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Paranormal Study would like to take a second to acknowledge Dr. Stanton Friedman. He passed away due to a heart attack at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on the journey home after presenting a talk in Columbus, Ohio. He was 84 years old. Dr. Friedman was a highly regarded nuclear physicist and his interest turned to the UFO phenomenon in 1958. Over the course of his UFO career, he delivered over one thousand lectures at universities, conferences and scientific groups. He published several books on the topic of ufology and 90 papers. Friedman was also the first civilian ufologist to investigate Roswell and it is in part due to his work on the topic that Roswell as become a household word. He provided written testimony to the US Congress and spoke twice at the UN on UFO topics. He dedicated his life to the topic of Ufology and has rightly been named “The Father of Ufology.” May you freely explore the universe now, Dr.

“The evidence is overwhelming that the Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles from off the Earth.”

– Dr. Stanton T. Friedman

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May 2019 may go down as a watershed moment in ufology. For the second month in a row, we have added a separate section for all the military UFO news that has been covered in the last week (featured below). In addition to UFO news, a small sampling of what articles we included this month contained information on vampires, crystal skulls, bigfoot, reiki, Ouija, spectral voices, sin eaters, psi, and even ghost planes. In our biggest monthly reference article collection to data, there are almost eighty articles and videos listed this month. You can see previous monthly updates by clicking here.

Apparition Articles

Dozens More Sightings of Silent Ghost Plane over Derbyshire (Derby Telegraph): There were dozens of eyewitness reports of grey or green WWII-type planes flying really low, just over rooftop height. They flew silently, despite being propeller-type planes, and disappeared. The RAF later claimed that they were flying the planes, but the height, the silent nature and the fact that they disappeared could not be accounted for.

Have Ghosts Been Spotted Walking the Corridors of a Norfolk Theatre? (Eastern Daily Press): Rather compelling video of a possible shadow person was caught by a ghost hunting team in the UK.

Afterlife Articles

Are They Really ‘Signs’ from the Other Side? (White Crow Books): Author Michael Tymn investigates the intriguing world of synchronicity and how agents on the other side may be influencing the course of stimuli and actions in our daily life.

For Those in Grief, Talking to a Dead Loved One Is Good for Mental Health (Teen Vogue): The topic of how to deal with the grieving process is covered in this article. Specifically, the article addresses various ways to address the dead directly when grieving.

A fantastic documentary on the Scole Experiments

Sensing the Dead is Perfectly Normal – and often Helpful (The Conversation): This article delves into After Death Contacts of loved ones. A surprising number of people receive communications from loved ones who have died and there are psychological benefits to such contacts.

“Grieving is like breathing, but we act like we have to hold our breath. It’s a natural process and if you pretend like you don’t have to do it or that it doesn’t exist, you’ll end up choking or passing out.”

– Dr. Shatavia Alexander Thomas

Working While Mourning: How to Grieve When You’re on the Job (NBC News): We will all experience the loss of loved ones. This article has coping mechanisms that help those who must work through bereavement.

Friedrich Jürgenson – EVP Pioneer and The Jürgenson Frequency (Living Life in Full Spectrum): A brief review of the work accomplished by EVP pioneer Freidrich Jürgenson.

Rachel F NDE 8805 (Near Death Experience Research Foundation): This is the first-hand account of Rachel F. as she transitioned to the other side during a near death experience including what she saw, how she felt, and how she wound up back in her physical body.

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Consciousness Articles

Scientists Project Holograms into the Brain to Create Experiences (Forbes): Research is allowing for groups of neurons to be artificially stimulated in mice via light which produces 3D hallucinatory experiences. While this research is in its earliest stages, it has implications for helping the blind, deaf and amputees experience things they couldn’t normally experience due to physical limitations.

The Universe as Cosmic Dashboard (Scientific American): It has recently been demonstrated that two observers can see the same photon differently, one as a wave and another as a particle. This article builds upon this to support a theorem that we are designed to see the world relatively as a survival apparatus. We have evolved to see the world through a dashboard of sorts, not through the windshield itself.

Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations (Science Alert): Lab work with nematodes has shown that induced genetic memory can be passed down for several generations. This may have a correlation with Rupert Sheldrake’s concept of Morphogenesis.

How our Brain Generates Consciousness; and Loses It (Neuroscience News): The issue of medically induced loss of consciousness is fascinating. Where does consciousness go? Why can’t we remember anything? Recent lab research has tried to answer these questions and has found that the population of neuron cluster activity present during a conscious state and the pathways between them is disrupted.

How Computer-Assisted Telepathy Helps Humans Communicate (NPR): In a fascinating new project, scientists have been able to link human thought through hardware caps. The thoughts of one person can be received by another. This article also explores the potential of future human-machine hybrid hardware that are controlled by thought.

Cryptid Articles

Two Bigfoot Sightings in One Week in Northern Georgia (Mysterious Universe): Over the course of one week and seventy miles between them, two very small, rural towns in Georgia reported seeing a seven to eight foot tall upright hairy being.

A Faerie Taxonomy (Dead But Dreaming): A lengthy, but brilliant analysis of faerie testimonies in literature. The Fae folk are examined through Jungian archetypes, DMT-induced states, and through the work of Fortean authors like Graham Hancock and Jacques Vallee.

Pterodactyl’ Sightings in New York, Pennsylvania & Maryland (Phantoms and Monsters): Four brief accounts of sighting of a very large winged bird in the sixties and seventies.

Supernatural Forest Creatures that Alter their Forms (Mysterious Universe): A few encounters in an around the mysterious Rendelsham Forest, a location made world famous by a multiple-night military UFO encounter, in the UK.

Magick Articles

Yes, Witches Are Real. I Know Because I Am One (Time): A well-known practicing witch addresses the rise of witchcraft in America in context with social movements, what being a witch means and why we need them.

Sex Magic: How to Cast Spells with Your Orgasms (Vice): An article that briefly covers the vast history of sex magick and the schools of magickal thought which have utilized it.

Enter the Jaguar: Psychedelics in Ancient Peru (Daily Grail): Chavín de Huantar in Peru is a three-thousand-year-old complex. This excerpt speaks to how the San Pedro cactus was used as a hallucinogen for ritual purposes.

A Mysterious Cult of Vampires in Zimbabwe (Mysterious Universe): Author Brent Swancer outlines several instances where killing and blood drinking has been witnessed in Africa. In most instances where the perpetrator(s) was caught, they admitted to being part of a cult.

Oklahoma Native Americans Tame Twisters with Ancient Rituals (Reuters): Native Americans have been able to call upon sacred rituals to alter the course of a tornado’s path. One such ritual that involved speaking to the storm drastically changed the course of a devastating tornado.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (Kheper): This link contains an outline for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) which is a foundational magickal ritual to purify a magickal space. The more you practice, the more impurities you will draw to you and your space and the LBRP is a way to banish them.

Parapsychology Articles

The Diversity Of Parasociology (Supernatural Magazine): An introduction to the new field of Parasociology which is “a branch of paranormal research dedicated to examining how paranormal manifestations, activity, or events can affect a family unit, collective, or group,” and also “studies how different cultures on the planet practice spirituality.”

Spirituality Articles

The Psychology of Ouija (Welcome Collection): A brief review of devices used in spirituality leading up to the Ouija board. All devices are put in the context of the ideomotor effect.

Grave of the Last Sin-Eater (Atlas Obscura): A grave in England is profiled in this piece. More interesting is the story of the man who is buried at this grave site, Richard Munslow, for he was the last sin eater.

How a Psychical Research Group Brought Philip the Ghost to ‘Life’ (Live About): The case of Philip is one of the most documented and storied parapsychological experiments in modern times. Over the course of experimentation, a spirit name Philip, created on paper, was brought to life through seances.

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We now have t-shirts, tarot decks, ESP cards, coffee mugs, face masks, and much more merchandise available for purchase. Every dollar spent helps fund Paranormal Study!

