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September brought us a lot of news. Typically paranormal stories and news articles hit a yearly high in September and October, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on UFO’s, science, consciousness, mediumship and much, much more. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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A Mysterious Square Aircraft Hovering In Night Sky ‘Scared me to death,’ NC Man Says (Charlotte Observer): A man observed a square shaped UFO hovering above the tree line with several lights visible upon the craft. He snapped some photos which are viewable on the original story. The crux is that the craft is unidentified, and some are claiming it may be the experimental TR-3B, a purported anti-gravity craft that is known via its patent filed in 2004.

UFO Sighting: ‘Alien spaceship’ Shot Down Over Scotland (Express): Video has emerged from Scotland that apparently shows a UFO in a spiral ejecting some kind of fiery material. It then stops ejecting materials and starts to fly off at the end of the video. The witness purported to hear a loud bang which led to the preposterous conjecture that the UFO was targeted by weapons.

Scientists Receive Green Light To “Resurrect The Dead” Using Stem Cells (Anon News): In its inevitable march towards progress, scientists at Bioquark in Philadelphia, PA, have received approval to inject stem cells into the spinal cords of patients who have been declared clinically brain-dead. The patients will also receive an injected cocktail of proteins along with lasers and electrical nerve stimulation in an attempt to reinvigorate brain activity. If this experiment proceeds as planned, and it works, one has to wonder what effect this will have on consciousness.

Psychic Astronauts: Remote Viewing, Space Exploration And UFOs (Nightshirt): In an effort to add depth to the conversation on ET’s, this article examines consciousness from the perspective of being a non-local mechanism and this non-locality may also facilitate contact with ET’s. The theory of non-local consciousness means that consciousness is not a creation of the brain, but rather has an origination point somewhere else and our bodies/brains are simply receivers for consciousness. The author briefly touches upon the work of Targ, Puthoff and Swann with government remote viewing programs. In brief, he discusses the similarities of abduction memories with the perceived reality of drug-induced hallucinogenic states. There are a couple other viewpoints, but the crux of the article is that all points in space and time are connected in consciousness. If true, this will call into question all aspects of paranormal studies being defined as  paranormal, for in fact, if true, paranormal phenomenon is merely normal.

Uri Geller’s Stanford Research Institute Experiments: This video contains several experiments conducted at SRI with Uri Geller over the course of five weeks in 1973. The results nothing less than astounding.

Synchronous Firing And Its Influence On The Brain’s Electromagnetic Field Evidence For An Electromagnetic Field Theory Of Consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies): This fascinating journal article examines how the neurons in the human brain create their own electromagnetic field. The author posits that this EM field is the substrate upon which conscious awareness functions. Outside of consciousness studies, for those who actively investigate as ghost hunters, this supposition shows some support towards the body electric being detectable via DC EMF meters (Direct Current being the nature of the bodies electrical signals).

When You Split The Brain, Do You Split The Person? (Aeon): Persons with persistent epilepsy are often left with one option – a surgery that splits the two hemispheres of the brain via the corpus callosum, a signal highway that carries information from one side of the brain to the other. This surgery prevents the electrical storm of epilepsy from growing and overtaking the brain functions. A series of experiments were recently conducted on split-brain patients to see whether or not the person could act as a whole from a conscious perspective. This was done via visual tests and resulted in something far more complex than anticipated. The materialist view of consciousness holds true, and consciousness derives from the brain, then when you split the brain you should have two distinct consciousnesses, one for each side of the brain. Yet, in these experiments, it has been demonstrated that both sides of the brain of split-brain patients work together to form one singular, cogent consciousness which cannot happen from a materialist perspective.

Discovering Your Other Self: You May Find That You Like It (Medium): Esotericist Mitch Horowitz examines what in necessary for personal growth. While not paranormal in nature, his advice is to embrace the Jungian shadow-self in order to better yourself. In this article, he relates the shadow-self to literature and names it the split-self – a fitting bookend to the article above mentioning the split-brain. With this advice, you can be more effective at whatever you desire, including paranormal studies.

Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something: The Ways Some “healthy voice hearers” Cope Might Be Able To Help People With Psychotic Disorders (The Atlantic): A woman who has trained to hone her psychic abilities has become part of a Yale study to qualify the voices she hears versus the voices that schizophrenics hear. There are a lot of variables and this illustrates a fascinating academic approach to clairaudience. It is found that psychics can summon voices and control the effect it has on their daily lives whereas schizophrenics have no such control. The way a clairaudient psychic deals with communication is now a viable path of study for coping mechanisms of those affected by schizophrenia.

Lucid Dreaming: Controlling The Stories Of Sleep (Medical News Today): This article contains an overview of lucid dreaming for those not familiar with the practice. It also has some basic methods on how to try and achieve lucid dreaming. We have pointed out quite a few articles on lucid dreaming in prior news roundups so feel free to browse through them or use our site’s search function to pull up what you are looking for.

Consciousness: Why Materialism Fails (Open Sciences): This article is a must-read. The author examines consciousness from the viewpoint of modern academia. First, he looks at mind and consciousness through the eyes of Physicalism and Materialism; they are brain generated and this is an undeniable set-in-stone fact despite having no valid hypotheses on the existence of consciousness: how it is created; the uniqueness of consciousness; where consciousness is stored; how it is recalled…and the list goes on. The author then goes on to provide viewpoints of how consciousness transcends the materialist dogma against it’s independent existence. The article supports consciousness as being a non-local phenomenon and is fundamental to our every thought and perception.

Paranormal Study Reference Articles:

We missed July 2018 in our news roundup and we’re sorry for that. There was a lot going on and not enough manpower to create the monthly news roundup. The next couple months are very, very busy for us as well due to the heightened interest in the paranormal that happens every fall. We are busy doing radio shows and conferences almost every week but we will endeavor to try to get you a list of the interesting articles that made their way through our feeds in a timely fashion.

August gave us some great paranormal news articles. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on ghosts, poltergeists, panpsychism, mediumship and much, much more. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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Soldier Diaries Tell Of Ghosts Intervening In First World War: Canadian Historian (National Post): Historian David Cook examined World War I diaries and discovered that there were several paranormal reports of both specters and premonitions. Those who reported these occurences in their diaries only had these encounters on the battelfield and they did not occur again during the remainder of their lives. He also noted that these occurences only happened to people who were on the battlefield as they were not reported during training nor to military persons who did not serve on the battelfields themselves. This is a fantastic historical account and an underserved section of paranormal study.

Panpsychism: 3 Reasons Why Our World Is Brimming With Sentience: The author examines three arguments in support of panpsychism, the belief that everything – even molecules – have sentience. Through documented sources, the author argues that sentience did not emerge spontaneously but has always been present; that recognizing an object by its external properties belies the internal properties contained within; and that as humans we infer that all humans and some animals have consciousness due to similar biology but we ignore other flora and fauna with dissimilar biology which have shown signs of consciousness. This is an interesting article which challenges the reader to think about the definition of life from a different viewpoint. 

A New Method For Having Lucid Dreams Has Been Discovered by Scientists (Science Alert): The MILD method is the best known way to induce lucid dreaming; this technique involves cognition training and scheduled wakefulness. Researchers have taken MILD a step further by utilizing Galantamine, a drug used to prevent memory decay in Alzheimer’s patients. A startling number of participants, 57%, were able to induce LD through MILD with the use of placebo, and doses of either 4mg or 8mg of Galantamine.

Smoke ITC Located in Random Photo: ITC Voices and Paranormal Study founder, Tim Woolworth, was at a casino on 25aug18 speaking at a large conference in Northern Michigan. At the end of the night he posed with several friends for a single photo. Everyone had a lit cigar to celebrate the end to another paranormal conference. When he reviewed the photo, he found a wonderful smoke ITC impression: his initials in the smoke right above his head.

