Luis Elizondo UFO-UAP Interview

The US Government and UFO’s – A Disclosure of Sorts

Have you ever heard the term “disclosure” used in ufology? It is a term that relates to the United States government releasing information regarding UAP’s (unidentified aerial phenomena; commonly called UFO) and EBE (extraterrestrial biological entities; commonly called aliens). Disclosure is the ultimate goal of ufologists. For the government to disclose information on UAP means that we, as a human species, can ultimately realize that there is something more than just us out there, that everyone on this planet, regardless of country, religion, race – we are all a singular species when viewed from a cosmic perspective. UAP disclosure will force that cosmic perspective upon us.

Believe it or not, a disclosure of sorts has been happening over the last three months.

This new movement towards disclosure is much like the lauded disclosure press conference that took place in May, 2001, at the National Press Club. At this event, several retired government officials, scientists, and military personnel came forward to testify publicly about their knowledge regarding UAP’s and EBE’s in an attempt to force the US government towards transparency on these topics. While this was a great event to see, it never ultimately resulted in any form of disclosure by the US government.

If you have never seen National Press Club event, you can watch it here:

Fast forward to December 16, 2017.

Just a couple short months ago a bombshell article was published by noted ufologist Leslie Keane and others in the New York Times. This article unveiled that there was a Pentagon program called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) to examine UAP’s from 2007 through 2012. In a recent interview with the former Department of Defense military intelligence official who was charged with oversight on this project, Luis Elizondo, we find out that the program did not end in 2012 but was rather cleverly hidden in the budget and is still ongoing to this day. During the years that this program existed publicly in the Defense Department budget, it received 22 million dollars a year which is a rather insignificant portion the 600 billion dollar Defense Department budget. Insignificant or not, it was very telling: the United States government knows that UAP’s exist and is allocating monies to researching them. It was also telling in a different way: the US government labeled them as a threat because they were unknowns.

To the Stars and Beyond….

So how did this disclosure come out and what exactly did it entail?

It all starts with Blink 182. Yes, that Blink 182, the pop-punk band that was seemingly on every radio station in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. The frontman of Blink 182 is Tom DeLonge. DeLonge is an avid ufologist who has studied the phenomenon for decades. When Wikileaks published some communications about UFO’s from the likes of John Podesta and other government officials, DeLonge used his means and public status to arrange official meetings with various officials mentioned in the Wikileaks UFO documents.

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Eventually, through meetings and networking, DeLonge had enough information to move forward with a business, To The Stars Academy (TTSA) that was announced through Leslie Keane in October, 2017. TTSA is a venture that incorporates former government officials, scientists of various disciplines, artists, and Robert Bigelow – the billionaire owner of Bigelow Aerospace, a private aerospace business that flies payloads to the International Space Station, embarks on NASA missions, and helps put satellites in orbit. Those who are attuned to the paranormal side of things may be aware of a location in Utah call Skinwalker Ranch which has had several UFO events as well as EBE sightings and several other paranormal events. Bigelow is the man who bought the property and turned it into a private research station. The Federal aviation Administration has referred reports of UAP’s and other phenomenon to Bigelow for several years. So when pressed on the topic of UFO’s in May, 2017, on the television news program 60 Minutes, it was very telling when Bigelow had the following to say:

Lara Logan: Do you believe in aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it.

Lara Logan: Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?

Robert Bigelow: There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions — I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.

Lara Logan: Is it risky for you to say in public that you believe in UFOs and aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.

Lara Logan: You don’t worry that some people will say, “Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy”?

Robert Bigelow: I don’t care.

Lara Logan: Why not?

Robert Bigelow: It’s not gonna make a difference. It’s not gonna change reality of what I know.

Lara Logan: Do you imagine that in our space travels we will encounter other forms of intelligent life?

Robert Bigelow: You don’t have to go anywhere.

Lara Logan: You can find it here? Where exactly?

