Paranormal Census #5 – It Wasn’t Dad

Paranormal Experience Census

This is an entry from our Paranormal Experience Census. We will continue to post census entries to help you explore the unknown through the personal experiences of others.

This is Sarah’s childhood experience. She lived in a haunted home where the presences made themselves known to her and her brother. They had numerous experiences, but a couple really stood out. Hauntings can be terrifying for people of any age, but for children who experience them, they can stick with you for life.

One of many, However this one is the first I remember.

My brother and I were secretly jumping in my parents bed. I was 7 and my brother was 4. I noticed shadows under the door and both my brother and I stopped jumping and became quiet because we thought we’d gotten caught. My brother saw them the same time as I did and our silence coincided.

We waited. And waited. And nothing happened, the door didn’t open. My Dad (the only other person in the house) didn’t yell. I thought maybe it was a cat so I opened the door but nothing was there.

The fun over, I went down stairs to find my Dad and both cats sitting on the chair watching TV. I asked my Dad if he came upstairs and he said no.

Throughout childhood, my brother would sleep on my floor or the
bathroom due to a skeleton that lived in his window. I heard things, channels would changes, lights would go out with new bulbs in them.

It was just normal to have abnormal stuff happen daily.


Shadow figures. Electrical equipment interruption. An apparition in the window. Sarah’s childhood home was a place of paranormal activity and we hope that her experiences as an adult are a bit more subdued.

If you have had a paranormal experience and would like to share it, please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. It is important to the field to share experiences because it helps us all learn.

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