Chinese researchers were able to teleport photons via quantum entanglement to an orbiting satellite 300 miles above the earth. The team sent millions of photons towards the satellite and some 900 photons arrived via teleportation.

PSI Articles

A wonderful interview with Dr. Dean Radin

“When will we really appreciate and more fully access psychic abilities to actually enhance scientific research including for things like health and social care?”

– Ingo Swann, “To Kiss Earth Goodbye”

The Main Intuitive Senses (Living Life in Full Spectrum): A brief analysis of the four main senses that are considered ‘intuitive.’ These senses are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. If you are not familiar with the definitions of these words, then this is a great primer for you to read.

Telepathy with both the living and the deceased is the topic of this video

When Researchers Listen to People who Hear Voices (Yale Medicine): The research of two doctors is profiled in this piece. They are working with clairaudient mediums, who can summon and control voices in their head, in order to better understand schizophrenia, a condition where the voices cannot be controlled.

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Experiments in Energy Healing (Rhine Institute): An older article detailing some experiments with energy healing under controlled laboratory environments. They are tracking photons of light emitted during healing sessions and the results for a few healers are extraordinary.

Why Parapsychological Claims Cannot be True (Skeptical Inquirer): In this article, the authors take on the article published by the American Psychology Association’s journal, American Psychologist, entitled The Experimental Evidence for Parapsychological Phenomenon by Etzel Cardeña. We looked at this same paper in an article entitled Psychologists Re-Examine Parapsychology as a Discipline a year ago. The authors of the Skeptical Inquirer paper have come to the assertion that the paper is flawed in its entirety because “…parapsychology’s claims cannot be true. The entire field is bankrupt—and has been from the beginning. Each and every claim made by psi researchers violates fundamental principles of science and, hence, can have no ontological status.” Therefore because something is not currently accepted by mainstream research, it must be untrue.

Spirituality Articles

The Story of the Ghost Club, the World’s Oldest Paranormal Organization (Mysterious Universe): Ghost Club is a London organization that began a couple decades before the well-known Society for Psychical Research (SPR). Unlike the SPR, Ghost Club has not run continuously as it has shut down for years and restarted on a few occasions. If you aren’t aware of Ghost Club or its history, then this article is a great starting point.

That there are on record many circumstantial and minute accounts of haunted houses is well known to most people. But, all such narratives must be received with the greatest circumspection, and sifted with the utmost care; nothing in them must be taken for granted, and every detail proved by direct and clear evidence, before it can be received.

– Ghost Club member Charles Dickens

A Few Brief Words and Illustrations Brought to You from the Dead (Weird Historian): A profile of a couple nineteenth century psychographers who demonstrated their talents publicly. Psychography is more commonly known as automatic writing; a form of communication where the spirit realm controls the medium’s hand and writes out messages or draws images.

Ruling out Telepathy: “Mudder” for Mother (White Crow Books): A look into a case from the ASPR that was published in 1925. This case examines the possibility of telepathy being responsible for a medium’s results during both Ouija board sessions and automatic writing sessions.

UFO Articles

Speaker Says Crash Site Material Unknown Alloy (Roswell Daily Record): Researcher Frank Kimbler has had fragments of materials he recovered at the Roswell crash site analyzed by a laboratory. His fragments do not match the registry of any alloy created on earth.

To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences Makes Groundbreaking Metamaterials Acquisition (TTSA): The TTSA has published a press release stating that they have acquired several potential metamaterial samples for laboratory examination. These samples were reportedly garnered from a spacecraft of alien origin and it is therefore suspected by TTSA that some of these metamaterials were not constructed on earth. There is no published estimate on when the laboratory results will be revealed.

A metamaterial example revealed by To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences

“AATIP is No Longer Run by a Single Office” – Elizondo (Silva Record): In his continuing coverage of the modern UFO disclosure era, Danny Silva point to a few salient points uttered by the powers that be in TTSA. Specifically, this article reifies the point that AATIP never ended. There are several programs now looking into UAPs according to Lue Elizondo; that means that the government is still researching the UAP phenomenon via unknown government programs.

U.S. Fighter Jets are about to get Infrared Sensors that could be Huge for UFO Reporting (The Drive): The Tic-Tac UFOs that have been seen on radar and recorded by pilots in both the USS Nimitz and the USS Roosevelt carrier strike groups might soon be visible in jet fighters. The same upgraded radar sensor capabilities will soon be installed in both the Navy’s Super Hornet fighter jets and the Air Force’s F-15C jets.

Congressman has Written an Official Letter to the Navy Demanding Answers on UFOs (The Drive): Congressman Mark Walker, a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security and the ranking Republican on its Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism, wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, after being briefed about UAPs behind closed doors. Congressman Walker made this letter available three days after this letter was delivered to Spencer. Congressman Walker is legitimately worried about the technology behind these encounters and the security risk they may pose to both military and civilian populations.

Air Force Order on ‘Saucers’ Cited (New York Times): As a parallel piece to the Congressman Walker news above, this historical article published almost sixty years ago on February 28, 1960 revealed that Air Force regulations published by the Inspector General on December 24, 1959 state that “investigation and analysis of UFO’s (sic) are directly related to the Air Force’s responsibility for the defense of the United States.” The existence of this document was confirmed by NICAP. What is most interesting in this small article is that Vice Admiral R.H. Hillenkoeter (Ret.), a NICAP member and former CIA director, said that a copy of the Inspector General’s memo had been sent to the Senate Science and Astronautics Committee because “It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings.”

Interview with Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp (Paranormal Study): Paranormal Study founder, Tim Woolworth, recorded and transcribed a panel discussion with Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp. Lazar’s public appearances are exceptionally rare, and this panel discussion provides some great insights into his work, history and life.

Hunted by Aliens: The Higdon Ordeal (Mysterious Universe): A full accounting of the case of Carl Higdon who was abducted in Wyoming on a hunting trip. This interesting case describes aliens unlike others and had physical evidence left behind.

5th AAWSAP D.I.R.D. Released by George Knapp; Covers Detection of Hypersonic Vehicles (Silva Record): Investigative reporter George Knapp has been instrumental in getting government documents released in relation to AATIP and AAWSAP UFO military programs. Danny Silva has put this 5th release of a Defense Intelligence Reference Document (D.I.R.D.) is relation to the other documents released thus far.

This Interstellar Visitor was not an Alien Spacecraft, Researchers Say (CNN): You may remember the glut of news on Oumuamua, a space object that was hypothesized by the Harvard Chair of Astronomy, Dr. Loeb, to be an alien light sail because it accelerated while in our solar system. A recent paper published on the existing data infers that Oumuamua could be a result of natural phenomena.

The Death of Ufology (The Unidentified): The author balances the field of Ufology against more rigorous medical fields as a comparison. He paints a bleak picture of how Ufologists are constantly stating things as fact without proper evidence, but is ultimately optimistic about the future of Ufology due to its current lean towards scientific progress.

Winged Anomaly ‘Bird’ Captured by Curiosity on Mars (UFO Sightings Hotspot): An apparent flying anomaly was spotted via analysis of the shots taken by Curiosity on the surface of Mars. The subsequent images shot before and after this anomaly do not contain the object which rules out dust on the lens.

Why the Majestic 12 “1st Annual Report” is a Hoax (Mysterious Universe): Nick Redfern tackles the famous MJ-12 “1st Annual Report” and unravels certain pieces of information contained in the report that point to it not only being a hoax, but they may also have been generated by Russia.

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