Military Manual For Coordinate Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing Training Manual

Few people have heard of remote viewing. Even fewer people know that remote viewing was the result of a military project. This document is a training manual written for military personnel who conducted remote viewing sessions under Ingo Swann.

Ingo Swann

Swann was a master remote viewer who helped develop and perfect the remote viewing process at the Stanford Research Labs. Over two decades Swann worked with Hal Puthoff who has recently been in the news for his work with TTSA. Swann’s research caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA ultimately funded the project in order to observe the Soviet Union during the Cold War among other things.

Remote Viewing is a way to obtain impressions about a distant target through the use of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Due to remote viewing, a Soviet Sub manufacturing plant was discovered. There are also unconfirmed reports of the CIA utilizing Swann and other remote viewers to examine both Mars and our moon for signs of life; ultimately they discovered colonies on the moon and this was verified by more than one viewer.

To put it mildly, remote viewing is fascinating. There are persons in the United States today who were a part of the military research project who train lay persons how to remote view. The success rate shows that most anyone can learn to remote view.

Enter the new document in our library.

This document was written by Paul Smith in 1986. Smith was a member of the CIA’s remote viewing team. He wrote the entire process of remote viewing from terminology, to concept through to conducting a session. When writing this document, Smith encapsulated the whole of Swann’s technique. Consequently, Swann approved the content of this document.

And now you can learn the Swann method by reading this military intelligence manual on Coordinate Remote Viewing. The manual takes you through all six stages of remote viewing and what to expect from each stage as your abilities progress. You will learn the key terms used by viewers which will make you more prepared for further study.

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