Books by Ashdown and Besant Now Available

In our continuing effort to add books to our Paranormal Library, we have placed new books on our shelves for your use. We have added five books in PDF format for you to download and use freely for your paranormal studies. The first author we added is an obscure one. His name is A.J. Ashdown...Read More

Dr. John Dee’s Magnum Opus Added to Library

John Dee Woodcut
John Dee - An Empire Maker To state that John Dee was a genius is underestimate his impact upon both the physical and metaphysical world. Dee was a scholar who advised Elizabeth I. At one point, he had the largest library in England with the number of collected volumes surpassing that of both Ca...Read More

Military Manual For Coordinate Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing Training Manual Few people have heard of remote viewing. Even fewer people know that remote viewing was the result of a military project. This document is a training manual written for military personnel who conducted remote viewing sessions under Ingo Swann. [caption id="attachme...Read More

Cardoso ITC White Paper Now Available In Our Library

Dr. Cardoso's ITC Voices: Contact With Another Reality Dr. Anabela Cardoso is an active contemporary ITC researcher. She has published two great books on the topic, Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension (2010) and Electronic Contact With The Dead: What Do The Voices Tell Us (2017). Card...Read More

C.M. de Heredia Library Book Added

CM de Heredia Demonstration
Spiritism and Common Sense (1922) Father Carlos Maria de Heredia was a Mexican Jesuit priest who applied rigorous examination to the machinations of fraudulent mediums during the early twentieth century. In a time when America was at the peak of its spiritual renaissance, there was an ever-expan...Read More