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A lot of paranormal-based articles that came across our desks in the last month. The content was quite varied, and we hope that some of the articles below on topics like Yowie, Goblins, UFO’s, Mothman, SoulPhone, AATIP, Alaska’s Triangle and many other topics that will be of keen interest to you in your studies. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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A lot of what is now considered normal aspects of the observable universe were once considered paranormal.

– Luis Elizondo


There were a few cryptid articles in the last month that have made their way to our files. Here are our favorites for the month.

North America’s “Tiny People” Who Were Believed to Have Lived in the Appalachian Mountains (Appalachian Magazine): This article shines a light on the “tiny people” who are mischievous humanoids who live in the cave systems under the Appalachian Mountains. These people are hairy faced, diminutive in size and have a horn on their head. These pygmy-sized creatures are a part of the lore of several indigenous tribes.

Husband Corroborates Wife’s Story of ‘Prehistoric Bird’ in Gary, Indiana with Two Sightings of His Own (Singular Fortean): This investigation recounts a sighting of a huge prehistoric bird with dark, greyish color skin that was seen multiple times in Gary, Indiana, located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. It appeared that no other drivers recognized this creature that was 20-30 feet off the ground at one time.

‘Bat-Like’ Flying Humanoid with ‘an Obvious Face’ Reported near Indiana’s Prairie Creek Reservoir (Singular Fortean): Muncie, Indiana was also the home for a recent sighting of Mothman. Muncie is located close to Gary, Indiana and also Chicago, Illinois, which had a spate of Mothman sightings recently. Lake Michigan seems to be a hotspot for flying cryptids at the moment and one has to wonder why.

North Carolina Boy, 3, Found After Missing in the Woods for 2 Days. He Says He ‘Hung Out With a Bear’ (TIME Magazine): This story has taken news media by storm. A child, only 3 years old, disappeared after playing outside of his grandmother’s house. A search party was immediately dispatched and a full 1,000 acre perimeter around the house was searched on foot with dog and with a drone. Soon thereafter, it rained and went below freezing. The water was hip deep in places and there were flooded ravines. Yet, this child was found close to home saying that he was protected by a “bear” while he was out in the wild. There are two things here that have been postulated in our paranormal communities, the Missing 411 phenomenon where the child disappeared and reappeared, and that the bear may have been a bigfoot. We simply don’t know, but it is intriguing.

Man Calls Run In With Yowie ‘the worst thing’ That Ever Happened To Him (News.Com.AU): A Yowie is the Australian equivalent of an American Bigfoot. There have been several sightings of Yowie in the last two decades and recently, this truck attack sighting is one of the more astounding ones. A delivery truck driver was in the hinterlands of Queensland when he saw what appeared to be a large rock rolling down a hill and it stopped in the road in front of him. The trucker driver stopped his truck and the rock stood up. To the driver’s surprise, it was a hairy Yowie that stood 3 meters high in front of the truck’s grill. It proceeded to bang on the hood of the truck and the run off.

Hellier is Now Available to Stream!: Hellier is a five part documentary created by friends of Paranormal Study, Greg and Dana Newkirk. This free documentary on YouTube examines their investigation into a case of Kentucky goblins and shows the enigmatic circles that real investigations entail. This is a great example of how to study a paranormal phenomena.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

There were a few newsworthy articles about ITC captured our attention in our this feeds month.

The Estes Method: How the Groundbreaking SB7 Spirit Box Experiment is Changing Paranormal Investigation (Week in Weird): The Estes Method, named after Estes Park where the method was invented, has been gaining a lot of traction for ITC practitioners who investigate purportedly haunted locations. It simply entails eliminating external sight and audio stimulus so the listener can focus more upon the communication and state what they believe is being recorded out loud. There are some faults with this methodology and we may write an article on this topic later; but for now, this article will acquaint you with what the Estes Method is in case you wish to attempt it yourself.

Breaking News – Updates on the SoulPhone (Greater Reality Living): We have been following the updates on the SoulPhone and it appears that progress is being made rapidly. Dr. Schwartz and his team have been working on the SoulPhone for quite some time and the contacts they are making with Hypothesized Postmaterial Collaborators is now reaching between 80-90% accuracy in responses to questions asked in real time. Currently the answers are limited to yes/no responses, but more real-time response mechanisms are being worked into the software for future updates.

Instrumental Transcommunication with Stafford Betty: Stafford Betty discusses EVP and ITC.

Learn all about EVP by taking a Paranormal Study course on the topic!

