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September brought us a lot of news. Typically paranormal stories and news articles hit a yearly high in September and October, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on UFO’s, science, consciousness, mediumship and much, much more. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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A Mysterious Square Aircraft Hovering In Night Sky ‘Scared me to death,’ NC Man Says (Charlotte Observer): A man observed a square shaped UFO hovering above the tree line with several lights visible upon the craft. He snapped some photos which are viewable on the original story. The crux is that the craft is unidentified, and some are claiming it may be the experimental TR-3B, a purported anti-gravity craft that is known via its patent filed in 2004.

UFO Sighting: ‘Alien spaceship’ Shot Down Over Scotland (Express): Video has emerged from Scotland that apparently shows a UFO in a spiral ejecting some kind of fiery material. It then stops ejecting materials and starts to fly off at the end of the video. The witness purported to hear a loud bang which led to the preposterous conjecture that the UFO was targeted by weapons.

Scientists Receive Green Light To “Resurrect The Dead” Using Stem Cells (Anon News): In its inevitable march towards progress, scientists at Bioquark in Philadelphia, PA, have received approval to inject stem cells into the spinal cords of patients who have been declared clinically brain-dead. The patients will also receive an injected cocktail of proteins along with lasers and electrical nerve stimulation in an attempt to reinvigorate brain activity. If this experiment proceeds as planned, and it works, one has to wonder what effect this will have on consciousness.

Psychic Astronauts: Remote Viewing, Space Exploration And UFOs (Nightshirt): In an effort to add depth to the conversation on ET’s, this article examines consciousness from the perspective of being a non-local mechanism and this non-locality may also facilitate contact with ET’s. The theory of non-local consciousness means that consciousness is not a creation of the brain, but rather has an origination point somewhere else and our bodies/brains are simply receivers for consciousness. The author briefly touches upon the work of Targ, Puthoff and Swann with government remote viewing programs. In brief, he discusses the similarities of abduction memories with the perceived reality of drug-induced hallucinogenic states. There are a couple other viewpoints, but the crux of the article is that all points in space and time are connected in consciousness. If true, this will call into question all aspects of paranormal studies being defined as  paranormal, for in fact, if true, paranormal phenomenon is merely normal.

Uri Geller’s Stanford Research Institute Experiments: This video contains several experiments conducted at SRI with Uri Geller over the course of five weeks in 1973. The results nothing less than astounding.

Synchronous Firing And Its Influence On The Brain’s Electromagnetic Field Evidence For An Electromagnetic Field Theory Of Consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies): This fascinating journal article examines how the neurons in the human brain create their own electromagnetic field. The author posits that this EM field is the substrate upon which conscious awareness functions. Outside of consciousness studies, for those who actively investigate as ghost hunters, this supposition shows some support towards the body electric being detectable via DC EMF meters (Direct Current being the nature of the bodies electrical signals).

When You Split The Brain, Do You Split The Person? (Aeon): Persons with persistent epilepsy are often left with one option – a surgery that splits the two hemispheres of the brain via the corpus callosum, a signal highway that carries information from one side of the brain to the other. This surgery prevents the electrical storm of epilepsy from growing and overtaking the brain functions. A series of experiments were recently conducted on split-brain patients to see whether or not the person could act as a whole from a conscious perspective. This was done via visual tests and resulted in something far more complex than anticipated. The materialist view of consciousness holds true, and consciousness derives from the brain, then when you split the brain you should have two distinct consciousnesses, one for each side of the brain. Yet, in these experiments, it has been demonstrated that both sides of the brain of split-brain patients work together to form one singular, cogent consciousness which cannot happen from a materialist perspective.

Discovering Your Other Self: You May Find That You Like It (Medium): Esotericist Mitch Horowitz examines what in necessary for personal growth. While not paranormal in nature, his advice is to embrace the Jungian shadow-self in order to better yourself. In this article, he relates the shadow-self to literature and names it the split-self – a fitting bookend to the article above mentioning the split-brain. With this advice, you can be more effective at whatever you desire, including paranormal studies.

Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something: The Ways Some “healthy voice hearers” Cope Might Be Able To Help People With Psychotic Disorders (The Atlantic): A woman who has trained to hone her psychic abilities has become part of a Yale study to qualify the voices she hears versus the voices that schizophrenics hear. There are a lot of variables and this illustrates a fascinating academic approach to clairaudience. It is found that psychics can summon voices and control the effect it has on their daily lives whereas schizophrenics have no such control. The way a clairaudient psychic deals with communication is now a viable path of study for coping mechanisms of those affected by schizophrenia.

Lucid Dreaming: Controlling The Stories Of Sleep (Medical News Today): This article contains an overview of lucid dreaming for those not familiar with the practice. It also has some basic methods on how to try and achieve lucid dreaming. We have pointed out quite a few articles on lucid dreaming in prior news roundups so feel free to browse through them or use our site’s search function to pull up what you are looking for.

Consciousness: Why Materialism Fails (Open Sciences): This article is a must-read. The author examines consciousness from the viewpoint of modern academia. First, he looks at mind and consciousness through the eyes of Physicalism and Materialism; they are brain generated and this is an undeniable set-in-stone fact despite having no valid hypotheses on the existence of consciousness: how it is created; the uniqueness of consciousness; where consciousness is stored; how it is recalled…and the list goes on. The author then goes on to provide viewpoints of how consciousness transcends the materialist dogma against it’s independent existence. The article supports consciousness as being a non-local phenomenon and is fundamental to our every thought and perception.

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