The Kecksburg Crash

Kecksburg Acorn UFO

Anyone who has ever had an interest in ufology would agree the alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell touched off the modern UFO era. In the following years, there have been countless sightings of strange lights, alien abductions and a conspiracy theory to hide the truth of extraterrestrial visitation from the general public. 

Although Roswell might be the most famous crash, eighteen years later in the woods of rural Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, something else came down. Some believe it was a craft from a distant world. While others believe a legendary conspiracy theory became conspiracy fact, instilling terror in all involved…and this same event may have led to a murder.

December 9, 1965 was like any other day in the United States. The country was still recovering from the shock of the assassination of John F Kennedy and our military was on a mission to stop the spread of communism in Southeast Asia. The country had enough going on without the worry of little green men buzzing through our skies. However, all that changed when something crash landed in rural Pennsylvania.

A few hours after the setting of the sun, a huge brightly lit ball of light seemed to just drop out of the sky into a heavily wooded area. Prior to the event, several people from across six states and Ontario, Canada reported an object flying erratically in the sky and appeared to be damaged. Residents of Ohio and Michigan reported that whatever this object was appeared to be dripping what looked like molten lava from its hull. Others reported loud sonic booms that shook both their houses and their nerves. Keep in mind, the United States was neck deep in the cold war with our sworn enemy, the former Soviet Union. At the time, nuclear conflict was an ever-present threat. So, you could imagine that such sights and sounds put people on edge.

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When the object crashed, the local police departments were instantly flooded with phone calls. Residents feared that a plane had crashed and lives were on the line; others believed the time had come and the Russians were making their move. Within moments fire and police responded and found themselves looking at anything but a downed plane or nuclear bomb. Whatever it was could only be described as otherworldly.

Sticking out of the ground in a clearing was an acorn shaped object, completely unlike anything they had ever seen. Upon closer inspection, authorities could not find any seams that might indicate a point of entry. The only visible feature was a band around the midsection with writing that vaguely looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs. Everyone present agreed, whatever this thing was, was certainly not from this world.

As first responders worked keeping civilians away, John Murphy, a reporter from WHJB arrived on the scene. Believing something extraordinary was transpiring, Murphy quickly went about photographing the scene and interviewing the eyewitnesses. Murphy was gathering as much information he could.  But all that came to an end when military vehicles rolled on to the scene and heavily armed soldiers marched in.

Murphy was swiftly hustled off to a man who appeared to be a commanding officer. The soldier demanded that Murphy give up his film and was sternly warned to keep his mouth shut. Now, most people might be intimidated by such bluster, but not veteran newsman John Murphy. He had big plans to produce a documentary and reveal to the world something beyond comprehension happened in Kecksburg. All of his plans came to nought when he received a late-night visit from two shadowy, black suited strangers.

While sitting in his home office, preparing his notes, Murphy was disturbed by a sharp, loud knock at his front door. When he opened the door, two men in black suits and dark glasses were shrouded in the shadows of his doorstep. They claimed to be from the government and asked that Murphy turn over all of his notes pertaining to Kecksburg over to them and if he didn’t he would be charged with treason. Typically, Murphy would say no and tell them to go away. But, these two men seemed to give off a sinister feeling and he could tell they meant business. John Murphy gave into their demands and the frightening men vanished into the night.

Several nights later, John Murphy aired his radio documentary, sadly it was heavily censored and lacked anything of substance. Murphy’s involvement in Kecksburg came to an end when he was killed in a hit and run accident while vacationing in California. The offenders were never apprehended but all eyewitnesses stated the car was a long black sedan with no plates. Apparently the Men in Black got their man.

With all this mystery and apparent murder surrounding the Kecksburg incident, we’re still left with what the cause was. Skeptics believe the bizarre object was nothing more than an oddly shaped meteor. While others believed it was a Russian deep space probe. Nevertheless, there is a third theory, a theory involving the evillest regime to ever attempt world domination.

With all of his atrocities being laid bare in history, not many people know that Adolf Hitler was obsessed with the occult and aliens. Hitler and his Third Reich sought to harness a dangerous mystical energy called Vril. The despot believed if he could find this powerful energy, he could defeat the allied powers and delve the world into a nightmare we would never wake up from.

Thankfully, Hitler was defeated and his plans for world domination never came to fruition. However, some believe he was successful in harnessing this Vril and invented a time machine in a secret program called Die Glocke. When the Third Reich fell, Nazi scientist claimed Die Glocke, the bell, got away from them and vanished. Conspiracy theorists believe the object that crashed in Kecksburg was this legendary experiment that had gone wrong. According to them our government knew it and had to do whatever it took to keep this time machine out of the hands of the Soviets. Whatever the object was has vanished forever.

I have never made it any great mystery that I don’t like conspiracy theories. Most of the time they are too large in scope and have way too many people involved and people like to talk. With that being said, I do believe that something crash landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965. Whatever that something was, we may never know.

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