Haunted Stays III: Galvez Hotel and Spa in Galveston, Texas

Historical Galvez Hotel

At the turn of the previous century, a devastating hurricane made landfall on Galveston Island off the coast of Texas. When the storm ended its cruel pounding of the island, the resort community was destroyed. Over six thousand people were swept out to sea never to be seen again. Nevertheless Texans, who are known for their tenacity, went about rebuilding their island. 

By 1911, the island was fully restored, and the luxurious Galvez Hotel was built over the foundations of the previous resort. And if the stories of the Galvez are to be believed, the hotel may have inherited the restless souls of the hurricane’s victims who perished there well over a century ago.

Immediately after opening its doors, The Galvez came to be known as, “The playground of the south.” Among its impressive clientele were former presidents, Roosevelt and Eisenhower. Hollywood superstars like Jimmy Stewart and the chairman of the board, Frank Sinatra also frequented the hotel. The Galvez may have been a favorite of the rich and famous to visit, but it was the ghosts who stayed year-round.

If you’re looking for the supernatural at this grand hotel, the fifth floor is the place to find it. A phantom the staff calls, “the lovelorn lady” forever walks the halls of the fifth floor. The visibly distraught apparition has been seen covering her face with her hands and sobbing inconsolably. The guests who have spotted the lovelorn lady have inquired who she was and what could have caused her heartbreak. The employees of the hotel believe they can answer these questions.

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According to staff, many years ago a young woman arrived and checked into room 500. She was there to have a romantic rendezvous with the love of her life, a sailor who had been away at sea for months. Their plan was to marry and begin their lives together. Sadly, their plan would never happen as tragedy would tear them apart for all time.

A day after checking in, the young woman received news that tore her heart in two. The ship her love was on sank somewhere off the coast of Florida. The majority of the crew was rescued from certain death in shark infested waters. Unfortunately, her fiancé was not among the survivors, he went down with the ship and his body was never recovered. Upon receiving the news, she returned to her room and hung herself with the dress she intended to wear on her special day. Her soul is forever trapped in the Galvez, forced to relive her loss of love and life.

As tragic as the lovelorn lady may be, an even more mysterious and aggressive entity haunts the women’s restroom in the lobby. Whoever this ghost is, it seems to take pleasure in terrorizing women as they use the facilities. The spirit loudly slams stall doors and stomps around loudly in a fit of anger. Many terrorized patrons have fled the bathroom in tears.

These ghosts aren’t the only two believed to haunt The Galvez. Hazy apparitions have been witnessed wandering the halls and appearing in rooms. While others have heard the unmistakable sound of screaming and pleas for help echoing throughout the hotel. It’s believed these spirits are the souls of the people swept away by the hurricane many, many years ago.

The Galvez Hotel and Spa is an elegant hotel well known for its luxury and top-notch service. It also appears to be a magnet for the souls that unexpectedly came upon watery grave. 

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