EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon Free Lecture

EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon

A Historical Perspective of Anomalous Electronic Voices

As you may be aware, on May 2, 2020, Paranormal Study founder Tim Woolworth presented a brief online lecture to a worldwide audience for the Paranormal Investigator Virtual Conference (PIVC) 2020.

The organizer of this conference was Beth Darlington, friend of Paranormal Study and owner of Access Paranormal. The conference goal was to raise donations for various Covid-19 charities throughout the world while educating the public on various paranormal topic.

There were several lecturers throughout the day and the conference met with success.

We have decided to make our portion of the lecture free to view on YouTube. This is a truncated version of our paid EVP lecture, but it still contains very valuable information for you to explore the unknown.

Hopefully you will find this information interesting and educational.

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This lecture encompasses the history of EVP from the first EVP’s ever recorded through to modern day techniques. You will hear EVP’s spanning over a century. You will learn the techniques that were utilize by the progenitors of EVP to facilitate communication from the other side. You will also learn about plausible theories as to how EVP is formulated on your recording devices.

In short, it is a crash course in EVP and if you ever wanted to learn more about the topic, this is a wonderful starting point.

There is an associated handout for this EVP lecture that you can download by CLICKING HERE. It contains a lot of the talking points and provides a handy reference sheet for your educational purposes.

02may20 PIVC-2020 EVP Conference Presentation Video

There will be other mini-lectures going online in short order to help you to explore the unknown. We also have a large library for your learning pleasure and articles on all things paranormal.

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Tim has been educating in the paranormal field since 2010 when he launched the site ITCvoices.org. He is the founder of Paranormal Study (2018), a Co-Founder of the renewed Metascience Foundation(2020), a renowned conference lecturer and author of several articles and book sections. When he isn't enmeshed in the paranormal, he enjoys a career as a professional brewer and spending time with family and his pets.

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