Haunted Stays I: Sheraton Suites at O’Hare International Airport

Sheraton Hotel in Rosemont, IL

Over the last century, Chicago has become a major hub of business, culture, entertainment and most of all, tourism. Because of this, a number of hotels have sprung up around O’Hare International Airport that fit into the price range of any traveler. One of those hotels is the Sheraton Suites At O’Hare in Rosemont. The Sheraton is a hotel known for both the affordable rooms and hospitality that the Midwest is famous for. However, this hotel has another reputation, one the management diligently tries to downplay. This well-liked hotel has a tragic history of death, suicide and hauntings.

Anyone who has ever gotten into the hospitality business knows that when your business is people, bad things eventually happen. But for whatever reason, the Sheraton has seen an unusual amount of bad things. To date, there have been at least three deaths by drug overdose two in the parking lot and one in a room. 

11 Stories 

Sadly, overdosing isn’t the only way people have met their fates at the hotel. The overwhelming choice of death consists of people who have decided to end it all and die by their own hand. One of those methods was jumping to their death.

The Sheraton stands at 11 stories tall, and because of this, several people have walked up to the top floor and took a swan dive into eternity. Management did everything to to keep people from the 11th floor, but to no avail. If someone was determined enough to kill themselves they would find a way. 

In the wake of all this death, the Sheraton is known to be the haunt for these people who died and some of this spectral activity could only be described as truly unnerving.

Unexplained Noises

Due in part to the high volume of planes arriving and departing, the Sheraton has done their best to soundproof the rooms. The last thing anyone wants to hear in the middle of the night are planes roaring overhead. Despite all their best efforts to keep the hotel quiet, guests still report hearing strange noises in their rooms and hallways.

Guests of the Sheraton have reported loud bangs on the walls, followed by voices involved in a heated confrontation. The fight appears to come to end with a bloodcurdling scream. When security is dispatched to the area, there is nothing to explain the violent fight guests reported.

Haunted Lobby

Guests are not the only people to report inexplicable activity in the hotel. Employees have plenty of frightening tales to tell of their workplace. 

Late at night, when the lobby is quiet, front desk employees have reported hearing voices involved in conversation. It is not just the disembodied voices that are experienced. Ghostly figures have been spotted walking through the lobby as if they are going to their rooms. Many employees have watched in awe as the apparitions vanish before getting on the elevators.

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The Haunted Room

According to some guests, an unspecified room is the focus of a ghost who likes to ransack the personal belongings of those unlucky enough to stay in it. One visiting business person had just arrived and before unpacking took a much needed shower. While bathing, she heard what sounded like a person enter the room, go through her bag and then leave. When she exited the bathroom, she discovered that whoever was in her room threw her clothes around causing quite the mess. Understandably, she was enraged by the intrusion Her rage turned to fear when she realized the door was safely locked and latched from the inside.

The Last Suicide

The last known suicide in the hotel occurred almost two decades ago in 2001. A man in a black suit checked in, proceeded to enter his 11th floor room and jumped to his death from the balcony. When the incident was investigated, hotel staff were sincerely shocked as the man was friendly and didn’t appear to be distraught. According to them, he was just another guest looking for a comfortable place to get some rest.

Since the mystery man’s suicide, the figure of a man in a black suit has been seen on the 11th floor balcony peering down at people. Witnesses remarked he looks down, turns away and then simply vanishes. Whoever this ghostly figure is may still be contemplating his desperate act long after his death.

Although the Sheraton Suites At O’Hare is one of the Windy City’s most famous haunts, the staff does not want the hotel to be known for tis reputationt. Engaging the satff in conversation about their ghosts generally won’t yield results. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky, you may just get one to talk. 

As with all haunted hotels, there is nothing wrong with checking in for a night and looking for the ghosts yourself – with discretion.

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