What We Know, and Don’t Know, about Ghost Box Communication

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Editors Note: This article originally appeared on our now defunct sister site ITC Voices. This original article may have been lightly edited, updated or modified for reposting via Paranormal Study.

Ghost Box Communication is Still a Mystery.

The mechanism by which the Others communicate with us via the ghost box is a mystery. There is no positive, repeatable science regarding the formation of EVP, let alone ghost box communication.

That being said, there are some things that I have gleaned from countless hours using various ghost boxes. I hope that condensing these points into a manageable form will propagate other  ghost box researchers to build upon these points via their research to create more finite definitions.

While the physical mechanisms of a ghost box are known, we simply do not concretely know how communication occurs via manipulation of these physical boxes. 

Nobody is an “expert,” when it comes to how ghost box communication exists, but there are those who have more “experiences” than others. With that being said, here is what we positively do know from ghost box experiences, ghost box recordings and ghost box builders:

  1. Radio tuners are used in ghost boxes;
  2. White noise is inherently generated from the continual scanning of a radio tuner; (this is the reason why the commercial ghost box that most everyone utilizes (PSB-7 & its iterations) intentionally adds white noise;
  3. This continual scanning through available radio frequencies (AM or FM – ghost box dependent) occurs either randomly or linearly (ghost box dependent) at a rate that varies by the ghost box being used;
  4. Digital tuners can be used;
  5. Some ghost box scan rates are fixed, others are variable (ghost box dependent);
  6. Some ghost boxes allow the ghost box user to manipulate the amount of radio bandwidth that is heard from the scan;
  7. Ghost boxes do not work as well in a Faraday cage since they block RF signal (but EVP can be recorded in said cage); and
  8. Two way, real-time direct communication is produced.

With the above in mind, the type of communication that is produced can be varied. There are several types of communication from the Others that has been produced over the years:

  1. Manipulated voices broadcast over the radio (including different voices forming a spoken communication that may utilize choruses, and sing-song voices in addition to standard speech);
  2. Manipulated songs broadcast over the radio;
  3. Unearthly or electronic voices;
  4. Fragmentative voices impart communication in words and sentences over a sweep; it may utilize morphemes, phonemes and even words from various sources to complete the message;
  5. Voices of living humans known to the ghost boxer have been recorded on multiple occasions;
  6. Breakthrough Communication can occur. Clear, conversational quality Breakthrough Communication has no radio broadcast manipulation and it directly speaks to the ghost boxer in some qualitative manner;
  7. Sometimes beeps will be heard before or after Breakthrough Communication; 
  8. The culmination of the produced communication is tangible (names, nicknames, swear words, location specific information, etc.), but the process by which this communication is achieved by the other side is wholly unknown at this point in time;
  9. We receive communications from some of the same entities time and again regardless of time of day, device used, or location in the world. In some instances, these same entities also communicate with other ghost boxers; we call these sentient beings “Techs” which is short for Technician; and
  10. There is conscious intent being the communication. The communication is responsive, answers questions, imparts information and predictions, and can observe and comment upon things in our physical world.
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Conjecture on how communication occurs.

Having used ghost boxes for several years, I have had intuitive feelings on how the communication occurs. This particular theory popped into my head back in 2009. I have relayed this pet theory several times on various podcasts and in other articles and social media posts always from the viewpoint that it may or may not be true. I do not have the means to test this theory so it remains as conjecture at best.

With these caveats, this is how I think (emphasis required) ghost box communication occurs:

  1. Discarnate, sentient beings, not physically present, are able to somehow recognize when a box (or any form of ITC) is turned on and that the user is attempting communication;
  2. The sentient beings then attempt to communicate with us via energy. It is not known what energy they put forth to communicate (light, thought, audio);
  3. This communication has a frequency base (wavelengths) like all energy – in this instance it may be pressure waves via vocal communication; or if they express themselves via conscious thought, it may be light energy;
  4. White noise that is produced by the act of a radio tuner scan generally contains all audible frequencies;
  5. The energy expressed from the sentient beings has quantifiable wavelengths – vocal communication happens over hundreds of wavelengths (measured in Hertz, the base wavelengths of a male voice are typically 85hZ-180hZ and a female voice has typical base wavelengths of 165hZ-255hZ (note that all the frequencies used have paired frequencies, called harmonics, that go beyond our range of hearing);
  6. These wavelengths (and their subsequent harmonic and octave pairs) match up wavelengths with the white noise, and/or raw audio (including broadcast voices, songs and song bits) produced from the random nature of radio tuner scanning;
  7. When these wavelengths match up, their wavelength amplitudes (volume) increase because the white noise makes the frequencies (both base and harmonic) expressed by the sentient beings stronger – this is a well known phenomenon called Stochastic Resonance (basically white noise carries a frequency with lesser amplitude and makes it louder than the white noise itself by the doubling of equal frequencies [as well as tripling, quadrupling, etc of the base frequency and it’s harmonic pairs]);
  8. It should be noted that some voices come through as being very electronic in nature, or much higher than a human voice. With electronic-like synth voices, it is possible that all the frequencies needed for a full voice may not be present. With voices that are much higher than human conversation, it is possible that this demonstrates the communication wavelengths may be of a much higher frequency range and that it needs to be scaled down octaves to be audible to the limited range of human hearing;
  9. With stochastic resonance, the sentient’s communication wavelengths (both base and harmonic) have an amplitude that is now loud enough to be heard through a speaker;
  10. This communication is received and becomes a ghost box communication.

I hope that this is a good starting place for your education on what ghost box communication entails. The above information may help you to qualify the communication that you receive via your ghost box. More importantly, this information may help you to build upon the above information or formulate your own testable theories on this phenomenon.

The above article was written by Tim Woolworth for the site ITC Voices and was originally published on May 14, 2014.

If you found the content in this article to be of any value to your paranormal studies, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends as well because if you found it interesting, they might too.

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