The Moffitt Family Poltergeist Case 1987-1992 (Metaphysical Articles): This article profiles a well known poltergeist case from California in which a family was terrrorized by a purported poltergeist. The incidences were attributed to an entity, Prince, and included destruction of property, mirror writing, and violence. It is a fascinating story that has begun to receive new interest due to the 2015 book, Unwelcomed: The True Story of the Moffitt Family Haunting. Deborah Moffitt has been featured on many podcasts in the last two years and her story is fascinating from a paranormalist’s perspective.

DMT Models the Near-Death Experience (Frontiers in Psychology): An interesting correlation between the effects of a drug, DMT, and the experiences of the NDE state have been found. DMT is thought to be produced by the pineal gland. This raises the question if some NDE’s are caused by a DMT release upon death. Granted, the work into NDE’s by Dr. Pim van Lommel, Dr. Raymond Moody and countless others shows than there is much more to the NDE experience that a tunnel with a light at the end. We here at Paranormal Study still think the NDE is a unique event experienced by those who’ve died due to countless reports for millennia and communications from the other side. But, this correlation does open up wonderful lines of enquiry.

Search For The Mothman:  “Search For The Mothman” is a documentary that explores the unusual disturbances, odd sightings, bizarre occurrences, and surreal eyewitness reports connected to a large, winged, red-eyed creature known as the “Mothman” (first sighted in the Point Pleasant, West Virginia area in the 1960s). These events transpired over the span of 13 months. Strangely, the sightings and disturbances seemed to reach a peak with several area residents sharing the same collective nightmare of a river disaster. John Keel published the lauded book The Mothman Prophecies: A True Story which went into great depth regarding the Point Pleasant events and the bridge collapse; this book is highly recommended reading. As a reminder, the Mothman Festival is happening in just a couple short weeks in Point Pleasant, so read the book and watch this documentary to get up to speed on the topic:

Non-Verbal Austistic Children Demonstrating Telepathy: Dr. Diane Powell, M.D., reported some jaw-dropping results working with children who were autistic and non-verbal. In her experiments, she found that a group of children she worked with displayed a 90% accuracy rate on telepathic tests. One child, featured in the video below, demonstrated a 100% accuracy rate. The test was a simple design where a researcher, who works with these children, attempts to test the children’s telepathic ability with the researcher. The researcher views a card hidden from the subject with information on it and the subject pecks out the answer on a board. This test has profound results that demonstrate a telepathic ability present in at least one segment of the population.

Are We Being Supernaturally “Fed” On? (MU): Nick Redfern is a prolific author of over forty books and numerous articles. In this brief article, Redfern outlines several types of supernatural experiences that have left the victims exhausted. He raises the question of whether or not these experiences are much more than the physical phenomenon they are typically perceived to be. We highly recommend checking out Nick’s vast array of books to broaden your understanding of the paranormal.

Strange Case Of Norfolk Life After Death Experiment That Could Become A Hollywood Film (Eastern Daily Press): There are few cases of paranormal study in modern history that have truly captured the attention of the world and have stood the test of time. One of these studies was The Scole Experiment. A small group conducted mediumship sessions in Norfolk, UK, in the 1990’s. During these experiments which took place in the basement of a 17th century farmhouse, the standard mediumship protocols were followed. The room was painted black, there was no light. Over the sessions, glowing hands appeared, spirit trumpets moved and voices were heard from them, several apports appeared and undeveloped film had images imprinted upon it. The results were astounding and were well documented in The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death by Scole attendee, Grant Solomon. It now appears that there is a movie in the works based upon the Scole Experiment.

Deathbed Vision of Angels (Thought Co): This article briefly recounts several sources regarding the appearance of angels right before death occurs. Angels are often regarded as harbingers of the afterlife and appear to those dying to reassure them that everything is as it should be. They have been reported for millenia and have become part of the ideology of death in most cultures around the globe. While it is unknown who, or what these angels are, they appear regardless of race, sex, religion, politics, country, et cetera. If you would like to brush up on Angelology, Rosemary Ellen Guiley has a fantastic work entitled The Encyclopedia of Angels that is a wonderful reference guide.

From Hades To Out Yonder: The Soul’s Journey Through The Seven Planes According To Frederic W.H. Myers (The Search For Life After Death): F.W.H. Myers was one of the founding members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in the late 19th century. He is well known for his work on apparitions and mediumship having published three books during his life and what is often referred to as the Bible of British Psychical Researchers, Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, was published posthumously. All of Myer’s works are available in the Paranormal Study Library as free PDF downloads. The article referenced a work by famed automatic writer, Geraldine Cummins, who was able to transcribe communications from the other side into several books. The book that is referenced, The Road to Immortality, is a Cummins classic in which she purports to have communicated with Myers after his death. Myers relates that there are seven planes of existence that the soul passes through and they are explored in a few pages of this book. The idea of planes has been around since time immemorial and has also been referenced through mediumship by numerous persons and groups such as the Theosophists and ITC researcher George Meek.

“The astounding thing I found as I progressed with my research was that once subjects were regressed back into their soul state, they all displayed a remarkable consistency in responding to questions about the spirit world. People even use the same words and graphic descriptions in colloquial language when discussing their lives as souls.”  ~~  Dr. Michael Newton in his transformative book Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newtong gives an inside view of the experiences of those who have glimpsed the afterlife. Dr. Newton was a lifelong atheist whose views were converted shortly after a couple of experiences relayed by his hypnotherapy patients changed his entire world view. Over the course of his career, he worked with thousands of patients in an effort to map out the progressions of the afterlife.

This book is a fascinating read and we hope you will find these excerpts as scintillating as we do.

Key Excerpts from Journey of Souls


When Dr. Michael Newton, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives, he stumbled onto a discovery of enormous proportions: that it is possible to “see” into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state; and that clients in this altered state were able to tell him what their soul was doing between lives on Earth.

Journey of Souls represents ten years of his research and insights to help you understand the purpose behind your life choices, and how and why your soul—and the souls of those you love—lives eternally. This remarkable, fast-moving book uncovers some of the mysteries of life in the spirit world.

This book is an intimate journal about the spirit world. It provides a series of actual case histories which reveal in explicit detail what happens to us when life on Earth is over. You will be taken beyond the spiritual tunnel and enter the spirit world itself to learn what transpires for souls before they finally return to Earth in another life.

Michael Duff Newton holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Counseling Association.

The Death Experience

In my practice … I stumbled on to a discovery of enormous proportions. I found it was possible to see into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of a hypnotized subject who could report back to me of life between lives on Earth.

The astounding thing I found as I progressed with my research was that once subjects were regressed back into their soul state, they all displayed a remarkable consistency in responding to questions about the spirit world. People even use the same words and graphic descriptions in colloquial language when discussing their lives as souls.

I am not a religious person, but [through this research] I found the place where we go after death to be one of order and direction. I have come to appreciate that there is a grand design to life and afterlife.

My clients say after recalling former death experiences they are so filled with rediscovered freedom from their earthbound bodies that they are anxious to get started on their spiritual journey to a place of peace and familiarity.

All these people report a euphoric sense of freedom and brightness around them. Some of my subjects see brilliant whiteness totally surrounding them at the moment of death, while others observe the brightness is farther away from an area of darker space through which they are being pulled. This is often referred to as the tunnel effect, and has become well known with the public.

Dr. N: And what does the process of moving out of your body actually feel like to you?
S: Well, it’s as if I shed my skin … peeling a banana. I just lose my body in one swoosh!
Dr. N: Is the feeling unpleasant?
S: Oh no! It’s wonderful to feel so free with no more pain, but … I am … disoriented … I didn’t expect to die…

The location of the tunnel in relation to the Earth has some variations between the accounts of my subjects. Some newly dead people see it opening up … right over their bodies, while others say they move high above the Earth before they enter the tunnel.

S: I’m not scared. When I was in the tunnel, I was more … disoriented. Yes, I feel secure … I’m aware of thoughts reaching out to me… of caring … nurturing. It is strange, but there is also the understanding around me of just who I am and why I am here now.
Dr. N: Do you see any evidence of this around you?
S: (in a hushed tone) No, I sense it—a harmony of thought everywhere.

