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May 2018 was an active month in paranormal news. Here are some of the articles which may be of use for your paranormal studies.

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The Top Five Regrets of the Dying (Guardian, UK): This is an older, short article making the rounds again. An Australian palliative care nurse who has seen many people die in her line of work records the regrets of those ready to die. A morbid article indeed, but it can help to shine a light on things we often overlook in our daily lives.

Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife (Magus): A great primer on the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). This six part series of short articles examines four published case studies on NDE’s so correlations can be drawn. Highly recommended reading.

Experiences of Light in Gay and Lesbian Near-Death Experiences (Liz Dale): Another brief article that highlights some quotes about the light and NDE’s. This article serves to articulate that “The near-death experiences that gays and lesbians report are powerful reminders that all human beings share a common truth: We will have near-death experiences when we die …. Gay or straight, brown skin or white skin, or rich and poor alike, we will all have one when we die.” This is often overlooked by subsets of our society who believe that all gay persons are going to “hell” or arriving at some other nefarious ending. The light is a universal truth and Liz Dale does a great job reminding all of us of this.

Sensory Deprivation and Out of Body Experiences (Graham Nicholls): Fortean researcher Graham Nicholls recounts his out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) in this article. He found that while immersed in a flotation tank, achieving an OBE was much easier. The article then touches upon a fascinating psi experiment he conducted with the Morphogenesis theory of consciousness founder, Rupert Sheldrake.

Viruses, ET and the Octopus from Space: The Return of Panspermia (Cosmos Magazine): Making more than a few waves in May, this article reviewed a paper that claimed that the Octopus may actually have arrived on earth via their eggs being cryo-preserved fertilized eggs. That’s right, panspermia is back in style! After a lot of background on the authors, and basic immunology, the article goes into how bacteria, viruses and other “life” from space is hitting our planet daily. The evidence for the octopus? Well, apparently there has yet to be an ancestor of everyone’s favorite cephalopod to be found. On top of that, the octopus’ DNA changed radically in a short period of time thereby granting it biological abilities that are unlike every other family tree on earth. The journal that this article was written in, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, has a 3.18 impact factor (a scientific classification scale based upon how many publications a journal has that are referenced in other journal publications); as a comparison, Nature, has a 40+ impact factor and The Lancet has a 47+.

Scientists Say They Have Transferred ‘Memories’ Between Snails (Smithsonian): We found this article fascinating. Considering that consciousness is a bedrock of paranormal studies, the ability to transfer memories could add a new understanding to just where consciousness exists. In this experiment, scientists applied shock to marine snail tails until the snails recognized the shock and had a prolonged withdrawal of the their siphons and gills. For this to happen, snails needed to be conditioned to react to the pain of the shock so they built up a reaction to it. The reaction was a retraction of siphons and gills for 50 seconds. Next, scientists transferred RNA from the conditioned snails to non-conditioned snails and guess what? You’ll have to read the article to find out. It’s worth it.

What is Consciousness? (Scientific American): There is well researched materialist groundwork in this article on how various areas of the brain can produce reactions, memories and visualizations when stimulated. There is also a study referenced of minimally conscious and vegetative patients which shows that consciousness can exist in those who we consider in a non-retractable vegetative state. Fundamentally, this article gets to the point that Dr. David Chalmers (not referenced) coined “The hard problem of consciousness.” That is to say, consciousness is wholly experiential and unique to the individual. At the moment, there is no base understanding nor theory as to why that is.

Mysterious Universe Podcast Dean Radin Interview (MU): Dean Radin is arguably the most influential parapsychologist today. Dr. Radin is the chief science officer at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and has held both business and university positions during his career. He recently released a book called Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the UniverseThis book goes into detail about the power behind magic, and how we practice magic everyday without knowing it. We’ve heard several of Dr. Radin’s podcasts on this newly released book and the Mysterious Universe interview is fantastic. You will get a lot of insight into the book, Dr. Radin’s research and where the research is leading.

William Addams Welch – Talks With the Dead (YouTube): Welch was a famous screenplay writer who communicated from the other side a mere 13 days after passing. Welch was an ardent EVP researcher who amassed over 25,000 voices during his research. You will hear Class A EVP’s in this video, some of which were recorded using the classic white noise background technique. Welch is one of the unsung heroes of EVP and his book Talks With the Dead was printed once in 1975 and is a book that belongs in every ITC collection.

This Physicist’s Idea of Time Will Blow Your Mind (Quartz): Time doesn’t exist in quantum physics. Strange as this sounds, time is relative to the observer. There is also no space. But there are physical transformations that occur and we observe them. The change is what we call time. Time becomes a story we tell ourselves. This article is about that story and it breaks time down into digestible pieces. Well worth the read if you have the time.

Confidential Report Analyzes Tic-Tac UFO Incident (George Knapp): If you have been following our Facebook page, we have posted alot about AATIP and we also posted a primer on this site. Recently, the TTSA acquired and released a 13-page military analysis about the Tic-Tac incident which concludes that the UFO was not an aerial craft belonging to the USA nor any other country. This is really, really big news.

The Birth of the Illuminati Conspiracy (Daily Grail): Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy? You can wrap your mind around them, find logical fallacies, or embrace them and add to the conspiracy through research. One of the premier conspiracies of the last 200+ years has been the Illuminati. You have definitely heard of them, the Illuminati has become a pop-culture mainstay. This article tackles the Illuminati’s history, tracing it back to its continental origins. Think you know a lot about this topic? Maybe that is what the Illuminati wants you to believe…


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