We are adding a few quality items that you may want to add to your Paranormal Study collection. Check this page from time to time to see updated products!

In order to finance our mission to explore the unknown, we are slowly creating our own products for sale. The items below are all designed and/or crafted by us here at Paranormal Study. All of the items below are unique and are not available anywhere else.

If you support what we do, please support us by making a purchase or two. It helps to pay our writers and to keep this site running.

Tea? Hot Cocoa? Coffee? Drink Up!

These eleven ounce coffee mugs are perfect for sipping you favorite hot beverage while reading articles on Paranormal Study. Our coffee mugs are made from high quality, durable stoneware and are coated in a white ceramic glaze. Our traditional logo is emblazoned on both sides of the mug so whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can be reminded that you love all things paranormal. Click here to purchase.

Black and Crimson Bracelet

Rubber Bracelet

Rubber bracelets are a great way to help support us here at Paranormal Study. They are durable, stretchable black rubber. Recessed into the bracelet are the words “Paranormal Study” and our guiding mission “Explore The Unknown.” These bracelets will last you for a long while. If you have ordered from us before, we have been known to throw a bracelet or two in with your order! You can order your bracelet here.