I enjoy hearing from subjects about their first images of the spirit world. People may see fields of wildflowers, castle towers rising in the distance, or rainbows under an open sky when returning to this place of adoration after an absence. The most common type of reaction I hear is a relieved sigh followed by something on the order of, “Oh, wonderful, I’m home in this beautiful place again.”

When the soul sees images in the spirit world which relate to places they have lived or visited on Earth, there is a reason. An unforgotten home, school, garden, mountain, or seashore are seen by souls because a benevolent spiritual force allows for terrestrial mirages to comfort us by their familiarity. Our planetary memories never die—they whisper forever into the soul-mind on the winds of mythical dreams, just as images of the spirit world do so within the human mind.

Guides and the Reception Committee

New arrivals in the spirit world have little time to float around wondering where they are or what is going to happen to them next. Our guides and a number of soulmates and friends wait for us close to the gateway to provide recognition, affection, and the assurance we are all right.

Our reception committee is planned in advance for us as we enter the spirit world. Most of my subjects report the first person they see in the spirit world is their personal guide. However, after any life we can be met by a soulmate. The size of welcoming parties not only changes for everyone after each life, but is drastically reduced to almost nothing for more advanced souls where spiritual comfort becomes less necessary.

The emotional meetings which take place between souls at this interval in a spiritual passage are only a prelude to our eventual placement within a specific group of entities at our own maturity level.

My subjects say to me no soul is inherently evil, although it may acquire this label in human life. There are two types of displaced souls: those who do not accept the fact their physical body is dead and fight returning to the spirit world for reasons of personal anguish, and those souls who have been subverted by, or had complicity with, criminal abnormalities in a human body.

The first type we call ghosts. These spirits refuse to go home after physical death and often have unpleasant influences on those of us who would like to finish out our own human lives in peace. [The second type are] souls who have been so severely damaged they are detached from the mainstream of souls going back to a spiritual home base. Compared to all returning entities, the number of these abnormal souls is not large. However, what has happened to them on Earth is significant because of the serious effect they have on other incarnated souls.

The concept of souls having fallibility comes as a surprise to some people. The statements of [my] clients indicate most of us are still far from perfect beings in the spirit world. The essential purpose of reincarnation is self-improvement. [And] we still have free will, even in death.

Does hell exist to permanently separate good souls from bad ones? All my case work with the spirits of my subjects has convinced me there is no residence of terrible suffering for souls, except on Earth. I am told all souls go to one spirit world after death where everyone is treated with patience and love.

The Space of Healing and Life Evaluation

After those entities who meet us during our homecoming have dispersed, we are ready to be taken to a space of healing. In this place we are often examined by our guide. I think of the healing station as a field hospital, or MASH unit, for damaged souls coming off Earth’s battlefields.

Dr. N: Give me as much detail as possible about what you experience here.
S: I’m propelled in and I see a bright warm beam. It reaches out to me as a stream of liquid energy. There is a … vapor-like … steam swirling around me at first … then gently touching my soul as if it were alive. Then it is absorbed into me as fire and I am bathed and cleansed from my hurts. My essence is being bathed … restoring me after my exposure to Earth.

This place I have come to call the shower of healing is only a prelude for the rehabilitation of returning souls. The orientation stage which immediately follows (especially with younger souls), involves a substantial counseling session with one’s guide. The newly refreshed soul arrives at this station to undergo a debriefing of the life just ended.

People in hypnosis who discuss the type of counseling which goes on during orientation say their guides are gentle but probing. There is no such thing here as punishment—that’s an Earth condition. Imagine your favorite elementary school teacher and you have the idea. And no subterfuge or deception exists in [this] telepathic world. Yet the stupid things we did in life hit us hard in orientation.

Dr. N: Now that you are near [your guide] Clodees, do you think he is as upset as you are over this past life?
S: No, I’m more upset with myself over what I did and didn’t do, and he knows that. Advisors can be displeased but they don’t humiliate us. They are too superior for that.

[So] at the end of every life, rather than having a monster waiting to devour our souls, we serve as our most severe critic in front of teacher-guides. Perpetrators of harm to others will do penance by setting themselves up as future victims in a karmic cycle of justice. [And] from what I have seen, no negative karma remains attached to a soul who is willing to work during their many lives on this planet.

Both positive and negative emotions are valued. If a soul only knew love and peace, it would gain no insight and never truly appreciate the value of these positive feelings. A soul grows by trying to overcome all negative emotions connected to fear through perseverance in many lifetimes, often returning to the spirit world bruised or hurt. Some of this negativity can be retained, even in the spirit world, and may reappear in another life with a new body. The test of reincarnation for a soul coming to Earth is the conquering of fear in a human body.

Our eternal identity never leaves us alone. In reflection, meditation, or prayer, the memories of who we really are do filter down to us in selective thought each day. In small, intuitive ways—through the cloud of amnesia—we are given clues for the justification of our being.

Soul Groups

All souls, regardless of experience, eventually arrive at a central port in the spirit world which I call the staging area. One of my clients described the staging area as resembling “the hub of a great wagon wheel, where we are transported from a center along the spokes to our designated places.”

Dr. N: Explain to me how this pulling process works which will take you to your destination?
S: I am riding on a wave … a beam of light.
Dr. N: Is this beam electromagnetic, or what?
S: Well … it’s similar to the bands of a radio with someone turning the dial and finding the right frequency for me.
Dr. N: Are you saying you are being guided by an invisible force without much voluntary control and that you can’t speed things up as you did right after death?
S: Yes. I must go with the wave bands of light … the waves have direction and I’m flowing with it. It’s easy. They do it all for you.

It is at this vantage point in their return that souls begin to anticipate meeting others who wait for them. Souls consider themselves having finally arrived home when they rejoin familiar classmates in group settings. The souls represented in these cluster groups are intimate old friends who have about the same awareness level. Peer members have a sensitivity to each other which is far beyond our conception on Earth.

S: Here no one is a stranger. There is a total lack of hostility toward anyone.
Dr. N: You mean every spirit is friendly to every other spirit, regardless of prior associations in many settings?
S: That’s right, and it’s more than just being friendly.
Dr. N: In what way?
S: We recognize a universal bond between us which makes us all the same. There is no suspicion toward each other.

The smaller sub-group primary clusters vary in number, containing anywhere from three to twenty-five souls. I am told the average assemblage is around fifteen, which is called the Inner Circle.

Attendance here with certain other souls resembles an educational placement system in form and function. Group placement is determined by soul level. The criteria for group admission is based upon knowledge and a given developmental level. As in any classroom situation, some students connect well with teachers and others less so. The analogy of spiritual schools directed by teacher-guides is used so often by people under hypnosis that it has become a habit for me to use the same terminology.

Dr. N: Now would you explain to me what you and your friends actually do in this library setting?
S: I go to my table and we all look at the books.
Dr. N: Books? What sort of books?
S: The life books.
Dr. N: Describe them as best you can for me.
S: They are picture books—thick white edges—two or three inches thick—quite large …
Dr. N: Open one of the life books for me and explain what you and your friends at the table see.
S: (pause, while the subject’s hands come together and move apart as though she were opening a book) There is no writing. Everything we see is in live pictures.
Dr. N: Action pictures—different than photographs?
S: Yes, they are multi-dimensional. They move … shift … from a center of … crystal … which changes with reflected light.
Dr. N: So, the pictures are not flat, the moving light waves have depth?
S: That’s right, they are alive.
Dr. N: Tell me how you and your friends use the books?
S: Well, at first it’s always out of focus when the book is opened. Then we think of what we want, the crystal turns from dark to light and … gets into alignment. Then we can see … in miniature … our past lives and the alternatives.
Dr. N: How is time treated in these books?
S: By frames … pages … time is condensed by the life books.

The Council of Elders

After souls arrive back into their soul groups, they are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders. My subjects report that the initial orientation session with their guides prepares them to go before [this] panel of superior beings. A number of my cases have called these wise beings, directors and even judges, but most refer to them as a Council of Masters or Elders. This board of review is generally composed of between three and seven members.

While the Council is not prosecutorial, they do engage in direct examination of a soul’s activities. It is not unusual for my subjects to have some difficulty providing me with full details of what transpires at these hearings, and I am sure these blocks are intentional.

