Stunning Zener ESP 35 Card Deck


Zener ESP Deck:

  • 3″ x 5″ coated cards
  • 35 card deck
  • Example ESP Scoresheet
  • 18 page comprehensive booklet
  • Flip-top cardboard storage box

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Custom Zener Card Deck

Test anyone’s ESP ability with the Paranormal Study Zener Card Deck!

This deck of ESP cards contains the original five suits found in the classic Zener deck: Circle, Cross, Square, Stars, and Waves. These symbols were chosen specific by Dr. Karl Zener, a perceptual psychologist at Duke University, for standardized ESP testing by Dr. JB Rhine at the Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory.

You don’t need to conduct traditional ESP experiments with this deck. It is also a fun deck of cards to use at parties and on family game night.

Traditionally, the Zener deck contained twenty-five cards. All of the experimental protocols designed by Dr. Rhine were for a deck of this size. The cards were also playing card size or smaller.

We changed that. Our Zener deck has hefty tarot-sized cards that are 3.5″x5″ (8.89cm x 12.7cm) with a stain resistant gloss. The Paranormal Study Zener deck contains an extra ten cards…thirty-five symbol cards to a deck! The experiments are still designed for twenty-five cards, but in some testing protocols you are supposed to have one of each suit laid out for the subject to point to – this used to require buying a second deck! We figured we’d throw in an extra card from each suit on top of this just in case one of your cards gets bent or marked up. There is a thirty-sixth card included: a sample score sheet. We also include a full eighteen page booklet that explains some of the basics of ESP and also explains a few testing protocols so you can start experimenting right away.

No other ESP deck available today gives you large cards, ten extra cards, a sample scoresheet, and a comprehensive booklet.

This design is limited edition and is subject to change after the first one hundred decks are sold.

Note: We are using a manufacturer located in the United States for all Zener-related products on our site. The state where these are being produced has been hit very hard with Covid. Because of this, there may be delays of up to three months to receive your deck or screen; we perpetually have these on order but they may not be in stock when you place your order online. If we currently have them in stock, it will show a positive number on remaining inventory available.

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