Other Paranormal Articles

Old Timey Superstition: Death Comes in Threes (Appalachian Magazine): There is an old superstition that death always comes in threes. In this brief article, the author recounts his family’s beliefs on this topic and provides a little historical context to this superstition.

These Infamous Crystal Skulls aren’t from Aztecs or Aliens, but just Victorian Hoax Artists (All That’s Interesting): The mythos surrounding the thirteen crystal skulls is quite storied. Proponents say that the skulls are ancient artifacts containing universal knowledge. The truth is much more modern and terrestrial.

An Appalachian State University physicist captured the famed Brown Mountain Lights on camera. These images were captured every thirty seconds and the lights appears at approximately 00:52 to 01:02 in the clip.

Hawaii Hiker says she Followed a ‘Voice’ Down an Unfamiliar Trail (KEYT): A hiker went on a short hike when a guiding voice led her down a trail. She wound up getting lost in the forest for seventeen days.

NASA Makes Their Entire Media Library Publicly Accessible and Copyright Free (Photography): The entire library of space photos owned by NASA are now available through search.

UFO Articles

Oxford Academic Argues Invisible Aliens are Interbreeding with Humans (Oxford Student): An Oxford professor believes that there are four type of alien species and that they are interbreeding with humans in order to help save the planet.

Thinking Outside the Box: ‘Crop Cube’ that Looks Like a 250ft 3D Block Appears in Field of Wheat (Daily Mail): An older feature that profiles a very intricate crop circle from 2012.

How Dead Aliens Could Help Save Humanity (Space) – A profile piece of the Breakthrough Starshot Project which could feasibly be launched in thirty years with the hopes of obtaining interstellar travel at 20% of the speed of light and thereby reach other sentient lifeforms in our galaxy.

Friend, Foe or Unknown Force Flying Overhead? Congress Should Find Out (The Hill): In this opinion piece, former Defense Department mainstay Christopher Mellon speaks to the military issues surrounding UAP. He opines that this issue needs to be studied because if we do not know the origin of UAP, there is a chance that they represent an advanced technology that may belong to an adversary.

Life Beyond Earth? Scientific Community Making Search for UFOs Mainstream (WLNY): A news broadcast out of New York State that speaks to the search for extra-terrestrial life. This piece also touches upon the fact that major universities are also dedicating resources to the search for ETs.

UFO’s, Close Encounters, and the Cry for Meaning (Psychology Today): An evaluation of the significance of UFO sightings and belief from a psychoanalytical perspective.

Here’s Why the Pentagon is so Interested in UFO Sightings (Business Insider): This article speaks to the advancement of radar technologies and how the Pentagon ultimately wants to remove the U from UFO.

The X-Files Revealed: The Paranormal Roots of the Pentagon’s UFO Program (Den of Geek): The backstory of how research into paranormal phenomena led to the formation of AATIP.

Full release of Dave Beatty’s documentary on the Nimitz Encounters containing never seen interviews with service members who were part of the USS Nimitz carrier fleet.

UFO Articles Special Section – Pentagon News

Two major newspapers in New York City broke some real news on the topic of UFOs this month.

First, on May 22, the New York Post broke the news that a Pentagon spokesperson, Christopher Sherwood, admitted that there was government research into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This is the first time that it has been acknowledged that AATIP was pursuing UAP research.

Second, on May 26, much like was done on December 16, 2017, The New York Times broke major UFO news in the last week of May by getting six pilots to go on record to speak about another spate of UFO encounters at sea during 2014 and 2015 (first article featured). It was at the point where they were being seen every single day. In context with the breaking news last month where the Navy was changing reporting procedures for UFOs, there has been a monumental shift in UFO culture in the span of a single month.

Finally, May 31 also marked the first episode of Unidentified on The History Channel, a show produced by To The Stars Academy founder Tom DeLonge and features military members, former DOD officials, and even a former Senate Majority Leader going on the record about UFOs.

“The department will continue to investigate, through normal procedures, reports of unidentified aircraft encountered by US military aviators in order to ensure defense of the homeland and protection against strategic surprise by our nation’s adversaries.”