All soul evaluation conferences, be they with our guides, peers, or a panel of masters have one thing in common. The feedback and past life analysis we receive in terms of judgment is based upon the original intent of our choices as much as the actions of a lifetime. Our motivations are questioned and criticized, but not condemned in such a way as to make us suffer.

Our spiritual masters constantly remind us that because the human brain does not have an innate moral sense of ethics, conscience is the soul’s responsibility. Nevertheless, there is overwhelming forgiveness in the spirit world. This world is ageless and so too are our learning tasks. We will be given other chances in our struggle for growth.

Soul Creation, Growth, Guides, and Other Worlds

Learning begins with our creation as a soul and then accelerates with the first physical life assignment. With each incarnation, we grow in understanding, although we may slip back in certain lives before regaining our footing and advancing again. I have had many cases where a client has been incarnating for up to 30,000 years on Earth and is still in the lower levels of I and II.

All beginner souls are assigned to a new group of souls at their level of understanding. There appears to be a systematic selection procedure for homogeneous groupings of souls. Similarities of ego, cognitive awareness, expression, and desire are all considerations.

Cluster members [eventually work] together for such a long time in earth years that entities become accountable to each other and the group as a whole. This fosters a great sense of belonging in all spiritual groups. The important thing is to recognize our faults, avoid self-denial, and have the courage and self-sufficiency to make constant adjustments in our lives.

It is important to understand that while we may suffer the consequences of bad choices in our educational tasks, we are always protected, supported, and directed … by master souls. I have never worked with a subject in trance who did not have a personal guide. The recognition of these spiritual teachers brings people into the company of a warm, loving creative power. Through our guides, we become more acutely aware of the continuity of life and our identity as a soul.

All guides have compassion for their students, but teaching approaches vary. I find some guides constantly helping their students on Earth, while others demand their charges work out lessons with little overt encouragement.

My clients express all sorts of sentiments about their guides, but fear is not among them. On the contrary, people are more worried about being abandoned by spiritual advisors during difficult periods in their lives. Our relationship with guides is one of students and teachers rather than defendants and judges.

Dr. N: (To the client’s guide) Begin by telling me in what way a company member on Earth can signal to get your attention.
S: (after a long pause) First, they have to calm their minds and focus attention away from their immediate surroundings.
Dr. N: How would they do this?
S: By silence … reaching inward … to fasten on their inner voice. The energy of directed thought must override human emotion.

Every soul has a spiritual higher power linked to its existence. All souls are part of the same divine essence generated from one oversoul. This intelligent energy is universal in scope and so we all share in divine status.

Without addressing and overcoming pain you can never really connect with who you are and build on that. I must tell you, the more pain and adversity which come to you as a child, the more opportunity to expand your potential.

Dr. N: Earth is considered severe?
S: Yes. On some worlds you must overcome physical discomforts—even suffering. Others lean toward mental contests. Earth has both. We get kudos for doing well on the hard worlds. (smiling) We are called the adventurous ones by those who don’t travel much.
S: Humans are egocentric but vulnerable. They can make their character mean and yet have a great capacity for kindness. There is weak and courageous behavior on Earth. It’s always a push-me pull-you tug-of-war going on with human values.
Dr. N: Do animals have souls?
S: Yes, all living things do—but they have very simple fragments of mind energy.

I am repeatedly told that the soul itself is androgynous, and yet, in the same breath, clients declare sex is not an unimportant factor. Most of my subjects select the bodies of one gender over another 75 percent of the time. This pattern is true of all but the advanced souls, who maintain more of a balance in choosing to be men and women. A gender preference by a majority of earthbound souls does not mean they are unhappy the other 25 percent of the time as males or females.

Dr. N: [What about] advanced souls who keep coming back to life on Earth when they could stay in the spirit world.
S: Oh, you mean the Sages?
Dr. N: Yes, the Sages—tell me about them.
S: (with admiration) They are the true watchers of Earth, you know … to be here and keep watch over what is going on. They choose to stay and help people directly because they are dedicated to Earth. (wistfully) They live simple lives. I first came to know some of them thousands of years ago. Today it’s hard to see them … they don’t like cities much.
Dr. N: Perhaps the word Sage could also be applied to souls like [your master guide] Kumara, or even with the entities to whom she turns for knowledge?
S: (pause) No, they are different … they are beyond the Sages. We call them the Old Ones.
Dr. N: Are there many Old Ones working with souls at Kumara’s level and above?
S: I don’t think so … but we feel their influence.
Dr. N: What do you feel in their presence?
S: (pensive) A … concentrated power of enlightenment … and guidance …
Dr. N: Could the Old Ones be embodiments of the source itself?
S: It is not for me to say, but I don’t think so yet. They must be close to the source. The Old Ones represent the purest elements of thought.

Learning rates are different between souls because of character and integrity. Each soul is driven by its integrity.

S: Intensity of desire is part of character.
Dr. N: If character is the identity of a soul, where does desire come in?
S: The drive to excel is internal to each soul, but this too can fluctuate between lives.
Dr. N: So where does a soul’s integrity fit into this?
S: The extension of desire. Integrity is the desire to be honest about Self and motives to such an extent that full awareness of the path to the source is possible.
Dr. N: If all basic intelligent energy is the same, why are souls different in their character and integrity?
S: Because their experiences with physical life change them. This is intentional. By that change new ingredients are added to the collective intelligence of every soul.
Dr. N: And this is what incarnation on Earth is all about?
S: Incarnation is an important tool, yes. Some souls are driven more than others to expand and achieve their potential, but all of us will do so in the end. Being in many physical bodies and different settings expands the nature of our real self.
Dr. N: And this sort of self-actualization of the soul identity is the purpose of life on our world?
S: On any world.

A small percentage of my subjects, usually the older, advanced souls, are able to recall being in strange, non-human intelligent life-forms on other worlds. Their memories are rather fleeting and clouded about the circumstances of these lives.

S: The Earth school is insecure, still. It is filled with resentment of many people over being led and antagonism of the leaders toward each other. There is so much fear to overcome here. It is a world in conflict because there is too much diversity among too many people. Earth’s population has outpaced its mental development. Other worlds have low populations with more harmony.

While speaking of a “paradise planet” with few people and a quieter, simpler version of Earth, he added this world was not far from Earth. “Oh,” I interrupted, “then it must only be a few light years from Earth?” He patiently explained that the planet was not in our universe, but closer to Earth than many planets in our own galaxy.

[And] when a world dies, those entities with unfinished business move on to another world which has a suitable life form for the kind of work they have been doing. Cycles of incarnation for the eternal soul seem to be regulated more by the internal desires of a particular soul, than by the urgency of host bodies evolving in a universe of planets.

For all Earth’s quarreling and cruelty, there is passion and bravery here. I like working in crisis situations. To bring order out of disorder. We all know Earth is a difficult school.

The Source/Creator

Most people who are in deep hypnosis are able to see beyond an Earth reality of three-dimensional space, into alternate realities of timelessness. In the subconscious state, my subjects experience a chronology of time with their past and present lives which resembles what they perceive when conscious. [Yet] there is a change when I take them into superconsciousness and the spirit world. Here they see the now of time as one homogeneous unit of past, present, and future.

Dr. N: Can you describe the creator in more human terms?
S: As the ultimate selfless being which we strive to be.
Dr. N: If the source represents all the spirit world, how does this mental place differ from physical universes with stars, planets, and living things?
S: Universes are created—to live and die—for the use of the source.

In the beginning there is an outward migration of our soul energy from the source. Afterward, our lives are spent moving inward … toward cohesion and the uniting

S: … There is an explosive release … then a returning … yes, the source pulsates.
Dr. N: And you are moving toward the center of this energy source?
S: There really is no center. The source is all around us, as if we were … inside a beating heart.

