Chicago’s Cursed Club: The Liar’s Club, 1665 W. Fullerton Ave.

Bullets Booze and Babes by Rick Hale

Taken from my book, Bullets, Booze and Babes: The Haunted History of Chicago and Illinois

In order for a curse to work, the intended victim must not only believe in the power of the curse. But also in the ability of the person issuing the curse. When you think about it, it’s psychological warfare at its most primitive. And although cursing and hexing is best left in a bygone era, belief in cursed people, places and things persist to this day. Even in modern day Chicago.

The Liar’s Club on Fullerton Avenue in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood is a popular nightspot for those with an eclectic taste. A “dive bar” as it unabashedly calls itself, caters to a wide variety of Chicago’s late night clientele. Goths, LGBT, frat boys and everything in between, can be found sitting at the bar or in the shadows. If you’re coming here to enjoy a quiet drink with friends, you may find more than just spirits of the alcoholic variety. Throughout it’s history, the building that houses the club has seen an unusual amount of violent murder and bloodshed. A fact leading many to believe that not only is it haunted, but it may be cursed as well.

The first known murder allegedly occurred sometime in the early 1950s. According to the story, an abused wife grew weary of being beaten daily by her violent alcoholic husband. When she could no longer endure being his punching bag, she decided to take matters into her own hands. As he slept, she grabbed an axe and buried it deep in his face, not once but several times. As the police took her into custody, a satisfied grin spread across her face and she laughed. She may spend the rest of her life in jail, but at least she would be free from this horrific man. As for the husband , his face was chopped up beyond recognition. Violent murder number one.

Jump ahead a decade to 1962. An elderly man who was somewhat of a nuisance in the building was violent death number two. A neighbor grabbed a beer bottle and beat him to death. To make sure the job was done, the old man’s attacker threw his lifeless body out of a second floor window. The attacker was never caught.

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Lastly 1986. Another vicious axe murder much like the first, but this time the roles were reversed. A man was being abused by his wife. Not a day would go by without her verbally and physically attacking him, sometimes in the presence of others. She seemed to delight in belittling him. When he could take no more, he grabbed an axe and went to town on her face. Violent, bloody murder number 3.

Someone might dismissively say, so what. Given the long history of the building bad things were bound to happen. While this may be true, you must take into consideration that all three excessively violent murders took place on the same floor in the same corner. I would say that transcends coincidence, landing it in the realm of the inexplicable. And it only gets weirder from there, because The Liar’s Club is very much haunted.

Since opening its doors as a bar, both employees and patrons have reported an unnerving sight. The apparition of a young woman is seen sitting at the end of the bar wearing a dress common to the 1950s. She is said to sit there, silently staring at the wall with a mournful look on her face. It has been speculated that this silent specter is the ghost of the woman who murdered her husband over 6 decades ago.

Further ghostly activity has been reported in the bar. An icy wind whips through the bar on hot summer days. And employees have reported being grabbed by a cold hand that chills them to the bone. To top off the strange activity in The Liar’s Club, the cursed corner tried to claim it’s fourth victim in recent years.

Late one night, before last call, a violent fight broke out between two drunken patrons. Before the police could arrive, one of the combatants tried cutting his opponent’s neck with a broken bottle. Thankfully the police arrived just in time. See, history can and does try to repeat itself.

Even if you’re not looking for ghosts, Lincoln Park’s, The Liar’s Club has the perfect atmosphere to just hangout and unwind. I warn you though, stay away from the cursed corner on the second floor. It’s still looking too add to its body count.

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