Books by Ashdown and Besant Now Available

In our continuing effort to add books to our Paranormal Library, we have placed new books on our shelves for your use. We have added five books in PDF format for you to download and use freely for your paranormal studies.

The first author we added is an obscure one. His name is A.J. Ashdown and this work is a rare tome focusing upon early forms of spirit communication. This work, The Ashkir-Jobson Trianion, was found by Paranormal Study content creator Jeremy Michael Bloxsom. If you have never heard of the Communigraph or the Reflectograph, then you will be pleasantly surprised.

We have also included four books by the former President of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant. These books traverse a few different topics. In typical Theosophist fashion, these books borrow from Hinduism, Buddhism and Spiritualism while blending them together with some channeled messages. If you are interested in the Theosophical views on what happens to the soul after death, or how thoughtful intent can influence your environment and future outlook (published 12 years before the first breakthrough book on the same topic, Think and Grow Rich, burst into public consciousness in 1937) then these uploads have you covered. 

Hopefully these books will help you in your paranormal studies. As a reminder, if you have any PDF’s of copyright-free books, white papers, or articles that you have published (or want to publish) that you think may be of use to other paranormal enthusiasts, please let us know via our email account,, and we will endeavor to publish them in our Paranormal Library for others to use. 

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