S: Nothing is collapsing … the source is endless. As souls we will never die—we know that, somehow. As we coalesce, our increasing wisdom makes the source stronger.
Dr. N: So the source starts out by deliberately creating imperfect souls and imperfect life forms for these souls and watches what happens in order to extend itself?
S: Yes, and we have to have faith in this decision and trust the process of returning to the origin of life. One has to be starving to appreciate food, to be cold to understand the blessings of warmth, and to be children to see the value of the parent. The transformation gives us purpose.

When I study the incarnation chronology of a client, I find there is usually a long span of hundreds, even thousands, of years between their lives in Paleolithic nomadic cultures. With the introduction of agriculture and domesticated animals in the Neolithic Age, from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, my subjects report living more frequent lives. Still, their lives are often spaced as much as 500 years apart.

With the rise of cities, trade, and more available food, I see the incarnation schedules of souls increasing with a growing population. Between 1000 and 1500 AD, my clients live an average of once in two centuries. After 1700, this changes to once in a century. By the 1900s, living more than one life in a century is common among my cases.

Return to Earth

The rejuvenation of our energy and personal assessment of one’s Self takes longer for some souls than others, but eventually the soul is motivated to start the process of incarnation. While our spiritual environment is hard to leave, as souls we also remember the physical pleasures of life on Earth with fondness and even nostalgia.

Once a soul has decided to incarnate again, the next stage in the return process is to be directed to the place of life selection. Souls consider when and where they want to go on Earth before making a decision on who they will be in their new life. We start by having the opportunity of viewing how we might fit into certain environments in future time segments. Then our attention is directed to people living in these places.

The space of orientation for incoming souls could be contrasted to the space of life selection for those who are leaving. Both involve life evaluations for souls in transit which include scenes from Earth, but there the resemblance ends. Orientation spaces are said to be small, intimate conference areas designed to make a newly arrived soul comfortable, but our mental attitude in this space can be somewhat defensive. This is because there is the feeling we might have done better with life. [And] a guide is always directly interacting with us.

On the other hand, when we enter the space of life selection, we are full of hope, promise, and lofty expectations. Here souls are virtually alone, with their guides out of sight, while evaluating new life options. This hectic, stimulating place is described as being much larger than other spiritual study areas. [One client] considered it a world unto itself, where transcendent energy alters time to allow for planetary study.

While some spiritual locales are difficult for my subjects to describe, most love to talk about the place of life selection. They use remarkably similar descriptions. I am told it resembles a movie theater which allows souls to see themselves in the future playing different roles in various settings. Before leaving, souls will have selected one scenario for themselves. Imagine being given a dress rehearsal before the actual performance of a new life.

Dr. N: Doesn’t your trainer-guide handle all the arrangements for incarnation?
S: Not exactly. He talks to the coordinators, who actually assist us in previewing our life possibilities at the Ring.
Dr. N: What is the Ring?
S: That’s where I’m going. We call it the Ring of Destiny.

S: The Ring is surrounded by banks of screens—I am looking at them.
Dr. N: Screens on walls?
S: They appear as walls themselves, but nothing is really solid … it’s all … elastic … the screens curve around me … moving …
Dr. N: Tell me more about the screens.
S: They are blank … not reflecting anything yet … they shimmer as sheets of glass … mirrors.
Dr. N: What happens next?
S: I feel a moment of quietness—it’s always like this—then it’s as if someone flipped a switch on the projector in a panorama movie theater. The screens come alive with images and there is color … action … full of light and sound.
Dr. N: Keep reporting to me. Where is your soul in relation to the screens?
S: I am hovering in the middle, watching the panorama of life all around me … places … people. My mind connects with the scanner to control the movement of the scenes I am watching. I suspend the scene on the screens so I can enter it.
Dr. N: What? Are you saying you become part of the scene yourself?
S: Yes, now I have direct access to the action.
Dr. N: In what way? Do you become a person in the scene, or does your soul hover overhead while people move around?
S: Both. I can experience what life is like with anyone in the scene, or just watch them from any vantage point.
Dr. N: If one’s future destiny is not fully preordained, as you say, why call this space the Ring of Destiny?
S: Oh, there is destiny, all right. The life cycles are in place. It’s just that there are so many alternatives which are unclear.

Blueprints for the next life vary in the degree of difficulty the soul-mind sets for itself. If we have just come off an easy life, making little interpersonal progress, our soul might want to choose a person in the next time cycle who will face heartache and perhaps tragedy. It is not out of the ordinary for me to see someone who has skated through an unchallenging life overloading themselves with turmoil in the next one to catch up with their learning goals.

By surviving different challenges our soul identity is strengthened. The word strength should not be misunderstood. My subjects say the real lessons of life are learned by recognizing and coming to terms with being human. Even as victims, we are beneficiaries because it is how we stand up to failure and duress which really marks our progress in life. We don’t need to change who we are in relation to life’s experiences, only our negative reactions to these events.

Souls returning from the place of life selection must not only sort out the best choice of who they are going to be in their next life, but coordinate this decision with other players in the coming drama. The space souls go to for this in the spirit world is commonly called the place of recognition, or recognition class.

Relationships between people are the most vital part of our lives. The lesson we must learn from human relationships is accepting people for who they are without expecting our happiness to be totally dependent upon anyone.

One of the last requirements before embarkation for many souls is to go before the Council of Elders for the second time. While some of my subjects see the Council only once between lives, most see them right after death and just before rebirth. The Elders want to reinforce the significance of a soul’s goals for the next life.

Apparently, everyone in a soul group respects the intensely private nature of these proceedings. They all see their individual Council of Elders as godly. Even senior guides are thought to be a couple of steps below the developmental level of the omnipotent beings who make up their councils. The Elders are bathed in bright light and the whole setting has an aura of divinity. A subject put it this way, “when we are taken into the presence of these superior beings who exist in such a high spiritual realm, it validates our feelings about the source of creation.”

Sometimes my clients tell me they return to their spirit group after this meeting to say goodbye while others say they leave immediately for reincarnation. The latter procedure was used by a subject who described this exit meeting in the following manner.

“My guide, Magra, escorts me to a soft, white space which is like being in a cloud-filled enclosure. The Elders and Magra give me inspiration, hope and encouragement to trust myself more in bad situations and not let things get out of hand. And then, as a final act to bolster my confidence when I am about to leave, they raise their arms and send a power bolt of positive energy into my mind to take with me.”

Dr. N: So you have mixed emotions about leaving the spirit world?
S: Most of us do, as our time draws near. I have second thoughts before some lives … but Pomar knows when I am lagging behind my schedule—you can’t hide anything here, you know.

All my subjects tell me the transition of their souls from the spirit world to the mind of a baby is relatively more rapid than the passage back [after death]. As souls who enter babies, we come from a state of all-knowing and thus are mentally able to adjust more quickly to our surroundings than at the end of a physical life. [Yet] my subjects say if they were to compare the moment of birth with that of death, the physical shock of being born is much greater.

At the moment of first entry, chronological time begins for the soul. Depending upon the inclinations of the particular soul involved, the connection may be early or late in the mother’s pregnancy. I have had cases where souls timed their arrival at the last minute during delivery, but this is unusual. My findings indicate [that] those souls who join the baby early seem to do a lot of traveling outside the mother’s womb during her term.

Dr. N: All right, let’s take this current situation inside your mother and allow some time to pass. What do you do when you are not with the unborn baby?
S: (laughs with delight) You want the truth? I’ll tell you. Me—I play! It’s a fine time to leave and purely goof off … when the baby is less active. I have fun with my friends who are doing the same thing. We bounce around Earth to visit with each other … and go to interesting places … where we have once lived together in former lives.

S: Once I attach to a child it is necessary to bring my mind into synchronization with the brain. We have to get used to each other as partners. I disrupt nothing, though …while I learn the brain wave patterns of the baby. It’s a melding. There is an … emptiness before my arrival which I fill to make the baby whole. She recognizes me as a friend … a twin … who is going to be part of her.
Dr. N: How far along in age is the body by the time your soul stops leaving the child altogether?
S: At about five or six years of age. Usually we get fully operational when the child starts school.
Dr. N: So, will you have fleeting thoughts of other lives as a child?
S: Yes … we daydream … the way we play as children … creating stories … having imaginary friends who are real …but it fades. In the first few years of life babies know more than they are given credit for.

