A Collection of Sir Oliver Lodge Books Added to Library

Sir Oliver Lodge has been profiled on Paranormal Study before. We republished in 2018 his lecture entitled “The Mode of Future Existence” that was originally published in The Queenโ€™s Hospital Annual in 1933.

As a reminder of who Sir Oliver Lodge was:

Lodge had a brilliant mind and was a highly regarded physicist. He was the first to demonstrate wireless transmission of waves through telegraphy โ€“ a year before Marconi โ€“ but he didnโ€™t believe that there was enough demand for the technology to refine it. Although Marconi is known as the father of radio, Lodge is the one who discovered the mechanism. He applied Hertz to EMF waves and also created the first spark plug for ignitions.

Sir Oliver Lodge was also a spiritualist and served as the President of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). This lecture references another pillar of the SPR, F.W.H. Myers and his early research into telepathy. Moreover, this lecture attempts to reconcile what is known of particle physics with the notion spirit. His arguments against the reductive materialism of science is still being echoed today by the likes of Sheldrake, Chalmers, Lanza and so many other scientists who realize that mind/consciousness/spirit cannot be reduced to constituent material pieces.

The Mode of Future Existence

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Three New Lodge Books Added to Library

Thanks to the hard work of Keith Clark over at iDigitalMedium, he found some digital copies of sought after books and sent them to us to add to our library shelves. Three of those books are from Sir Oliver Lodge.

We now have his volumes entitled “Man and the Universe: A Study of the Influence of the Advance in Scientific Knowledge Upon our Understanding of Christianity;” “Science and Immortality;” “The Immortality of the Soul;” and “The Substance of Faith Allied with Science.”

All of these books are available in our Library for you to read at your pleasure.

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