Paranormal Census #14 – Visions and Visits

Paranormal Census Entry 14

This is an entry from our Paranormal Experience Census. We will continue to post census entries to help you explore the unknown through the personal experiences of others. If you would like to see all of the census entries we have published so far, you can click here to see prior census entries.

This particular entry comes to us from Susan. She has led a spiritual life for more than forty years in Great Britain and during that time, she has been blessed with visitations from spirit in multiple forms.

Susan has shared a handful of experiences from her life. Hopefully her experiences will help to make any paranormal events in your life seem a bit more normal.

We know a lot of our readers have had paranormal experiences, so please feel free to share yours via our census form to help educate your fellow paranormal enthusiasts.

A Vision of Beauty

I started to meditate. Within moments, the top of my head opened up and standing in my head was a beautiful young woman. She had beautiful skin like porcelain. She was wearing what I described as a pointed crown on her head of gold; it fitted her head and close onto the sides, with dangling jewelry. It went to a point about a foot above her head, sparkling. She wore gold pantaloons which fitted at her ankle, she wore a spun gold top covering her breasts, her midriff bare, her feet bare. Her fingernails long, her face more beautiful than I’ve ever seen. She was moving in my head. It was vibrant and real. She brought her hands to her breast across herself, and she bowed her head to me, then was gone. I opened my eyes and called her back. I’ve never seen her again, yet I can make an image of remembrance; but it’s not real, just a memory

Since I’ve lived life, I think she would have been a temple dancer from Asia as I’ve seen their dances and they are similar. Who she was, I’ve never known and I asked every day for 30 years to see her again.

It was such a beautiful experience. 

A Pre-Birth Visit

Seven years before my granddaughter Jasmine was born, I was told by a medium in trance I would have a granddaughter who come in on the golden ray and live her life on the golden ray. Years later, one night asleep in my bed, I was woken by someone coming into my bedroom (a child). Turning my head to the left, standing bedside me was a little spirit girl wearing a white lacy night dress. She had long blonde ringlets to her shoulders. I asked her what did she want, and we looked at each other then she evaporated. In 2004 probably, 3 or 4 years after my visit with little girl, I was at the birth of my first granddaughter Jasmine. When she was about 4 years old onwards she had blonde ringlets falling to her shoulders. I knew she had been to meet me before she came to earth. We have a deep love for each other 

A Seance Sitting

I’ve attended seances where I have held the hands of long dead people and held conversations with long dead people. I’ve seen trumpets flying, tables and other things floating, hands touched my knees. I’ve seen a medium in somnambulistic sleep who was inside a closed off cabinet suddenly transferred from cabinet to right in front of me, three times, the chair intact and with him tied in with ropes and ties . 

Crispy Ears

When my little dog Lady was put to sleep I felt an energy around my feet and the energy came up into my body right from toes to my head and filled me with utter love and joy. 

Asleep one night, I was woken by fast footsteps coming upstairs. I then felt sitting on my chest was Queenie and Lady, both my deceased dogs. I could smell them. They were warm and solid. When alive they often had crispy ears covered with food (Cavalier King Charles spaniels). While I was rubbing them and smelling them, they had crispy ears. 

Another time, years on, I was unwell with a frozen shoulder in great pain for weeks. I woke one night, and Queenie, my dog, was lying across my chest with her warm belly on my shoulder almost as if she was keeping my right shoulder warm. I stroked her, felt her warmth, her fur, she was real. Then she just evaporated away.

Susan is lucky as she has had some amazing visitations from the other side. Be it a small child with blonde ringlets that may’ve been a granddaughter years before her birth, or pets coming to her aid when she needed them, Susan has experienced so much.

We know that many of you have had similar paranormal experiences as well.

If you have had a paranormal experience and would like to share it, please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. It is important to the field to share experiences because it helps us all learn.

If you found the content in this article to be of any value to your paranormal studies, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends as well because if you found it interesting, they might too.

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