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June 2019 was another month where UFO news dominated the paranormal spectrum. The History Channel aired the six-part show “Unidentified.” New Navy UFO reporting protocols (not currently being released to the public) were put in place. The heads of US government including the President, Senate and Congress were briefed on UFOs by the military. There was what has been called the most important UFO leak of all time, the “Core Stash” documents. It is getting to the point where so much information is flowing into the public realm from government sources that the word “disclosure” is on the tongue on many ufologists, while others see this as a possible government leak using TTSA and the media to keep people off the track of military advancements. Time will hopefully tell.

“I would say remain skeptical. Healthy skepticism is very important; in fact, it’s imperative. In fact, in my job as an intelligence officer, I was paid to be skeptical. I think you should always question all the information that comes before you by anybody who says anything, and I think that’s true not just with people like me, I think it’s true with government, religion, and everything in between.”

– Luis Elizondo, former head of AATIP and member of TTSA

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In addition to UFO news, we have included a bunch of paranormal articles for your learning pleasure. We incorporated various articles into this monthly reference article collection including articles and videos on topics like Near Death Experiences, a ghost that was bottled up and stolen from a haunted location, Loch Ness Monster news, psychotropics and consciousness, Enochian magick, crop circles and supernatural samurais among other many things. Hopefully you find this monthly reference article to be of some use and if you do, please share and tell your friends about our site!

Afterlife Articles

One in 10 People Have ‘Near-Death’ Experiences (Neuroscience News): In a recent study of 289 people who claim to have had NDE’s, the bulk majority of them, 73%, rated the NDE as an unpleasant experience. The article then goes on to infer that the bulk of the NDE experiences were a result of REM sleep intrusion into a waking state.

Near Death at 16 (Monroe Institute): A recollection of a Near Death Experience while undergoing surgery. She recalled the surgeon’s words and even saw dust on the light fixtures when she departed the body before being brought back into her body with a “thunk.”

A new documentary on NDEs, consciousness and spirit communication.

Woman Who Died for 27 Minutes Scrawls Creepy Note After Being Revived on 6th Attempt (Unilad): A woman died six times, four times she was revived by her husband and twice in the hospital. When she awoke the last time in the hospital, she motioned for a pen and paper. She scribbled “It’s real.” When asked what was real, she pointed upwards towards the heavens.

“It’s real” as scribbled by Tina Hines after being revived from death six times in a row.

The Atheist who went to Heaven (The University of Heaven): Nancy Rynes was hit by a car and experienced an NDE during surgery to save her life. She was brought back from death; but while dead, she experienced a wonderful afterlife that she equated to Heaven.

An interview with Dr. Pim van Lommel who as an emergency room cardiologist, conducted studies into NDEs with patients who were revived.

When Mystics and Mediums Convinced Scientists the Paranormal Was Normal (Lit Hub): A look back at some of the formative researchers into the paranormal during the spiritual renaissance of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Respected members of society, many of whom you will recognize in this article, placed value upon spiritual and paranormal research.

“Death is nothing at all,” by Henry Scott-Holland

Apparition Articles

Haunted Pub’s Owner Outraged After ‘possessed toilet ghost’ is ‘stolen and bottled up by artist’ (Mirror): The Ye Olde Man and Scythe is the fourth oldest pub in Britain and the ghost of James Stanley purportedly haunts the establishment. A Chinese artist traveled to the pub, performed an incantation and bottled up the spirit to carry it away from the pub. The bottled spirit is now on display at an art exhibit in Manchester.

Ghosts in the Ancient World (Ancient History Encyclopedia): An article that examines ghosts in several ancient cultures and what it meant when an apparition was seen.

TCI Seattle captured this image by using a two camera (one infrared) video-loop feedback technique on an old tube television

Adelaide Paranormal Investigator Redefines “Ghost Hunting” With New Online Service (Newsmaker): An Australian paranormal team has begun livestreaming their investigations for Patreon clients as their ghost hunting model.

How to Get Rid of Ghosts (Paraholics): A no-nonsense article that points out a major fallacy of the many modern ghost hunters: that they understand the afterlife and more importantly, can control it by removing spirits from a location.

Lily Collins Says Ghosts of Ted Bundy’s Victims Visited Her While Making Extremely Wicked (Vanity Fair): The lead actress from Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Lily Collins, claims that she would often awake to images of the struggles of Ted Bundy’s victims. She became convinced that these images came from the spirits of his victims.