Final Thoughts

The information contained in this book about the existence of souls after physical death represents the most meaningful explanation I have found in my life as to why we are here. All my years of searching to discover the purpose of life hardly prepared me for that moment when a subject in hypnosis finally opened the door to an eternal world.

Looking back, I suppose it was no accident in my own life that people would eventually come to me for hypnosis—a medium of truth I could believe in—to tell me about guides, heavenly gateways, spiritual study groups, and creation itself. Even now, I sometimes feel like an intruder in the minds of those who describe the spirit world and their place in it, but their knowledge has given me direction. Still, I wonder why I am the messenger for the spiritual knowledge contained in this book, when someone with less original cynicism and doubt would surely have been much better suited.

Everything I have learned about who we are and where we come from, I owe to those who were drawn to me for help. They have taught me that a major aspect of our mission on Earth as souls is to mentally survive being cut off from our real home. While in a human body, the soul is essentially alone. A soul’s relative isolation on Earth during a temporary physical life is made more difficult on a conscious level by thoughts that nothing exists beyond this life. Our doubts tempt us into finding attachments solely in a physical world we can see.

From my work I have come to believe that we live in an imperfect world by design. Earth is one of countless worlds with intelligent beings, each with its own set of imperfections to bring into harmony.

When I ask my subjects how a loving God could permit suffering, surprisingly there are few variations in their responses. My cases report our souls are born of a creator which places a totally peaceful state deliberately out of reach so we will strive harder. We learn from wrongdoing. That which is not good is testing us, otherwise we would have no motivation to better the world through ourselves, and no way to measure advancement.

At a wat temple in the mountains of Northern Thailand, a Buddhist teacher once reminded me of a simple truth. “Life,” he said, “is offered as a means of self-expression, only giving us what we seek when we listen to the heart.” The highest forms of this expression are acts of kindness.

Our soul may be traveling away from a permanent home, but we are not just tourists. We bear responsibility in the evolution of a higher consciousness for ourselves and others in life. Thus, our journey is a collective one. We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge.

Perhaps the most gratifying feature of my work in uncovering the existence of a spirit world in the minds of my subjects is the effect this conscious knowledge has on them. The most significant benefit which comes from knowing we have a home of everlasting love waiting for us, is being receptive to the higher spiritual power within our minds. The awareness that we do belong somewhere is reassuring and offers us peace, not merely as a haven from conflict, but to unify ourselves with a universal mind.

Final Note: For the website of The Newton Institute that he founded and more information on life between life hypnotherapy sessions, see

Psi Research is Statistically Significant

The American Psychological Association, the APA, is the premier group for American psychologists. The APA publishes their journal, American Psychologist, which is topical, peer-reviewed and well-cited (Journal Impact Factor of 6.7).
In Volume 73, Volume 4 (May-June 2018) of American Psychologist published on 24 May 2018, Dr. Etzel Cardeña, the Director of the Centre for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology at Lund University, published a single author review entitled “The experimental evidence for parapsychological phenomena: A review.” Cardeña’s review, which is available as a PDF for $11.95, has the following abstract republished here in full:

“This article presents a comprehensive integration of current experimental evidence and theories about so-called parapsychological (psi) phenomena. Throughout history, people have reported events that seem to violate the common sense view of space and time. Some psychologists have been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena with sophisticated research protocols and theory, while others have devoted much of their careers to criticizing the field. Both stances can be explained by psychologists’ expertise on relevant processes such as perception, memory, belief, and conscious and nonconscious processes. This article clarifies the domain of psi, summarizes recent theories from physics and psychology that present psi phenomena as at least plausible, and then provides an overview of recent/updated meta-analyses. The evidence provides cumulative support for the reality of psi, which cannot be readily explained away by the quality of the studies, fraud, selective reporting, experimental or analytical incompetence, or other frequent criticisms. The evidence for psi is comparable to that for established phenomena in psychology and other disciplines, although there is no consensual understanding of them. The article concludes with recommendations for further progress in the field including the use of project and data repositories, conducting multidisciplinary studies with enough power, developing further nonconscious measures of psi and falsifiable theories, analyzing the characteristics of successful sessions and participants, improving the ecological validity of studies, testing how to increase effect sizes, recruiting more researchers at least open to the possibility of psi, and situating psi phenomena within larger domains such as the study of consciousness.”

The paper is certainly worth reading if you are scientifically minded. The article PDF can be purchased from the APA by clicking here.

If you are not willing to pay money for the article and you do not have access to this database, there was a wonderful synopsis on this article published on 02July2018 by Alex Fradera via the British Psychological Society Research Digest entitled Parapsychology Has Been Unfairly Sidelined, Claims a New Review of the Field.

This article distills the salient facts surrounding the academic research of parapsychology that are laid out by Dr. Cardeña in the original American Psychologist review and finishes with the question of whether parapsychology should be viewed as a positive psychological discipline for study.

In the review, Dr. Cardeña points out that “anomalous cognition” studies he has conducted has shown a .02 deviation towards positive significance when subjects were asked to guess a concealed card similar to Zener Cards. A .02 deviation was enough for Dr. Cardeña to note that there was a scientific significance beyond guessing, but it does fall short of accepted scientific significance of .05.

The Zener Card experiments were created by doctors J.B. Rhine and his wife, Louisa Rhine, at the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory (1919-1984) and consisted of 5 suits of cards. The Rhine’s funded research on several persons over the years and there were some real significant results; most notably the Pearce-Pratt experiments where Dr. Joseph Gaither Pratt conducted experiments with Divinity student Hubert Pearce over 37 sittings between August 1933 and March 1934. There were 1850 trials where Pratt set-up in the Physics Building and Pearce was positioned in the library. Pratt shuffled the cards and laid them facedown on a table Every minute, synchronized to a clock, Pratt would grab the top card and lay it facedown on a book; at the end of each minute, the card would be moved to a table and the next card laid on the same book in the same manner. In the library, Pearce would write down each card. When all 25 cards were run through, there would be a short break and the experiment would repeat with a new deck of shuffled cards. Over the 1850 trials with 5 suits, one would expect a 20% accuracy from guesses alone, or 370 correct guesses. Pearce was able to accurately guess 558 cards over the course of the trials. The chances of 558 accurate guesses is less than 1:100,000,000.

Dr. Cardeña also reviewed a fascinating new experiment based upon the Ganzfield Parapsychology Experiments that took place at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburg in the 1990’s. During these experiments in the 1990’s, a sender attempted to send a visual image to a receiver who was in a different location and blindfolded. This is very similar to the Ingo Swann method of Remote Viewing that was in used during the CIA’s Project Stargate. Dr. Cardeña’s review was of a new Ganzfield procedure where a receiver is blindfolded in a sound proof room and has to describe a movie clip which may be played in the future or simultaneously in a different location. The receivers were able to successfully view the clip without use of their senses with a remarkable statistical significance of .15.

The review also went into several other forms of statistically significant parapsychological experimentation, including measuring skin response before being shown an image, psychokinesis altering the outcome of dice rolls (another classic Rhine experiment), non-contact healing and other psi research.

Dr. Cardeña concludes that “overall the meta-analyses have been supportive of the psi hypothesis.” This echoes the work of Dr. Dean Radin who has been researching several disciplines of psi phenomena for over forty years and has published dozens of papers and six books over the course of his career. In his most recent book released in 2018, Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe, Radin writes how in a 2016 presidential address to over six thousand statisticians by the President of the American Statistical Association, the speech contained the line: “The data and support of precognition and possibly other related phenomena are quite strong statistically and would be widely accepted if it pertained to something more mundane.” Radin also writes how an overall meta-analysis of six classes of psi experimentation have achieved a Six Sigma level for the reliability of the experimentation results. Six Sigma qualification means that an effect has a 99.99966% degree of accuracy. It is one of the highest levels of accuracy and the chance of an error is roughly a 1,000,000,000:1. As a comparison, in Physics, if you can demonstrate a degree lower, Five Sigma, that is enough to win the Nobel Prize for evidence of a discovery.