Christopher Sherwood, Pentagon Spokesman

‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects (New York Times): In a groundbreaking article by the same authors of the December 2017 expose, Navy pilots go on the record about the UFO encounters as part of the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier group based off the east coast of the US from the summer of 2014 through March 2015. The F/A-18 Super Hornets had been outfitted with new radar equipment and began seeing the UFOs immediately, on an almost daily basis. This included UFOs accelerating to hypersonic speeds (5,000 MPH and above) immediately and then stopping which would kill a human.

The Pentagon Finally Admits it Investigates UFOs (NY Post): After skirting around this topic for the last year and a half since the news about AATIP broke, a Pentagon spokesperson went on the record by stating that the Pentagon has pursued UAP research. This is the first time since the close of Project Blue Book in 1970 that a government official stated that the United States was actively researching the UAP phenomenon.

UFOs Exist and Everyone Needs to Adjust to that Fact (Washington Post): Daniel Drezner makes the salient point that military officials are on the record stating they have had several encounters with UFO’s. This point alone is enough for us to embrace the paradigm shift that UFO’s exist, but we need to still be cognizant that the term UFO is not synonymous with alien life.

Multiple F/A-18 Pilots Disclose Recent UFOs Encounters, New Radar Tech Key in Detection (The Drive): Tyler Rogoway features the radar capabilities of the F/A-18 Super Hornet and how the new technology may have aided in detecting UFOs.

Carrier Group in Recent UFO Encounters had New Air Defense Tech Like Nimitz in 2004 Incident (The Drive): Military aviation journalist Tyler Rogoway drills down on the radar capabilities of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and how it compared with the Nimitz carrier group sightings a decade earlier.

This Isn’t How It’s Supposed to Be (De Void): This blog post reminds the reader that the way information is coming out from government sources right now is faster and contains more information than ever before and this is surprising to ufologists.

Why We Need to Adjust to the Existence of UFOs (MSBNC): Author or the Washington Post, Daniel Drezner, is featured on MSNBC to speak about the recent pentagon UFO news. He speaks of drones and the stigma involved with UFO reporting. Most importantly, Drezner stresses that we just don’t know what we’re dealing with at this point.

Yet Another Sign of the Apocalypse: Navy Pilots Reported UFO Sightings on Almost ‘Daily Basis’ (Rolling Stone): A brief overview of the New York Times piece and how this points to a societal shift.

UFO Encounter Interview Clips with Navy Pilots from History’s Unidentified (Alejandro Rojas): UFO journalist Alejandro Rojas has placed the military interviews from the first episode of The History Channel’s Unidentified online for reference.

Military Personnel Warn of UFO Sightings (ABC News): Featuring the three declassified UFO videos, ABC’s Good Morning America interviews Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and then features a longer interview with Chris Mellon.

Former US Defense Official: We Know UFOs are Real – Here’s Why that’s Concerning (FOX News): Chris Mellon is interviewed specifically about the pilot encounters featured by the New York Times.

‘Fleet of UFOs’ Followed US Aircraft, Navy Pilot Says (Live Science): A brief coverage of the USS Theodore Roosevelt sightings off the coast of Virginia as was covered by the New York Times article.

UFOs in Virginia Beach? Navy Pilots Report Sightings Near Oceana (Pilot Online): A Virginia new source covers the USS Theodore Roosevelt news that came forth in the New York Times article.

The NY Post has started The Basement Office, a video exploration of the UFO topic with all the recent news in mind. The first episode features the former UK Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope.

The Navy says UFOs are Real. UFO Hunters are Thrilled (Vice): This article profiles names in the current generation of ufology who have been a part of the UFO subculture for years and gets their reactions to ufology coming into the limelight due to the recent military news.

Tom DeLonge: America has been Investigating UFOs for Years. Time for the Rest of Us to Catch Up (Newsweek): Founder of TTSA, Tom DeLonge, talks about his journey from being a rock star to being at the cutting edge of UFO research and banding with government officials to get the best information out to the public.

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