Robert Bigelow: It’s just like right under people’s noses. Oh my gosh. Wow.

Luis Elizondo

DeLonge brought in another heavy hitter in To The Stars Academy, Luis Elizondo. As mentioned earlier, Elizondo was the military intelligence officer in charge of AATIP and has since retired from military service. Elizondo speaks about how he was, and still is, bound by confidentiality agreements. Over the course of his career, Elizondo recognized that there was a phenomenon that needed examination. He also realized that the government was not moving forward with any form of disclosure. Once he retired, Elizondo knew that was in a unique place to start an international conversation on UAPs. To do so, he put his considerable military service and pension at stake. But, he did not, and still has not, violated any government confidentiality on UAP’s. An important note – all of the information released to TTSA is unclassified. It is only due to this material becoming unclassified, for the purposes of training, that the videos released ever made it to the public sphere.

On the subject of the videos, Elizondo also points out that the videos are just that, videos. The audio and video that was released is unedited. What still remains classified is what happened before the video, afterwards, and the context by which these encounters with UAP occurred. Currently, as of the writing of this summary, 03 March 2018, three videos of UAP’s have been released through TTSA.

It is these videos, US government videos, that really helped to drive home that there was a phenomenon that needed to be examined. These videos brought a new paradigm to the American public; a paradigm that showed that the government recognized UAP’s as existing.

You can watch the videos here:

2004 FLIR Video From USS Nimitz

The GIMBAL Video

The GO FAST Video Footage

Recovered Materials?

One of the most important sentences that was overlooked by most of the analysis of the New York Times articles was this single statement:

“Under Mr. Bigelow’s direction, the company (Bigelow Aerospace) modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and other program contractors said had been removed by unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who said they had experienced physical effects from encounters with the objects and examined them for physiological changes.”

This statement says quite a lot. It states that we have recovered materials from UAP’s. People have encountered these materials and have reported physical effects as a result. It states that the materials we have recovered are metallic. Most importantly, it states that buildings have been modified to house these materials.

These are all bombshells. At face value, these statements alone show that UAP’s are not only an aerial phenomenon, but that sometimes they crash and materials are recovered as a result. When you look at this under the lens of the fact that the FAA has been sending Bigelow reports of UAP’s for years for site examination and that Bigelow Aerospace has a team of physicists, chemists and other scientists on staff for Aerospace research, then these revelations are outstanding.

TTSA co-founder and VP of the Science and Technology Department, Dr. Hal Puthoff, a leading expert in zero-point propulsion and formerly of the CIA remote viewing program, clarified the alloy statement on Coast-to-Coast with George Knapp on 28 January 2018. He confirmed that the metals were recovered, but they were not alloys. They were rather metals classified as meta-materials that had been layered by methods currently unknown to material science. This was also later confirmed in the Luis Elizondo interview.

Luis Elizondo Interview

The following interview is a result of the work of Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds. This interview was revealed at the IUFOC International UFO Congree) of which Rojas is an organizer. Elizondo was supposed to be at the IUFOC for a seminar, but had to cancel due to a medical procedure. The questions that were answered were sent in by Rojas’ followers and the interview was recorded by TTSA.

The interview can be watched here:

So What Does This All Mean?

It means a lot.

Broken down, it means that the United States government has had a sizable stake in trying to ascertain the nature of UAP’s which are viewed as a potential threat. There are recovered manufactured materials that are not of this planet and they are being examined by top minds at a leading aerospace company that has space contracts with NASA. There is a group of influential persons who have brought this information forward to make this a topic of national conversation with the goal of building a starship.

As Elizondo stated in the interview, we as a species, “…have the courage to ask the hard questions and pursue doggedly the things that we don’t understand. In fact, I think that is one of our sacred missions as mankind – to pursue those deep, dark recesses that we have a hard time understanding and a hard time reaching. I think it’s in our nature, I think it’s in our spirit, and I think it’s in our DNA.”

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