Why Would You Buy That? Part II: The Woman From Lemb

Woman from Lemb

Up until the late 18th and early 19th centuries, archaeology mostly consisted of unscrupulous individuals breaking into tombs and graves. These opportunists cared nothing about science and preserving ancient history for future generations to enjoy and hopefully learn from. There was nothing academic about what they did, they were in it for personal gain and nothing more. Nevertheless, there was one thing they had not considered when raiding those dusty old tombs that went untouched for centuries, someone, or something might not appreciate their criminal activity. Many of these tomb raiders learned the hard way that curses are very real.

Several uncovered ancient artifacts have been held responsible for some unimaginable and seemingly unlikely things. One of those cursed objects can boast a rather impressive body count. That cursed object is known as the Woman from Lemb, or the goddess of death, as she’s been nicknamed. Oh, and if you’re thinking you may want to add this object to your personal collection of haunted goodies, forget it. The woman from Lemb isn’t for sale and even if she was, you would be a lunatic to buy it.

The Woman from Lemb was unearthed in 1878 near the village of Lemb in Cypress, an island in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. When it was discovered, researchers believed it to be a fertility idol from a previously unknown culture that populated Cypress almost four centuries ago. Fertility idols were common in the region and were believed to help in everything from having good crops to healthy births. But to those who came into contact with the fertility idol, they soon learned the woman from Lemb had a much darker and deadlier nature.

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The first owner of the idol, Lord Elphont, was also the first to discover the horror of the strange object. Within six years of acquiring the idol, Elphont and his entire family dropped dead from either an unexplained illness or tragic accident. The Woman from Lemb had claimed its first victims.

The next two owners, were Ivor Manucci and Lord Thomas-Neal. Like the previous owners, they and their family members all went to prematurely meet their maker. The ancient artifact was beginning to rack up quite the impressive body count.

The next victim, Lord Biverbrook, his wife and two daughters died shortly after the idol came into their possession. However, Biverbrook’s two sons managed to escape the wrath of the goddess of death. When they researched the history of the idol, the two men got wise and donated it to a Scottish museum. 

I wish I could say this stone silent serial killer had claimed its last victim with Lord Biverbrook, but I can’t. Not long after taking possession of the idol, the curator was found dead of an apparent heart attack – at least that was the official disposition of his death. When his colleagues found him, his face was fixed in a rictus of stark terror, his lifeless eyes were fixed on a corner of his room. Had he seen some demonic entity attached to the woman from Lemb? Perhaps some menacing ghost responsible for all the death the idol left in its path appeared before him, literally scaring the unwitting man to death. We of course will never know.

Now, many skeptics would say these deaths were nothing more than a bizarre coincidence. They may very well be right, however, that’s an awful lot of death associated with a simple stone idol. Beyond chance and mere coincidence, some unearthly force may very well be attached to the woman from Lemb making her every bit a goddess of death.

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