Paranormal Experience Census

This census is designed to understand the type of first-hand paranormal experiences that are occurring. We are not looking for anecdotes of family, friend or location paranormal experiences at this time.

Please fill out the data for the most impactful paranormal experience that you have had to date. There is a space at the end of the survey if you would like to explain any other paranormal experiences you may have had.

If you have had more than one paranormal experience that was impactful, feel free to fill out this survey a second time to log your secondary experience.

When a substantial amount of data is collected, we will collate the results and publish the data on this website for all to read. By filling out this form, you agree to have your experience published, but if you so choose, your experience can be published anonymously.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this paranormal survey.

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