Haunted Stays IX: Brumder Mansion B&B in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brumder Mansion Stairwell

Like the rest of the United States in the 19th century, the state of Wisconsin welcomed a massive influx of immigrants, most of them from Germany. These immigrants who sought the American dream were attracted to the rolling hills and lush forests of the badger state. Wisconsin reminded them of their homeland and George Brumder was one of those German immigrants.

When George Brumder arrived in his adopted country, he was well educated. He was fluent in the English language which aided him in his endeavors. Brumder soon discovered that many of his fellow immigrants didn’t speak English and desperately wanted reading material in their native tongue. Upon learning this, Brumder went about producing reading material for his fellow Germans which made George Brumder a very wealthy man.

After making his fortune, Brumder had an elegant mansion built along Milwaukee’s exclusive Wisconsin Avenue. George’s wealth and affable personality made him a favored member of Milwaukee’s elite society.

The Mansion stayed in the Brumder family for many years until it was sold to Samuel Picks, a reputed mobster. During the prohibition era, Picks offered two illegal services to the city of Milwaukee. The once proud mansion was used as both a speakeasy and a brothel. If you had the money to burn, you could find liquor and sex at the Brumder Mansion and business was very good for Sam Picks.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Brumder Mansion changed hands numerous times. In stark contrast to Sam Pick’s house of ill repute, the house served as the offices of a local Lutheran church. When the church vacated the property, it became a billiard hall and later, a coffee house for Milwaukee’s Beat culture. It wasn’t until 1997, when the house was bought by Carol Hirsch, who turned it into the bed and breakfast it is today. Although the new owner knew of the mansion’s questionable past, what she didn’t know was that Brumder mansion was haunted.

Guests of Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast have had several encounters with the ghosts that lurk in the mansion. One room in particular, the Gold Suite, appears to be the most haunted room in the mansion and the ghost that haunts this room is anything but friendly.

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People who have stayed in the room have reported being awakened by vivid, violent dreams filled with disturbing imagery and gore. When they awake, they find that a bone chilling cold fills the room along with an all-consuming feeling of dread. Whoever, or whatever, this entity is clearly does not want to share its space with anyone.

Carol Hirsch, the owner of the mansion has shared in her guests encounters in the Gold Suite. The first incident, Mrs. Hirsch was getting the suite ready for an incoming guest when she made a peculiar discovery. In the bathtub, she found a strange red liquid that looked suspiciously like blood making a small pool in the tub. She knew that no one else had been in this room and could not account for the strange red liquid. So, she did what other proprietors might not do in a situation like this, she cleaned up the mess and concluded the ghosts were to blame.

Her second experience in the Gold Suite was just as mystifying and far more terrifying. One day, Mrs Hirsch fell asleep in the suite with her dog lying next to her. When she awoke, she discovered the scowling apparition of a woman standing over her. Before she could inquire who the strange woman was, the ghost demanded the dog get off the bed. She then turned and faded away before the owner’s eyes. Whoever this woman was, she definitely did not care for man’s best friend.

Apart from the angry dog hating ghost of the Gold Suite, the other phantom residents of the mansion have a playful, almost mischievous side. The sound of giggling children running up and down the halls and slamming doors are heard even in the darkest hours of the night. Whenever an angry guest goes to investigate, they find nothing more than a quiet, dark hall. 

One ongoing event in the house is attributed to these mischievous ghosts. They take great pleasure in playing a game of ding dong ditch by pushing the doorbell. When a member of staff goes to see who’s there, no one is found standing at the front door. There is also the tumultuous sound of glasses and plates crashing to the floor in the kitchen. When a member of staff goes into the kitchen to check expecting to find a mess, they find nothing. Not a single plate or glass is out of place. Mrs Hirsch, of course, takes this all in stride. She firmly believes her ghosts mean no one any harm and she peacefully co-exists with them.

When you consider it’s long, and sordid past, it should come as no shock that Brumder Mansion is haunted. So, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway in the city of Milwaukee you may want to give Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast a try. The rooms are quaint, the food is good and the ghosts are always active. 

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