The scientific evidence for psi is astounding. Unfortunately, most of the experimentation has been done on a bootstrap budget. Clinical parapsychology is a mere shadow of what it used to be with few universities willing to take on research fellows. This is why Dr. Cardeña’s paper is so important. Hopefully it will move some psychologists to realize that there is a lot of groundwork already established in the field of parapsychology and there should be more research dedicated to the field due to the high level of statistical significance of several psi experiments ranging over the last one hundred years. 

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Electromagnetic Phenomena Reported by Near Death Experiencers (University of Virginia, PDF): This is a journal article that has Dr. Bruce Greyson as a primary author. Dr. Greyson is an Emeritus psychology professor at the University of Virginia who has studied and published in-depth upon the topics of reincarnation, consciousness and near death experiences. In this journal publication, Dr. Greyson examines those who have had near death experiences and finds that a significant number of them have electromagnetic issues that cause interference with modern devices. This study mirrors the results of prior studies on this same topic.

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The Lucid Dreaming Playbook: How to Take Charge of Your Dreams (Aeon): This article recounts a psychologists method of triggering a lucid dream. The basic instruction for what is known as the MILD method of lucid dreaming have been successfully repeated in several laboratory experiments and remains to this day the most effective way of initiating a lucid dreaming experience.

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Human Single Neuron Activity Precedes Emergence of Conscious Perception (Nature): Scientific researchers at Tel Aviv University have worked with epileptic patients who have intracranial depth electrodes implanted in their brains to measure debilitating seizures. The researchers then used a specialized viewing technique called binocular rivalry on these patients which utilizes a way of showing distinct images to the left and right eye so the brain cannot blur the two together. When the brain is focusing on one image, light from both images continuously stimulates the visual cortex. The researchers were able to find a precise area of the medial-frontal lobe that activates a full two seconds before the image is formulated in the patient’s head. This led the researchers to posit that conscious experience may be brain driven and is formulated moments before we experience it.

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Robin Foy and Kai Muegge ‘Secrets of Physical Mediumship’ (YouTube): This video contains a great discussion upon physical mediumship with physical medium Kai Muegge and Robin Foy who is best known for his participation in and the documentation of the Scole Experiment. Robin goes into depth upon what he has witnessed and offers a hypothesis on how physical mediumship transpires.

The Scole Mediums Give Reasons for Going Beyond the Scole Experiment to the Norfolk Experiment (The Scole Experiment): An introduction to the Crystal Photographic Experiments (CPE) that have been carried out since early 2005 by the two Scole Experiment mediums – Alan and Diana Bennett. In early 2006, Grant and Jane Solomon joined Alan and Diana as collaborators in conducting these groundbreaking Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) experiments. In this article you’ll learn about the experiment setup of the Norfolk Experimental Group. You’ll also be treated to some of the astonishing images that have formed within crystals during their experiments.

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Spirit Hand on Television Set (The Paranormal Guide): A brief article discussing one of the earliest known and, at the time, most talked about cases of potential visual Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) in relation to televisions. This occurred in 1968. A woman in Minnesota was watching her husband wrap presents on Christmas Eve when she noticed an outstretched hand appear, palm towards her, on the television set. She grabbed her camera and took a photo the hand faded away. The television was reportedly unplugged during the manifestation.

Case Report: The USS Nimitz 2004 (UAP Info): The now infamous USS Nimitz “Tic-Tac” UFO incident in 2004 may wind up in the history books as the case that brought UFO disclosure to light. This article contains all relevant information on the incident, including the Department of Defense report and interviews with radar operators and pilots who tracked this incident over several days. There were several objects that had the capability of traveling at 48,000 mph. The interviews are astounding and shine a new light on the very brief portion of the videos which have been declassified.

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May 2018 was an active month in paranormal news. Here are some of the articles which may be of use for your paranormal studies.

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The Top Five Regrets of the Dying (Guardian, UK): This is an older, short article making the rounds again. An Australian palliative care nurse who has seen many people die in her line of work records the regrets of those ready to die. A morbid article indeed, but it can help to shine a light on things we often overlook in our daily lives.

Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife (Magus): A great primer on the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). This six part series of short articles examines four published case studies on NDE’s so correlations can be drawn. Highly recommended reading.

Experiences of Light in Gay and Lesbian Near-Death Experiences (Liz Dale): Another brief article that highlights some quotes about the light and NDE’s. This article serves to articulate that “The near-death experiences that gays and lesbians report are powerful reminders that all human beings share a common truth: We will have near-death experiences when we die …. Gay or straight, brown skin or white skin, or rich and poor alike, we will all have one when we die.” This is often overlooked by subsets of our society who believe that all gay persons are going to “hell” or arriving at some other nefarious ending. The light is a universal truth and Liz Dale does a great job reminding all of us of this.

Sensory Deprivation and Out of Body Experiences (Graham Nicholls): Fortean researcher Graham Nicholls recounts his out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) in this article. He found that while immersed in a flotation tank, achieving an OBE was much easier. The article then touches upon a fascinating psi experiment he conducted with the Morphogenesis theory of consciousness founder, Rupert Sheldrake.

Viruses, ET and the Octopus from Space: The Return of Panspermia (Cosmos Magazine): Making more than a few waves in May, this article reviewed a paper that claimed that the Octopus may actually have arrived on earth via their eggs being cryo-preserved fertilized eggs. That’s right, panspermia is back in style! After a lot of background on the authors, and basic immunology, the article goes into how bacteria, viruses and other “life” from space is hitting our planet daily. The evidence for the octopus? Well, apparently there has yet to be an ancestor of everyone’s favorite cephalopod to be found. On top of that, the octopus’ DNA changed radically in a short period of time thereby granting it biological abilities that are unlike every other family tree on earth. The journal that this article was written in, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, has a 3.18 impact factor (a scientific classification scale based upon how many publications a journal has that are referenced in other journal publications); as a comparison, Nature, has a 40+ impact factor and The Lancet has a 47+.

Scientists Say They Have Transferred ‘Memories’ Between Snails (Smithsonian): We found this article fascinating. Considering that consciousness is a bedrock of paranormal studies, the ability to transfer memories could add a new understanding to just where consciousness exists. In this experiment, scientists applied shock to marine snail tails until the snails recognized the shock and had a prolonged withdrawal of the their siphons and gills. For this to happen, snails needed to be conditioned to react to the pain of the shock so they built up a reaction to it. The reaction was a retraction of siphons and gills for 50 seconds. Next, scientists transferred RNA from the conditioned snails to non-conditioned snails and guess what? You’ll have to read the article to find out. It’s worth it.

What is Consciousness? (Scientific American): There is well researched materialist groundwork in this article on how various areas of the brain can produce reactions, memories and visualizations when stimulated. There is also a study referenced of minimally conscious and vegetative patients which shows that consciousness can exist in those who we consider in a non-retractable vegetative state. Fundamentally, this article gets to the point that Dr. David Chalmers (not referenced) coined “The hard problem of consciousness.” That is to say, consciousness is wholly experiential and unique to the individual. At the moment, there is no base understanding nor theory as to why that is.

Mysterious Universe Podcast Dean Radin Interview (MU): Dean Radin is arguably the most influential parapsychologist today. Dr. Radin is the chief science officer at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and has held both business and university positions during his career. He recently released a book called Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the UniverseThis book goes into detail about the power behind magic, and how we practice magic everyday without knowing it. We’ve heard several of Dr. Radin’s podcasts on this newly released book and the Mysterious Universe interview is fantastic. You will get a lot of insight into the book, Dr. Radin’s research and where the research is leading.

William Addams Welch – Talks With the Dead (YouTube): Welch was a famous screenplay writer who communicated from the other side a mere 13 days after passing. Welch was an ardent EVP researcher who amassed over 25,000 voices during his research. You will hear Class A EVP’s in this video, some of which were recorded using the classic white noise background technique. Welch is one of the unsung heroes of EVP and his book Talks With the Dead was printed once in 1975 and is a book that belongs in every ITC collection.