Cryptid Articles

Loch Ness Monster Filmed by Holiday Couple and She’s ‘definitely black and a fair size’ (Daily Record): For the seventh time this year, Nessie has been spotted. This time it was by a couple on holiday and they managed to film what they claim is Nessie’s head and neck above the water line.

Loch Ness Monster ‘might’ be Real, According to New Scientific Study (Fox News): Scientists have traversed the length of Loch Ness and pulled samples from three different depths for DNA analysis. The data was tested against the main theories of what Nessie may be, and the lead scientist said one these theories might be correct.

Video of ‘Creature’ Caught on Camera in Driveway Leaves Plenty of Room for Doubt (Singular Fortean): A controversial video of an unknown figure walking down a driveway.

Town Abandoned Because of Bigfoot! (Ghost Hunting Theories): The Alaskan fishing village of Port Chatham was abandoned by all of its residents after several encounters with a hairy man. Prior to 1950, the town had witnessed several unexplained murders, eighteen-inch footprints and what indigenous peoples called a nantiinaq which is a half man/half beast hairy creature.

FBI Examined 15 Bigfoot Hairs, Newly Released Documents Reveal (Newsweek): Clumps of hair were sent to the FBI for analysis because they may have been from a bigfoot. The FBI conducted the analysis in 1977 and came to the conclusion that they were from a very common animal and not a sasquatch. But, the interesting thing is that the FBI actually examined hairs from a possible cryptid.

Consciousness Articles

Does Consciousness Exist Outside of the Brain? (Psychology Today): This article examines the work of Dr. Fenwick, a neuropsychiatrist who specialized in consciousness studies for fifty plus years. Through his lifetime of work, he has come to the conclusion that consciousness exists outside of the brain. The author of this particular article disagrees.

Psychedelic Drugs Really Do Lead to a Higher State of Consciousness (Vice): Several volunteers took psychoactive substances in a controlled lab environment and have their brain waves measured. There was more brain electrical activity in those who were tripping versus a normal lucid state.

A DMT Trip ‘feels like dying’ – and Scientists Now Agree (BBC): This article profiles those who have undergone lab tests of DMT. They typically report a deeper conscious awareness and experience ego death. It is this ego death that brings on subjective experiences usually related to Near Death Experiences.

Edgar Cayce reading 2308-4

Magick Articles

‘Jesus, Kill Her!’: Defendant in Witchcraft Trial Thrown out of Courtroom for Badgering Neighbor She Accused of Being a Witch (Newsweek): A woman on trial for accusing neighbors of paralyzing her via witchcraft beckoned Jesus to kill the plaintiff.

Interview with the Witch (Shadow Keepers): Practicing witch and paranormal investigator J. Allen Cross is interviewed on various aspects of witchcraft in this article.

The 4 Elemental Weapons of Western Magick (and How to Use Them) (Ultraculture): A brief overview of the earth pentacle, the fire wand, the air dagger and the water chalice.

Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of Angels (Ancient Origins): A very brief primer on John Dee and his assistant Ned Kelley. They were able to communicate with angels and transcribed the language of the angels, Enochian. They were also able to call upon them to manifest which were viewed through scrying.

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UFO Articles

“We are facing a form of intelligence that cannot simply be tracked with radars and cameras. It was already here before science was invented; it will still be here when science becomes superseded by other ways of gaining knowledge. Our soul is the only tool that is of any use in this search. Our soul, alas! What is left of it?”

– Jacques Vallee, Forbidden Science Vol. 1

The UFO Leak of the Century (De Void): This article digs into the “Core Stash” documents that found their way into the light in June despite being online for some time on IMGUR. These documents are from a meeting in 2002 that involved physicist Dr. Eric Davis and Thomas Wilson – Navy Vice Admiral, Director of the DIA and Staff Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This meeting discussed the topic of UFOs. The thing to take away from this is that Admiral Wilson was not apprised of the UFO topic because he lacked the proper security clearance!

Article: UFO Leak of the Century: Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak (Richard Dolan): Famed ufologist Richard Dolan tackles the minutia of the greatest UFO leak of the century, the “Core Stash” documents, and explains the various sections in greater detail.

