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June 2018 was an active month in paranormal news. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on Consciousness, NDE’s, Lucid Dreaming, Mediumship, Occultism, Reincarnation, ITC, UFO’s, Crop Circles and much, much more. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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Historical and Cross-Cultural Experiences (The Formula): This link provides a collection of reference books and videos that examines the characteristics of Near Death Experiences from both historical and cross-cultural viewpoints. Each reference has a brief summation of what is contained within the volume and is usually followed by an excerpt. If you are looking to explore NDE’s, this reference page is a handy link to review.

Electromagnetic Phenomena Reported by Near Death Experiencers (University of Virginia, PDF): This is a journal article that has Dr. Bruce Greyson as a primary author. Dr. Greyson is an Emeritus psychology professor at the University of Virginia who has studied and published in-depth upon the topics of reincarnation, consciousness and near death experiences. In this journal publication, Dr. Greyson examines those who have had near death experiences and finds that a significant number of them have electromagnetic issues that cause interference with modern devices. This study mirrors the results of prior studies on this same topic.

The Essence of Near-Death Experiences In 8.5 Minutes (The Formula): This web page incorporates the very essence of near death experiences in less than nine minutes. These first-hand accounts provide great insight into the experience of NDE’s and the lasting impact that they have on the experiencer.

Are Coincidences After a Loved One Has Died Messages From the Afterlife? (The Epoch Times): This article examines meaningful coincidences as they are presented to bereaved individuals. These coincidences are enough for the bereaved to accept that they are messages from the other side. You will also find information on how psychotherapists are using these reports of coincidences to treat grieving patients.

Boy, 4, Who ‘channels the dead’ Told Teachers His Father Had Drowned (Metro): An interesting look into a toddler who apparently is recalling his past-lives as he recounts events about his previous-life mother and father. Not heavy on evidence, but an interesting story that should be investigated properly. It is also worthy to note that reincarnation stories can still attract major media coverage.

Belmez Faces: Mystery of the People in the Floor (Historic Mysteries): This article discusses the anomalous faces and figures that appeared, disappeared, and reappeared on a family’s concrete kitchen floor in Bélmez, Spain (1971). Apparently this is a world-famous case that still attracts a great deal of attention today. 

Project Star Gate (CIA, PDF)If you study the fortean fields, you’ve likely heard of remote viewing. This CIA document outlines the protocols and methodologies used for government sanctioned remote viewing via Project Star Gate. If you ever wanted to dig deeper into remote viewing, this government manual is one of the best resources you can read.

Ingo Swann Interview (Psychic Magazine): Ingo Swann is known as the father of remote viewing. as he laid out the techniques for remote viewing. In this rare interview from 1973, Swann is interviewed about remote viewing which he labels as an OBE, out-of-body experience, and psychokinesis. The great part about this interview is he discusses experimenting with Dr. Hal Puthoff at the Stanford Research Institute. It was under the rigorous scientific discipline of Dr. Puthoff that the CIA’s Project Stargate was founded shortly after this interview was published.

The Lucid Dreaming Playbook: How to Take Charge of Your Dreams (Aeon): This article recounts a psychologists method of triggering a lucid dream. The basic instruction for what is known as the MILD method of lucid dreaming have been successfully repeated in several laboratory experiments and remains to this day the most effective way of initiating a lucid dreaming experience.

Are Plants Conscious? (Gizmodo): The question of whether plants are conscious or not is examined in this article. Various scientists of different life sciences, biological disciplines and a philosopher offer a cogent take upon their views as to what qualifies consciousness and whether plants demonstrate this capability.

Human Single Neuron Activity Precedes Emergence of Conscious Perception (Nature): Scientific researchers at Tel Aviv University have worked with epileptic patients who have intracranial depth electrodes implanted in their brains to measure debilitating seizures. The researchers then used a specialized viewing technique called binocular rivalry on these patients which utilizes a way of showing distinct images to the left and right eye so the brain cannot blur the two together. When the brain is focusing on one image, light from both images continuously stimulates the visual cortex. The researchers were able to find a precise area of the medial-frontal lobe that activates a full two seconds before the image is formulated in the patient’s head. This led the researchers to posit that conscious experience may be brain driven and is formulated moments before we experience it.

Strange Rituals: The Occult Truth Behind Weddings (Medium): June is wedding month in Western society. Occult researcher Mitch Horowitz digs into classic wedding traditions that are practiced today and traces them back to their origins which can be quite surprising.

Occult America (YouTube): Mitch Horowitz speaks at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles. The UPR was founded in 1934 by Manley P. Hall, the author of the oft-cited and acclaimed work of research The Secret Teachings of All Agesa book that examines Masonic, Hermetic, Rosicrucian and Qabbalistic ritual and symbolism. In this lecture, Horowitz examines current culture in the digital age and how it has affected our expressions to each other. This has occult power as we yield en-masse to a horde mindset creating very deep divisions amongst ourselves. Yet, we still enjoy the protection of the individual search for meaning. Horowitz leans of the history of occultism and talks about how occultist philosophy can raise us up as individuals from this division.

Robin Foy and Kai Muegge ‘Secrets of Physical Mediumship’ (YouTube): This video contains a great discussion upon physical mediumship with physical medium Kai Muegge and Robin Foy who is best known for his participation in and the documentation of the Scole Experiment. Robin goes into depth upon what he has witnessed and offers a hypothesis on how physical mediumship transpires.

The Scole Mediums Give Reasons for Going Beyond the Scole Experiment to the Norfolk Experiment (The Scole Experiment): An introduction to the Crystal Photographic Experiments (CPE) that have been carried out since early 2005 by the two Scole Experiment mediums – Alan and Diana Bennett. In early 2006, Grant and Jane Solomon joined Alan and Diana as collaborators in conducting these groundbreaking Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) experiments. In this article you’ll learn about the experiment setup of the Norfolk Experimental Group. You’ll also be treated to some of the astonishing images that have formed within crystals during their experiments.

The Afterlife Investigations: The Scole Experiment (YouTube): Narrated by Britain’s leading investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre and directed by Tim Coleman, this award-winning film presents the most compelling scientific evidence for life after death ever presented in any documentary. Full of never-before-seen material, it explores four intriguing afterlife investigations: The Scole Experiment; Marcello Bacci; Allison DuBois and Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Spirit Hand on Television Set (The Paranormal Guide): A brief article discussing one of the earliest known and, at the time, most talked about cases of potential visual Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) in relation to televisions. This occurred in 1968. A woman in Minnesota was watching her husband wrap presents on Christmas Eve when she noticed an outstretched hand appear, palm towards her, on the television set. She grabbed her camera and took a photo the hand faded away. The television was reportedly unplugged during the manifestation.

Case Report: The USS Nimitz 2004 (UAP Info): The now infamous USS Nimitz “Tic-Tac” UFO incident in 2004 may wind up in the history books as the case that brought UFO disclosure to light. This article contains all relevant information on the incident, including the Department of Defense report and interviews with radar operators and pilots who tracked this incident over several days. There were several objects that had the capability of traveling at 48,000 mph. The interviews are astounding and shine a new light on the very brief portion of the videos which have been declassified.

Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another Dimension (YouTube): The video description states it best: “Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award-winning film about the greatest crop circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation.”

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