Cardoso ITC White Paper Now Available In Our Library

Dr. Cardoso’s ITC Voices: Contact With Another Reality

Dr. Anabela Cardoso is an active contemporary ITC researcher. She has published two great books on the topic, Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension (2010) and Electronic Contact With The Dead: What Do The Voices Tell Us (2017). Cardoso also runs the ITC Journal which is published in several languages. We highly recommend purchasing both of these books as they provide amazing insight into the field of ITC research.

Dr. Anabela CardosoThis white paper on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) gives a great overview on the path ITC has followed toward our modern-day studies. From the beginning of ITC right up to contemporary researchers, Dr. Cardoso outlines several luminaries in the field and examines their various ITC techniques. If you have ever participated in Time Stream experiments, chances are that your work has been influenced directly or indirectly by Dr. Cardoso’s work.

Cardoso was a member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) until her consciousness studies led her down the path of ITC research as a means to contact the other side.

In addition to ITC research, Dr. Cardoso is a career diplomat and was the first woman to hold a diplomatic position outside of her home country of Portugal.

If you have any interest in Instrumental Transcommunication, or if you are generally unfamiliar with the history ITC, then ITC Voices: Contact With Another Reality is a must-read white paper. If ITC isn’t your preference, feel free to check out the other resources we have in our library.

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