Advisory for Pilots, Aircrews, Air Controllers, and Aviation Professionals: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP, UFOs, and Aviation Safety (NARCAP): A document put forth by the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena that defines the characteristics of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and the inherent risks of UAP encounters while in flight.

The government has crashed UFO materials according to Luis Elizondo

UFOs Won’t Go Away (Issues): This is a must-read if you would like to get caught up on all the UFO News. This places the current news cycle of UFOs in context with the history of UFO investigations and the culture of ufology.

If UFO Disclosure is Coming, is the World Prepared? Does it even Care? (The Anomalist): The author puts the UFO news into context with the rest of the world and asks a couple of very pointed question about whether or not the TTSA releases are military hype for the Unidentified television show, and more importantly, why all the high strangeness (alien abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles, etc.) is being left in the lurch right now.

Tom DeLonge’s Origin Story for To The Stars Academy Describes a Government UFO Info Operation (The Drive): Journalist Tyler Rogoway digs deep into Tom DeLonge and his origins in ufology. He points out glaring contradictions given in different interviews and arrives at the point that “DeLonge is either lying and his company can’t be trusted, or dark areas of the military-industrial complex had a direct hand in its founding.”

Robert Bigelow’s other “UFO” Ranch (UFOs-Scientific Research): The latest book by Jacques Vallee mentions another ranch that was purchased by Bigelow – Mount Wilson Ranch. It is another purported place where UFO activity and other phenomena have been present for decades and Bigelow had hoped to study it like he did with Skinwalker Ranch.

Surrey, England crop circle the morning after solstice

Meet Silicon Valley’s UFO Hunters (Vice): Several leading technologists are interviewed in this piece for their thoughts on the UFO phenomenon. They all believe that reverse engineering UFOs will advance our society.

“As technologists we seek to master science and engineering in such a way that all of humanity benefits from it…In front of our eyes are technologies underlying these UFOs that are far beyond our understanding and capabilities of recreating … if we pay close attention and reverse these technologies to bring to the masses, we will see a world with interstellar travel at our fingertips.”

– Deep Prasad
Grainy footage of a possible UFO. Fantastic strobing.

Not UFOs or Weather Balloons. The Government (sort of) Claims Mystery Orbs in KC Sky (Kansas City Star): The observation of grey orbs on a tweet by the National Weather Service drew the attention of the UFO world in June. DARPA claims that it might be the three experimental weather balloons launched from Cumberland, Maryland.

Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances (The Drive): An examination of patents filed in the United States for a craft that can be used in the sky or under water – and the mechanisms appear to be quite similar to those demonstrated by military UFO sightings.

An anomalous light was captured by Curiosity on the surface of Mars, 16jun2019

Exclusive Interview and Cmdr. David Fravor (Extraordinary Beliefs): This is the first and only public appearance with Commander David Fravor and his experiences with the Tic Tac UFO event. Fravor has appeared on both television and radio programs and his testimony has helped make the Nimitz encounter one of the most documented UFO sightings in history.

Ministry of Defence Releases Final ‘X Files’ Containing the Truth about Britain’s Secret UFO Investigations (Mirror): The final sixty-thousand documents from the MOD’s investigation into the UFO phenomenon have been releases. There is no “smoking gun” stating UFOs exist, but these documents demonstrate that British Government had a keen interest in examining the UFO topic.

Trump says He was Briefed on Navy Sightings of UFOs (Politico): In speaking with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, Trump said he had been briefed on the topic of Navy UFO sightings. He shot down the idea by saying that although pilots were seeing them, he does not particularly agree that they exist.

Senators Get Classified Briefing on UFO Sightings (Politico): Several members of the Senate and Congress have received classified briefings on the UFO sightings by members of the US Navy.

Other Articles

Samurai Text Tells Secrets of Sword-Fighters’ ‘Supernatural Powers’ (Live Science): A look into the classic 17th century samurai teachings from the One Cut school. Physical magic was used by inscribing sigils on the palms and chanting before battle. Also, using ESP was also common so one could focus on the opponent by not using their eyes.

Stonehenge Summer Solstice: Thousands Gather to Cheer Sunrise (BBC): A few photographs of the estimated ten thousand people who gathered at Stonehenge to greet the sun on the summer solstice.

Mysterious Blue Flash of Light Seen over Dallas, Texas (Singular Fortean): Video that shows weird blue light flashing over Dallas that was accompanied by a large boom.

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