The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment: This must-see documentary goes deep into the Scole Experiment group. There is fascinating mediumship and ITC involved in this group experiment and if you are not familiar with Scole, this is a must watch. You can also buy a copy of The Scole Experiment book here.

The Colorful and Clairvoyant History of Aura Photography (Artsy): This article delves briefly into the history to photography to set the stage for Aura Photography. Aura Photography is a fascinating look at the energy surrounding a person and each person’s aura responds differently from one another.

Number One of a series on EVP practice by Anabela Cardoso: Celebrated author and ITC practitioner Anabela Cardoso has started a series of videos designed to help people start recording EVP.

General Paranormal

A handful of articles on various paranormal topics. We didn’t include a lot of general paranormal articles this month because we wanted to focus more upon other topics that are making news.

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Everything in Science Is Paranormal Until It Isn’t. Here’s Why We Need To Evolve Our Perception Of The Unknown (HackerNoon): This article was penned by Luis Elizondo. If that name sounds familiar, it should. For a quick refresher on his work, you can read an earlier article on Paranormal study. In this particular article, Elizondo takes a step back from UAP and examines the paranormal as whole. He makes a case for all things not known to science to be considered paranormal because that is what they are by definition. If science embraced the term paranormal under this definition, then the term paranormal may lose some of its stigma.

The Moffitt Family Poltergeist Case 1987-1992 (Metaphysical Articles): The Moffitt poltergeist case is a modern case that has garnered a lot of attention. This article illustrates some of the horror that the Moffitt family lived through including physical attacks, burns, anomalous writing, destruction of property and apports. The Moffitt story is a fascinating one for anyone interested in modern poltergeist cases.

Thousands of People Have Mysteriously Disappeared in “Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle” (Curiosity): Nearly everyone is familiar with the Bermuda Triangle, but few are familiar with the Alaskan Triangle, an area that is responsible for many more missing people as the Bermuda Triangle. In fact, since 1988, over 16,000 persons have come up missing in this area. Like the Bermuda Triangle, several planes have been lost as well.


UFO’s and Ufology have been omnipresent in the news cycle ever since the the bombshell New York Times article was published in December 2017. Here are some of the UFO articles and evidence that captured our attention recently.

Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Caught on Camera: This footage of a possible UFO in the Nevada desert is stunning to say the least. It travels 3.5 miles in one second clocking its speed at an astounding 12,600 mph.

The Government’s Secret UFO Program Funded Research on Wormholes and Extra Dimensions (Vice Motherboard): Researcher Steven Aftergood used a FOIA request to get more information about the Defense Intelligence Agency’s AATIP program that has been the center talking point of Ufology in the last year. What he received was a list of 38 projects related to the AATIP Program – including funding for research into invisibility cloaking, worm holes, star gates, and the manipulation of extra dimensions. You can view the PDF of AATIP research project titles here. Nick Pope appeared on Fox News discussing this release:

Strange Purple Light Hovers Over Town In Utah: In another video from Utah, a bright purple light stayed in one spot in the sky for several minutes and changed in luminosity.

It’s Time to Start Taking the Search for E.T. Seriously, Astronomers Say (Science News): Dr. Jason Wright, a S.E.T.I. (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) program astronomer and Penn State professor, is detailed in this article. He and a group of other astronomers are lobbying NASA to fund research into detecting alien technosignatures in the Milky Way.

Why Astronomers Don’t See UFO’s (Daily Galaxy): Dr. Wright is also featured in this brief article. Astronomers postulate that we don’t see UFO’s because alien technology may be billions of years ahead of ours and that alien life forms may be able to cloak themselves by reorganizing electrons.

When a Harvard Professor Talks About Aliens (The Atlantic): Even if you only tangentially follow Ufology news, you have likely heard about Oumuamua. If you haven’t this article will get you up to speed with the appropriate links. Dr. Loeb created a lot of headlines when he stated that Oumuamua may be alien in origin, and those words created a lot of controversy. The exploration of the crosspoint where academic authority speaking about Ufology meets public perception is the crux of this article.

Pilot records UFOs Boeing 767 in Brazil: Stunning video of a possible UFO from a commercial airline pilot.

‘Project Blue Book’ Is Based on a True U.F.O. Story. Here It Is. (New York Times): Project Blue Book is a new series on The History Channel that follows the work of J. Allen Hynek. Hynek was picked by the Air Force to investigate UFO sightings and over the course of his career, he became a believer in the UFO phenomenon. He was in charge of what became known as Project Blue Book. This article divorces the melodrama of The History Channel program and recounts the real history of Project Blue Book.

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