This Physicist’s Idea of Time Will Blow Your Mind (Quartz): Time doesn’t exist in quantum physics. Strange as this sounds, time is relative to the observer. There is also no space. But there are physical transformations that occur and we observe them. The change is what we call time. Time becomes a story we tell ourselves. This article is about that story and it breaks time down into digestible pieces. Well worth the read if you have the time.

Confidential Report Analyzes Tic-Tac UFO Incident (George Knapp): If you have been following our Facebook page, we have posted alot about AATIP and we also posted a primer on this site. Recently, the TTSA acquired and released a 13-page military analysis about the Tic-Tac incident which concludes that the UFO was not an aerial craft belonging to the USA nor any other country. This is really, really big news.

The Birth of the Illuminati Conspiracy (Daily Grail): Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy? You can wrap your mind around them, find logical fallacies, or embrace them and add to the conspiracy through research. One of the premier conspiracies of the last 200+ years has been the Illuminati. You have definitely heard of them, the Illuminati has become a pop-culture mainstay. This article tackles the Illuminati’s history, tracing it back to its continental origins. Think you know a lot about this topic? Maybe that is what the Illuminati wants you to believe…


John Dee Woodcut

John Dee – An Empire Maker

To state that John Dee was a genius is underestimate his impact upon both the physical and metaphysical world.

Dee was a scholar who advised Elizabeth I. At one point, he had the largest library in England with the number of collected volumes surpassing that of both Cambridge and Oxford. He created the mathematical symbols we use for simple equations. He also created the idea of a British Empire, an idea that still has ramifications to this very day.

He is still recognized in modern culture as well. Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, used Dee’s official letter signature as Bond’s identification: 007. Dee served as an envoy and spy for Elizabeth I!

Dee put his efforts towards understanding the nature of all things. When he eventually grew tired of not figuring out every secret, he turned to esotericism. Prior to his turn, he was a noted astrologer and alchemist who had worked up horoscopes for both Queen Mary I and her daughter, Elizabeth I.

To understand the metaphysical world, he brought in the services of a coin forger and known alcoholic, Edward “Ned” Kelley. Kelley was blessed with the ability to commune with spirits via scrying. Kelley would receive the visions in his head from using a Shew-Stone and soon something amazing unfolded: communing with angels. Over the course of seven years, Kelley output information to Dee who laboriously copied it all down for permanent reference. The angels conveyed a magical language to Kelley that is still used today in many esoteric traditions, the language of angels also known as Enochian.

He published his methods and Enochian transcripts and laid the bedrock for Enochian Magick.

You can read all about this in his magnum opus that is now part of our libraryA True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Yeers Between DR John Dee and Some Spirits Tending to a General Alteration of Most States and Kingdomes in the World.

This PDF is a scan of an original copy of John Dee’s book. While fantastic, it is a beast at 45 megabytes. If you find him as fascinating as we do, we highly recommend purchasing the book here or buying a collectible version here. If you want an amazingly comprehensive and scholarly work on John Dee, we highly recommend Jason Louv’s magical biography of him entitled John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World.

Remote Viewing Training Manual

Few people have heard of remote viewing. Even fewer people know that remote viewing was the result of a military project. This document is a training manual written for military personnel who conducted remote viewing sessions under Ingo Swann.

Ingo Swann

Swann was a master remote viewer who helped develop and perfect the remote viewing process at the Stanford Research Labs. Over two decades Swann worked with Hal Puthoff who has recently been in the news for his work with TTSA. Swann’s research caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA ultimately funded the project in order to observe the Soviet Union during the Cold War among other things.

Remote Viewing is a way to obtain impressions about a distant target through the use of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Due to remote viewing, a Soviet Sub manufacturing plant was discovered. There are also unconfirmed reports of the CIA utilizing Swann and other remote viewers to examine both Mars and our moon for signs of life; ultimately they discovered colonies on the moon and this was verified by more than one viewer.

To put it mildly, remote viewing is fascinating. There are persons in the United States today who were a part of the military research project who train lay persons how to remote view. The success rate shows that most anyone can learn to remote view.

Enter the new document in our library.

This document was written by Paul Smith in 1986. Smith was a member of the CIA’s remote viewing team. He wrote the entire process of remote viewing from terminology, to concept through to conducting a session. When writing this document, Smith encapsulated the whole of Swann’s technique. Consequently, Swann approved the content of this document.

And now you can learn the Swann method by reading this military intelligence manual on Coordinate Remote Viewing. The manual takes you through all six stages of remote viewing and what to expect from each stage as your abilities progress. You will learn the key terms used by viewers which will make you more prepared for further study.

If remote viewing doesn’t interest you, Paranormal Study has a library. Our library contains several free PDF’s on other paranormal topics. Hopefully you will find something to your liking.

Dr. Cardoso’s ITC Voices: Contact With Another Reality

Dr. Anabela Cardoso is an active contemporary ITC researcher. She has published two great books on the topic, Electronic Voices: Contact With Another Dimension (2010) and Electronic Contact With The Dead: What Do The Voices Tell Us (2017). Cardoso also runs the ITC Journal which is published in several languages. We highly recommend purchasing both of these books as they provide amazing insight into the field of ITC research.

Dr. Anabela CardosoThis white paper on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) gives a great overview on the path ITC has followed toward our modern-day studies. From the beginning of ITC right up to contemporary researchers, Dr. Cardoso outlines several luminaries in the field and examines their various ITC techniques. If you have ever participated in Time Stream experiments, chances are that your work has been influenced directly or indirectly by Dr. Cardoso’s work.

Cardoso was a member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) until her consciousness studies led her down the path of ITC research as a means to contact the other side.

In addition to ITC research, Dr. Cardoso is a career diplomat and was the first woman to hold a diplomatic position outside of her home country of Portugal.

If you have any interest in Instrumental Transcommunication, or if you are generally unfamiliar with the history ITC, then ITC Voices: Contact With Another Reality is a must-read white paper. If ITC isn’t your preference, feel free to check out the other resources we have in our library.

EVP Sound Wave

EVP’s From Their Discovery to the Modern Age.

There is a new lecture on EVP that is ready for you to view at our school that you do not want to miss. Tim Woolworth has created a lecture Electronic Voice Phenomenon that is bound to inform and enlighten. This course, EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon; Voices From the Other Side – A Historical Perspective, is a course that all paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiasts need to view.

In this lecture, Tim lays out a linear history of EVP that ends with modern-day techniques and current ideas upon how it is formulated. This course, and others, are available from the Paranormal Study School.


  • What an EVP consists of
  • The history of electronic voice phenomenon
  • What the earliest EVP’s sounded like
  • Techniques historically used to record electronic voice phenomenon
  • Famous practitioners and what they have added to the discussion of EVP
  • Modern electronic voice phenomenon recording techniques
  • Various ideas upon EVP formulation


There are no requirements for this class other than an open mind.

There are no tests nor quizzes for this lecture.


For several decades, paranormal investigators have relied heavily upon one method to communicate with the other side: EVP, also known as electronic voice phenomenon.


This video lecture will walk you through the history of electronic voice phenomenon from its first accidental discovery through to the modern-day over eight distinct modules. You will learn how recording techniques have changed over the years.  You will learn how EVP once went from an obscure methodology to one practiced by tens of thousands around the world.

In this lecture, Tim provides EVP’s from some of the biggest names ever to record them. He also provides some of his own EVP’s to help you understand the classification system. Finally, this lecture series finishes with various theories that explore how EVP is created.

After this lecture, you will be exceptionally well versed in the history of EVP and be up-to-date on both theory and techniques. This lecture will make you a better investigator of the paranormal.


Everyone. Paranormal researchers and lay persons practice EVP. Whether you are on a ghost hunt or you are attempting to contact a loved one at home, this course on electric voice phenomenon will be of great use to you.

Paranormal researchers, ghost hunters and mediums will find this course to be of exceptional interest. Furthermore, this series of lectures explores electronic voice phenomenon and its influence on paranormal work. As a result, this course will further educate those who practice electronic voice phenomenon. S