Books on Modern Fae Encounters and Arctic Ghosts Added to Library

In the last two weeks, we have placed new books on our shelves for your use. In our continuing effort to add books to our Paranormal Library we have added two PDF format books for you to download and use freely for your paranormal studies.

So what have we added over the last two weeks?

The Spectral Arctic

The first book is called The Spectral Arctic: A History of Ghosts and Dreams in Polar Exploration by Shane McCorristine. This book is primarily an academic look at how the Arctic Circle was perceived by early Western explorers. Using historical documents and narratives, The Spectral Arctic is a fascinating glimpse into how both men and women looked at the far north in a historical context. There are tales of Arctic mummies, explorers haunted by spectral images, and the foreboding power that dreams had upon the intrepid explorers of the North. One section speaks to John Franklin’s lost expedition and how women in Britain attempted to psychically travel to the Arctic by using clairvoyance, mesmerism and forms of spiritualism in search of the lost expedition.

The Fairy Census

The website, the site for the The Fairy Investigation Society, conducted a multiyear survey of persons who had suspected fairy encounters at any time in their lives. Simon Young compiled all of these encounters in a large PDF document for review. The encounters encompass much of the globe and are all fairly brief for quick reading. As a census of a random audience, it is quite stunning the sheer number of accounts that people have had with fae folk. We have to wonder if the veil is indeed getting thinner and transdimensional beings are finding it easier to appear in our dimension.

One last thing…

Hopefully these books will help you in your paranormal studies. As a reminder, if you have any PDF’s of copyright-free books, white papers, or articles that you have published (or want to publish) that you think may be of use to other paranormal enthusiasts, please let us know via our email account,, and we will endeavor to publish them in our Paranormal Library for others to use. 

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