Demons: The Invisible Bullies

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A Brief Observation on “Demons” and Paranormal Pursuits

Colleagues in the paranormal field talk of being personally singled out and attacked by “demons” and it has been a topic of major discussion in paranormal circles over the last few years.

Surprise! This happens. If you interview ten paranormal investigators, it is almost certain that the majority of them have felt that they were being attacked at some point. You might even get the big D word mentioned: demons.

Are they demons? Hell no.

Was that pun intended? Hell yes.

Because this is an area of great concern for many people: paranormal investigators, religious persons, and ghost boxers alike; I felt now would be a great time to write about “demons” and the paranormal. This is my opinion based upon a lifetime of paranormal study and several years of active paranormal practice.

Please note this caveat: you can be attacked if you leave yourself open to it. It happened to me years ago on an investigation and I wrote about it in my protection article in early 2011. Anyone who practices in this field needs to know that there is more than we can see with the eye. Attacks happen, albeit rarely.

So what does a “demonic attack” consist of?

Most people think an invisible demon rends you with their claws and makes you sick to your stomach with horrible smells. They haunt your dreams. Phantom writing will appear on your bathroom mirror when you take a shower. They make your life a living hell. Blood will drip from the walls and you may be thrown across the room. Split pea soup may be involved.

Worse yet – they are everywhere and if you use a ghost box you will become a demon’s play toy. Same goes with Ouija Boards.

BEWARE (of sarcasm)!

In my experience, these clichés couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll explain why later in the article, but first we must figure out:

Why do people think this?

You can thank Hollywood. Movies and ghost hunting television shows will have you believe that demons are around every corner in a haunted location. People write books proclaiming demons were in a house because of an EVP with a swear word in it or they heard an entity knocking on the wall at night. Everyone in this field has a horror story – usually nothing more than embellishment – and most will invariably try to sell their story for money and popularity.

Nothing pisses me off more as an investigator and ardent researcher of the paranormal.

To be blunt, there is absolutely no proof of demons gained by any paranormal investigator to this point in time. What has been collected may be evidence of paranormal activity, some of which can be considered a nuisance, and on exceptionally rare occasions, malevolent. Modern paranormal investigators would have you believe that there is a demon every other house they investigate – especially if they are on a TV show or are trying to sell themselves as victims in order to get on a TV show.

This is the selling of fear. It’s what the public wants and because the public wants it, the selling of fear makes money. People want to be scared. That is how the ghost of a grandparent who wants to get a client’s attention turns into an infestation at the whim of Beelzebub himself.

To make matters worse, every paranormal group seems to have someone who is a self-proclaimed demonologist who is trained for such situations. In case you were wondering, you too can learn to be a demonologist online, certification and all, for a low low price and a few hours of your time. Then you can assure your clients that you can remove every persistent demon from their property (often for a price).

What people don’t realize is that the majority of demons are simply tricksters for lack of a better term.

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Trickster Spirits

The Trickster spirit has been a part of every cultural mythos for recorded history. While a Trickster spirit is not a single metaphorical entity or god, the Trickster spirit is more like human nature made manifest.

Paranormal investigation becomes something entirely different when you are working with live, real time, two-way communication with the other side. As often written on this site and in my articles, we do not know with whom, or what we are communicating. Undeniably the majority of our communications are with former humans who were living flesh at one time. We do know that we are communicating with a conscious intent and that is the most important thing.

With consciousness comes intent. When you are communicating, you do not know the alignment of the consciousness you are communicating with. Average citizens are on the other side, as are priests, murderers, pedophiles and psychopaths. You never know who you are communicating with. Some of the ITC Voices are harmonic and vibrating at a much higher rate. Some are Techs. Some are, to be blunt once again, assholes. As in life, so too in death.

It is these asshole spirits that like to play at being demons. We often liken these spirits to being of low-vibration. They are in a place of confusion and darkness. Some have bypassed the light, others have absolutely no interest in the light. They revel in their dark character.

These are your demons. They like to swear, make threats and play at being demons or other evil entities. I get these voices all the time – we all do. Those who are closest to us on the other side of the veil are these low-vibration spirits. They haven’t moved on and they are closest in form to how they were in the physical world. For most spirit communicators, these are the voices that are picked up when you turn a ghost box on or start an EVP session. Until you have a trusted spirit group you work with, expect these types of contacts frequently.

