Restless Graves Part II: Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut

If a cemetery should gain a reputation for being haunted, the people who operate it do everything they can to keep the stories at a minimum. Sadly, those stories do get out into the world and the operators find themselves dealing with vandalism and thrill seekers who are not afraid to trespass. For the most part, the stories of famously haunted cemeteries are nothing more than rumors and urban legend built up over time by overactive imaginations. And then you have cemeteries like Easton, Connecticut’s Union cemetery. A rural burial ground where the stories of ghostly activity are far more than mere rumor.

Officially, Union Cemetery was incorporated in 1854, however a small number of graves date back to the 1700s. Walking among these faded or moss-covered graves it’s common to find ones that read, “Captain…Continental army.” These aged tombstones are sure to pique the interests of history buffs. As for the ghosts that allegedly haunt this Cemetery, well, they are of a much later era.

Stories of phantom hitchhikers have been a staple of American ghost lore dating back decades. And Union Cemetery is not without one of these iconic specters. Motorists driving near the cemetery have reported witnessing a young woman with raven black hair and a shimmering white dress floating through the cemetery. The white lady of Union Cemetery is believed to be responsible for a number of car accidents that happen along the adjacent road.

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On dark nights, she is said to appear in the road standing in the path of oncoming cars. When drivers swerve to miss her, they look in their rear-view mirror to see the lonely apparition before she vanishes leaving a cold chill in the air.

As with any report of a ghost the question is eventually asked, “Who is this accident causing apparition?” According to a local story, she was a young wife who suffered greatly at the hands of her abusive husband. One day, the abuse that she endured for years led to her death sometime in the 1940s. Although there is no historical documentation to back the story up, locals assert it is true.

A second entity said to haunt the cemetery is quite possibly it’s strangest ghost, a pair of red glowing eyes. “Old Red Eyes” as it’s called is seen staring out of bushes and peeking out from behind tombstones. Old Red Eyes has also been heard stomping around the cemetery as it follows visitors around. Upon seeing this curious entity, one teenage visitor heard it say, “Get the fuck out.” Clearly a very unpleasant ghost and due to its irascible behavior, people believe they know this ghost’s identity.

Earl Kellog, was a resident of Easton, Connecticut in the 1930s and it was rumored he had a reputation for being a very unpleasant individual. He was known to have a violent temper and a nasty mouth when he was drunk. Due to his less than stellar personality, Kellog made several enemies. And one day, one of his enemies exacted his revenge.

While fishing in a local ravine, a young man discovered the charred remains of a man floating in the water. When the police arrived, it was determined the body was Earl Kellog. Apparently, some unknown person beat him and then set his body on fire. Earl Kellog was a bad guy who continued his bad behavior after dying horribly.

Keeping with the traditions of English burial grounds, graveyards are found in close proximity to a church in New England. Easton Baptist is a quaint, little white church that sits near the cemetery. Just like it’s neighbor, Easton Baptist is a hotbed of ghostly activity.

For many years visitors to Easton Baptist have claimed to encounter its many resident phantoms. Shadowy apparitions have been witnessed walking among the pews and lurking in the shadows. An eerie bone chilling mist is known to appear and dissipate. And lastly, disembodied voices are heard when no living souls are about. It has been suggested the entities that haunt this rural house of worship congregate there and use it as a portal to the other side.

Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is every bit the charming country cemetery. The cemetery is open to the public daily. However, be warned, once the sun goes down trespassers will not be tolerated by the police…the ghosts. 

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