This is why you search ghost box videos on YouTube and invariably you will turn up the word “demon” in the title. It is pure ignorance to think these things are demons.

Think about it. The spirit world is around you at all times. Unless you are exceptionally gifted, you cannot see it and you cannot hear it. But it is there, always. Yet the pervasive myth is that if you talk to this spirit world, you will unleash the hounds of hell and you will invariably get attacked. Yet untold millions have tried to communicate with the spirit realm via Ouija Boards, EVP, ghost boxes, ghost hunting, cemetery walks, trying to reach out to a dead relative…or even at church when you pray to dead saints. Yet there are those that teach that once you open up this line of communication, all of a sudden you are “marked” and hell awaits.

If you are communicating primarily with low-vibration entities, what else would you expect to come through boxes? The ghosts of puppy dogs and unicorns? No. You get what your spirit group allows for. I have spent years working with specific spirits and I attract mainly good communications as a result. For years I would not tolerate swearing through a ghost box; I would threaten to turn the box off if it continued. That closes the door, communication kaput! No spirit wants that. They want to interact with the physical world, especially those who are earthbound and of good intent.

And there are those that want to mess with your head.

It has been demonstrated time and again that thoughts can be read by the other side. Questions answered before they are asked. It has also been shown that they observe you at all times as they often comment on something you did earlier in the day, week or month.

So it only goes to show that if you dwell upon the negative or demons, you will get that type of communication. The communication originates from some low-level entity that just wants to mess with your head. Demon. Satan. Lucifer – these are all Christian trigger words. These words get an emotional rise out of people and they scare. As a ghost hunter, one has to realize that these things are simply meant to scare because like humans, everyone likes a fright. Some people like to dish out fright, invisible bullies.

No one has ever been possessed from using a ghost box or EVP. No one has ever had to endure physical attacks resulting in harm during a session.

But there are psychical attacks; and no, they are not demonic.

Psychical Attacks

A psychical attack is rather unpleasant. When you are attacked you can feel pain in your chest, sudden migraine, an upset stomach, narrowing of vision, disorientation or a feeling of not being yourself.

Most everyone who is an active investigator with experience will encounter this at a location from time to time. On rare occasions, as I wrote in my protection article, a brief attachment can happen. I’ve had it happen and it sucks, but ultimately, we are all boring humans doing boring human things and an attachment will leave in short order.

But a psychical attack isn’t always an evil entity. As mentioned earlier, if demons and negativity are in your thought circle, you may perceive a psychical attack as an evil thing.

There is another way to look at these attacks. If you are at a purportedly haunted location and investigators come and go all the time, you are dealing with entities that are familiar with the antics of ghost hunters.

Many spirits seek help from us, others are looking to communicate. Sometimes a psychical attack is simply an entity trying to communicate at a location. You can’t always hear their words, so they try to impress upon you emotion. Those who can read this emotion are called empaths. I believe that many of the psychical attacks we endure are simply the result of a benign spirit trying to communicate with us.

Yes, protection does helps a bit. Grounding yourself in light strengthens your resilience against such attacks. If you find you’re having these attacks frequently, learn from someone how to refine your perceptions so you can become more attuned to the intent of the communication. Use your senses, not your equipment. Learn to protect yourself.

Finally, no – there aren’t demons on every hunt and don’t let anyone try to tell you there are. People are not getting possessed on every investigation as certain television ghost hunters would have you believe. And those voices you may get through an EVP or a ghost box recording? They aren’t demons either.

No one has ever captured a demons voice, or a demon on film. Outside of the Bible, we have no solid evidence that demons even exist outside of a few bad cases of attachment where a malevolent entity has been able to take over a body. This does exist, and it is exceptionally rare.

When you think about it, can you name a single case of demonic possession that can be proven to be demonic and not just an attachment? And why do only those who are religious get possessed (never an atheist)…food for thought.

Psychical attacks suck and the first time you really experience one you may think only a demon could make you feel so vile. But think outside the lines a bit and realize that not all communication is audio or video, some is emotional and that is the source of psychical attacks.

Studying these things is very important in your journey to explore the unknown and hopefully it will get you interested in researching attachments.

If you found the content in this article to be of any value to your paranormal studies, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends as well because if you found it interesting, they might too.

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